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  1. A couple of farms trapped the last week, having mixed results this time that I'm putting down to the weather, it's a pain but I still like it when they want them hanging on the fence
  2. I remember being in the same position a lot of years ago. 12 month old bitch, one or two runs on the local fields most nights on rabbits that were more clued up than me with the lamping game. Then a old mate of mine took me lamping on some rough ground, edge of moorland type land an hour away and the bitch caught 12 bunnies on her first night, missing very few. she never looked back and in my eyes, at the time,became a champion in one night Go, travel and find some easy kills for the dog
  3. His sire was razor and his dam was a pure saluki out of John lennons stuff, she was litter sister to the sandman dog
  4. Starting to fill out a bit now and look the part.
  5. I'd highly recommend the above place used them myself a couple of times
  6. Not fussy at all, some times have to slow him down. He will eat as much as you put down and is still fed twice a day. He more than doubles what my other lurcher eats but just doesn't carry it at all. I always like to run my dogs a touch on the heavier side but he doesn't seem to agree
  7. Nearly 12 months now and showing all the right signs with the few bits he has done. He has definitely thrown more to the saluki than razor in his build but is the easiest and most biddable pup iv ever had, a real nice dog to have around. Winter seems like a long way off right now but it will soon be here and I can't wait to see what he turns out like.
  8. Have the garmin alpha 100 and the sportdog tek2.... sold the sport dog as did my mate after using my garmin. A lot more features, user friendly and seems very reliable
  9. First farm finished with the pest stop traps from screwfix. Yes they do require a little bit of tweaking to run smoothly and a few of them did come with the triggers on backwards etc but for the price and quality they are spot on
  10. Surprised with the quality of the pest stop, little tweak of the trigger is all that's required. Really not much at all between these and flat pack especially considering they arnt far off half the price
  11. Can you not connect to the collar at all or is it just not picking up GPS? Mine was doing the later. Turns out the GPS wire is a crappy plastic plug that is known for coming unclipped. Unscrewed the back of the unit, clipped it back to in to the circuit board, drop of epoxy on the plastic connector and it has been fine since. All the stories of updating software and the full system stopping working has stopped me bothering with any updates
  12. Thanks for all the replies. A few people have recommended pest stop traps, turns out aswell as pest control suppliers, screw fix also sell them. Order one to pick up tomorrow (£3.99) to see what I think and hopefully if they are decent I can click and collect 100 by Wednesday Hopefully they will do the job and I'll be more organised next year
  13. I wasn't planning on doing much trapping this year due to other work and now one small mole job has turned in to three large farms, meaning I have run out of traps. Bar flat pack ( who have a waiting list) is there any other good suppliers of barrel traps with stock at this time of year. A few people have recommended lodi but they won't have any in until May. Cheers
  14. About time old smoothy made a come back A recent pic of my razor x pure pup... just turned 8 months old
  15. I use one with a separate lithium battery, no different to a standard variable 170 bar the led light in the handle which comes in for opening gates etc. The clip on batteries had a crap battery life when using a halogen bulb ( between 30 and 60 mins) really designed for use with led bulbs. Atb Adam
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