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  1. No doubt you can get them,they were never shy of game.i just personally wouldn't have another i find the crosses a far superior dog for fox hunting.
  2. I have tried the full springer route on a couple of occasions with no great successes turned out only fair dogs,and other full springer dogs that I seen that were ment to be good fox dogs never rated them,you want a half springer half Beagle.or a 3/4 springer 1/4beage or a springer Beagle terrier mix,just my opinion from personal experience pal.
  3. As it's mostly fox I hunt with my bushers IL always have my lurcher on slip or she will be in there with them,if it's rabbits your hunting I'd let lose,
  4. Fine animal,size of the neck on him.
  5. Whippet i had long gone,was a cracking dog 23tts ball of muscle,had a great strike on him,exceptional nose,he was a pleasure to own.
  6. Really like whippets,I had a pair of them when I started off,they were cracking little dogs and got me in to hunting foxes, killed a good amount of foxes with them running double obviously, they took a hell of a lot punishment if on there own and dropped a few here and there if 1 caught while the other was still in cover as they used to hunt up with terriers,now all I do is foxes,I wouldn't dream of adding whippets to a good fox bitch if you think you need add whippet for bitch to catch she not that good obviously,
  7. Nice pups hope they make the grade,sire is a fine animal.
  8. There was a lad on here called Irish lurcher he had a line of Irish terrier/greyhounds he kept for foxes,they were lovely looking animal's looked well capable of the job.
  9. Not really apart from the small light on enforcer for getting threw gates over ditches is handy,had a lot of problems with the lead off enforcer going bad on my 3rd 1 now and have it taped up to help support its connection to lamp to be fair I do a lot of lamping and it takes a good bit of stick threw out season. It's a good lamp.
  10. His is the new HID white bulb 1, expensive thing about 400 he paid for it.read your post wrong thought that's what you were asking about,yes that lamp is more powerful then my 240 enforcer not the halogen 170 ,it's to bright for my liking. No bud you can get enforcer in 240 aswell.
  11. Friend of mine has a 170 version and it's way more powerful than my standard 240 enforcer it's a bit to bright for my liking,he uses red filter the whole time with it he has it hooked up to lithium motocaddy golf battery gets around 3 nights lamping from a charge.
  12. Ya that's the way we hunted as kids a pack of Russell's and terriers be a few whippets whippet/grey and a Beddy/whippet we put a lot of game to bed with them dogs,there was nothing safe in the country,up at first light and back well in to the night probably after covering around 30 miles happy days and as you said trev them dogs would smash cover for there game and work well with the terriers best type of hunting still do it to this day mainly for foxes.
  13. Hi pal I'm in south of Ireland looking for Springer to hunt fox for lurchers always kept teagles and teckels if you hear of any Springer pups or cockers or even an adult dog doing the job could you let me no would be much appreciated.
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