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  1. goshawking719

    Pups out of troy

    we will see next year I guess buddy! Fingers crossed! Clyde looks like he has got some chest on him
  2. goshawking719

    Pups out of troy

    Second and third best out of the litter there mate
  3. goshawking719

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    She's jabbed up now and we are off! Bold as brass and nothing fazes her. First proper walk tonight. Met a few folk, chased a cyclist and messed around doing a few retrieves with rabbit skin dummy. Couldn't be happier with her so far... I'm sure she will become a pain in the arse shortly but so far so good
  4. goshawking719

    Witch stud dog to use

    Not knocking pip at all, he was a very good dog and obviously they are litter brothers. Razor was stronger, faster, had a better mouth and was a cleverer runner. Wouldnt of said there was much difference in wind between them. After all you don't move on the better of the two...
  5. goshawking719

    Witch stud dog to use

    That could be something special I'd use razor over pip any day, he was the better of the two
  6. goshawking719

    Witch stud dog to use

    Razor is still around he'll be 11 or 12 now tho
  7. goshawking719

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    No bother pal. That's razor ( buddy x kim) out of sankeys stuff. Really like them blues
  8. goshawking719

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    Blue bitch?
  9. goshawking719

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    Cheers lads. Jacob has done on a top job rearing them, all in immaculate condition it was a hard job choosing, changed my mind a dozen times Bit of Labrador might help with the retrieving job
  10. goshawking719

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    Thanks. I plan on showing her a bit of everything day and night once she's old enough. She seems a bright little thing and has no fear of anything, already trying to boss the older dogs
  11. goshawking719

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    Waited a good while for a pup out of Jacobs dog troy and finally picked this little bitch pup up last week. Troy is bred out of razor (Charlie x foxy. X Smokey dancer) and derrie ( Merlin and eve bred dog called jack to a minshaw bitch) This pup is out of troy, back to a bitch out of troy to a grew. Over the last 10 or so seasons of watched razor, derries litter brother ( snoop dogs dre) and troy run a hell of a lot. All exceptional dogs at their chosen game. Troy is a proper allrounder, do anything anywhere type of dog. A real pot filler. Which is what I'm hoping this pup will become, bollox to the coursing job... that's to hot for me nowadays! it's got some big boots to fill if it wants to live up to her grand parents. Thanks a lot Jacob mate, I'm over the moon with her I'll try and keep this updated every now and again. Attached some pics of troy, razor, dre and my pup. She's a proper throw back to old dre
  12. goshawking719

    Sorry another pricing post -bsa mk2

    Thanks for the replies. Looks like i thought it was worth a bit more than it actually is
  13. What should i be asking for this lads. Had it advertised at £675 with a basic scope or a extra £100 with the nighteater scope , cheapest I could find the scope one second hand was £180. It's a bsa mk2 super carbine. Huma reg'd and tuned in a new se stock with a 3 litre divers bottle. Thought i had put it on at a decent price (it owes me a lot more) but had virtually zero intrest?
  14. goshawking719

    Shooting Vertically...

    Any tips or tricks to shooting vertically... Shooting horizontally I can fairly reliably hit a two pence sized target at ten meters... keeping anchor point and aim points the same shooting vertically I can't hit a barn door? And I don't understand why?!
  15. Working in fairly rural areas I do a lot of jobs like this, barn convertions etc. It always surprises me how far ulv can reach and how much off a difference cracking a window or opening a door to create some air flow can make to job.never had to resort to anything for cluster flies, bar residual insecticide around velux Windows.