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  1. mighty celt

    Bushing pup for sale.

    Seen 1 or 2 handy little bushing lurchers,but if you think they can compete with a purpose bred bushing dog pal you have seen absolute rubbish dogs.
  2. mighty celt

    Old girl 2

    Well done the old bitch. f**k the crabbers two many of them in this game like to talk shit. Bitch has nothing to prove to any 1 only you.
  3. mighty celt

    Few old pics of some great animals

    Seen pics of that black an tan dog before on here,he is an absolute cracker,pity he still not about just the type I'm looking for to put to my bitch,rember you saying he was a good animal.
  4. mighty celt


    Would of been a good cross foxpack,heard very good reports of that very breeding.
  5. mighty celt

    Started well

    Have no problem with pics of dogs.its the write up telling people your business and game your knocking over only invites unwanted attention pal. You never no who is on here reading your posts pity really have to think like this but it's the way it's gone today .not saying no more on the matter don't want to hijack foxpack thread.
  6. mighty celt

    Started well

    I'm the same would love to post about outings with pics and write up its not worth the hassle thou with all thieving c**t robbing dogs over here.
  7. mighty celt

    Bowed legs on pup

    Give her them for 2 weeks and less protein in her diet hopefully she comes good for you.
  8. mighty celt

    Bowed legs on pup

    Oh right,i ment the pup,vitamin c and calacium tablets are completely different.
  9. mighty celt

    Bowed legs on pup

    I don't no what you mean why would I own the dam. My last pup had same problem with bowing in front legs gave her calcium tablets for 2 weeks and sorted it.[NO TEXT TALK] I no had same problem with bowing in front legs gave calacium tablets and all had a good outcome and pups came good. As said to much protein or lack of calcium causes it in most cases it's lack of calcium I was told by a vet.
  10. mighty celt

    Bowed legs on pup

    You should be giving the bitch calcium tablets.
  11. mighty celt

    wrecking crew

    Don't agree with the doubling up either not a true test for them dogs.but I see three decent dogs running in that vid black white bitch red and white dog and white dog I would say them dogs are single handed dogs pitty they dont show them running solo,I could see why they were running double because some of them dogs running with the above mentioned dogs couldn't catch a fox in a phone box.
  12. mighty celt

    Before or after?

    I all ways give them a small feed early morning if going lamping that night.
  13. mighty celt

    question for bullx

    A dog that hits a hedge after quarry will catch more it shows heart and determination in the dog granted you don't want them hitting it full tilt sometimes they will just part and parcel of it I supposed have a bitch 8 year old clever dog around cover never had an injury from hitting cover amount of Charlie she pulled Of cover that you would think is gone would open your eyes to the advantage of it.
  14. mighty celt

    2 week off

    Nothing but rain here for last 5 days country side like bog.