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  1. Ya that's the way we hunted as kids a pack of Russell's and terriers be a few whippets whippet/grey and a Beddy/whippet we put a lot of game to bed with them dogs,there was nothing safe in the country,up at first light and back well in to the night probably after covering around 30 miles happy days and as you said trev them dogs would smash cover for there game and work well with the terriers best type of hunting still do it to this day mainly for foxes.
  2. Hi pal I'm in south of Ireland looking for Springer to hunt fox for lurchers always kept teagles and teckels if you hear of any Springer pups or cockers or even an adult dog doing the job could you let me no would be much appreciated.
  3. Was around 24tts was excellent dog at every thing she done made it all look easy.
  4. Had a bitch bred this way and she would make fast dogs look slow unbelievable acceleration and top end speed and could maintain it had the best strike mouth I ever seen on a dog I dont think I will ever see a dog as good on edible game
  5. Nice type very well put together dog looks like it could run as good as it could finish the job.
  6. Collie/bull/grey pushing on now will be retired after this season good honest bitch put a hell of a lot of foxes away.
  7. Cracking stamp,is there some 1 breeding a line of them or was it just a 1 off mating,as i dont do as much lamping 1 of these really interest me if bred off proper stock.
  8. here you go bud the 2 together i find the best for trout there 7cm original there deadly.I use the countdown version in deep rivers or if the current is strong to get them down to fish.
  9. think there called European worm get them in any tackle shop.i just freeline them running them threw any pools lies i think a fish might be holding just use enough weight to keep worm down but moving along bottom.
  10. its an original 7cm purple florescent its deadly for sea trout and brown trout salmon will hit it aswell,very good allrounder,if your fishing a deep river id go for the countdown version,will get a pic of it for you.
  11. out for 2 hours today another nice trout put this lad back.had a bit of damage under jaw from back treble have to replace them for single.
  12. yea im lucky there only about 20 mins from me,and im parked in farmer's place on his land no 1 even no im there bar him.great to get out hopefully this lockdown dont last to much longer or they lift the travel to say 20 km from home once your not interacting with other people,stop people going out of there mind.
  13. had a nice couple of hours on the river picked up few nice sea trout took 3 on rapala.and two on worm.
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