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    Living the quiet life with my lurchers and dutchies iin rural ireland... into prepping and I've gone full on into bushcraft as well.

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  1. Finally picked up 2 does to start the rabbit breeding off, getting a buck next week.. where are you getting rabbit food jetro? Ive only found 1 add for a 20kg bag of rabbit food on donedeal
  2. Carraghs Gem

    Shock, beep and spray collars to be banned!

    Ive only just found out about this now. i figured a while back that it was only going to be a matter of time but a small percentage of hard headed mutts do benefit from them, hopefully it wont come in over here in eire.
  3. I know a lady with meat rabbits.. new zealand x flemish near castlerea, there was also a fella selling giant breed rabbit does at roscommon poultry sale last month. Im looking at going into it myself... on the american meat rabbit fb groups many of them talk about rearing pedigree standard rex as they get good prices for kits, nice pelts and a decent carcass
  4. Carraghs Gem

    Poodle Cross Lurcher

    Hes nuts for sure, i would say smarter and into more mischeif than any collie ive ever known..
  5. Carraghs Gem

    See plenty about

    I dont much fancy puck meat tbh.. only a handful of nannys in the whole herd and couple kids so im hoping population will increase.. they are not afraid of people thats for sure
  6. Carraghs Gem

    See plenty about

    Everytime i go out now i see feral goats
  7. Carraghs Gem

    Poodle Cross Lurcher

    Picked this yoke up as a pet for my kid.. 1/2 standard poodle, 1/2 whippet (working whippet) from a accidental mating.. clever wee barsteward.. looks like a lurcher.. paid mutt money for it (€50) hes only about 3mths now so will be interesting to see what he turns out like.. took me a while to come to terms with owning a feckin "whoodle"
  8. https://m.(!64.56:886/story.php?story_fbid=1536429006478868&id=384661201655660 If anyone has had dogs nicked they should check this out
  9. Looking into ways of making a bit of extra money from my smallholding without it costing the earth to setup, ive 6acres and poultry.. i have got rid of livestock recently as they had destroyed most of the plants bushes and smaller trees in recent years.. looking for things to grow or make at minimal cost? Ive planted about 300 trees in the last month predominately willow and native trees as well as fruit bushes/trees. Heres the tough part i want to be able to generate a income of 5k per annum.. trying to think outside of the box and whilst im willing to consider air bnb im not in a good location
  10. Carraghs Gem

    Poodle Cross Lurcher

    Any update on how that pup turned out?
  11. Carraghs Gem

    What Breed Of Lurcher

    aye and not just in dawgs
  12. Carraghs Gem

    Gardai Clamoing Down On Lamping

    Round here there to busy sitting outside drug dealers houses to make sure no one shoots them. or driving up and down a housing estate to make their presense felt to the settled traveller family who just moved in! (so far the only one of them who got into bother was their 2yr old who kept stealing random item from houses while her siblings spent half their time returning those items)
  13. Carraghs Gem

    Gardai Clamoing Down On Lamping

    They come out with this every year, some areas will always have a bit of heat but most of the country hasnt enough guards to keep up with their workload without chasing around after some random person who "might be up to no good" the fat fuckers round my way wont leave the station in bad weather unless its a scheduled drink driving/tax clampdown or to raid some poor f****r who might have a couple pot plants in his bedroom.
  14. Carraghs Gem

    Camper Vans.

    There is a decent company renting out new vw campers, they sponsered the "why not" adventure film festival last year, i will find the name for you edited to add: http://facebugcampers.com/
  15. Carraghs Gem

    Cheap Property

    Not for long with all you yuppie immigrants coming over driving prices up!!Haha, fecking immigrants ! Lol.......they would take 60 for that there.In fact I can see it's on with the local agent who I play football with and who I bought my house off. Word of caution for any prospective buyers who currently live in a metropolitan area........the west of ireland is definitely NOT metropolitan. Like watching clips on youtube?......forget it, it's all dial up speeds round here. They call it broadband.......bless em ! Lol Didn't know you were only up the road from me... Saying that the shithole I'm living in is worse than SligoWhere are you at if you don't mind me asking ?My fella has a place in mayo and i have a smallholding in Roscommon Anywhere near frenchpark ? nope.. lived in castlerea for about 5yrs tho Bennys Deli.......mmmmmmmm Turkey and ham dinners are outstanding