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  1. mighty celt

    My 3

    3 fine looking dogs Left hand and middle look like proper terriermen dogs.like the bitch on the right thou looks like she could shift abit would be more my type for lamping.
  2. mighty celt

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

  3. mighty celt

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Thats right ment to have a good pack by all means never seen them work but heard good things about them allso.
  4. mighty celt

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Teckels are like any other breed you get good and bad.the small bitch in the pics is very good we had another bitch that was good that died on us.had a dog useless.have 2 dogs to get going now be ready for next year.
  5. mighty celt

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    She is a cracking little bitch. works her heart out everytime. in tight cover she is a demon.but in bigger open cover she does struggle a bit.cant fault her for that thou.
  6. mighty celt

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Yeah will only give few yaps here and there on rabbit compare to full cry on fox.
  7. mighty celt

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    They will hunt rabbit hare fox deer.we mainly hunt fox a couple of them will open on rabbit doesnt bother us as we bush them during the summer for a bit of sport.none of them will mark rabbit to ground wouldnt put up with that.
  8. mighty celt

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

  9. mighty celt

    Wheaton x greyhound, on foxes pre ban

    To much wastage in first cross wheaton litters you need to breed 3 generations to get a good type.have seen first cross litters produce all under 20 tts stumpy heavy type no good for lamping perfect for terriermen.thats from a 19tts wheaton to a 27tts grey.
  10. mighty celt

    Squirell1S Pup

    Should be no problem with rats with spaniels.no of a couple of spaniels that love getting stuck in to charlie.
  11. mighty celt


    Jigsaw is as genuine as they come couldn't see him spinning any nonsense about dogs.
  12. mighty celt

    Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    well done lads good going some nice spins and takes dogs look in top nick keep at them .
  13. mighty celt

    On The Rabbits With Johnrussel

    Well done lads a night to be proud of
  14. mighty celt

    Day Out

    Great stuff fox pack that banking looks ideal love hunting covers like that.
  15. mighty celt

    Cork Stuff

    There is not just 1 line of white dogs that every man in cork works.there are numerous lines and to slate a line on one dog is just ridiculous.