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  1. Everyone should be protesting this bill... left wing and right wing... or they will stop every protest regardless of what its about... even the ones that we care about.
  2. Nah but I am sure someone would buy the teeth to make jewellery in that case Even jawbones fetch a few quid but nowhere near as much as a skull in good nick
  3. If they do it i wouldn't mind getting my hands on a skull, plenty of folks in my circles would buy them as well
  4. I know a few folks locally who have had very near misses, they intercepted folks as they attempted to steal their dogs... Dog prices are fueling this more than usual.
  5. This place is dirt cheap but in a area where you will need a considerable commute to work.. Nearest lidl is in castlerea 10mins away https://touch.daft.ie/for-sale/detached-house-classaghroe-williamstown-co-galway/2529442
  6. Ive had my eye on this place.. 25min drive from Galway city and a bit of land with it... Rural but fairly close to all the amenities you could wish for https://touch.daft.ie/for-sale/bungalow-beaghbaun-brownsgrove-tuam-co-galway/1183571
  7. We made this (hubs kit you buy online combined with Hazel poles from the woods) the kids helped to forage the poles and to cut everything down to the right size and put it together
  8. I have the hob kit in the house right now and the stink is driving me up the wall.. Building a outdoor ferret court is my very next project.. Good luck with the indoor hutch, don't think I could do it tbvh
  9. I just paid 25euros for a albino hob kit a couple of days ago That felt like extortion tbh but ferrets are hard found round these parts
  10. Prices are insane and to top it off they have added extra hoops for people to jump through to sell or rehome a dog on donedeal and gumtree.. What breed are you looking for jetro?
  11. Worth looking at twin wall polycarbonate greenhouses, they are a pretty new thing and are slightly more expensive
  12. View Advert Russell bitch (Ireland) Hunt terrier bred sounder type bitch, seen nothing but a couple of rats. Kept as part of the family but completely unsuitable for my needs as a ratter and bushing terrier.. Great with kids, crate trained etc etc but not stockbroken to ferrets or poultry.. Fine around goats and horses and cattle and ok with other dogs although a bit pushy with other bitches. Co. Mayo Ireland Advertiser Carraghs Gem Date
  13. Finally picked up 2 does to start the rabbit breeding off, getting a buck next week.. where are you getting rabbit food jetro? Ive only found 1 add for a 20kg bag of rabbit food on donedeal
  14. Ive only just found out about this now. i figured a while back that it was only going to be a matter of time but a small percentage of hard headed mutts do benefit from them, hopefully it wont come in over here in eire.
  15. I know a lady with meat rabbits.. new zealand x flemish near castlerea, there was also a fella selling giant breed rabbit does at roscommon poultry sale last month. Im looking at going into it myself... on the american meat rabbit fb groups many of them talk about rearing pedigree standard rex as they get good prices for kits, nice pelts and a decent carcass
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