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  1. Collie x greyhound Collie x whippet x greyhound ?
  2. Was just about to sell my mk3 today fink il keep it haha
  3. Anyone after a stud get in touch ?
  4. That could be an option mate, but I was hoping the lightforce striker had the same end as the hunters choice lamp so I wouldn't have to modify it, cheers for the reply ?
  5. Sorry mate, I meant does the adaptor on the end of the lead fit in the battery, a bought the original lamp with the battery as a combo just thought al ask about before a order the striker lamp, cheers ?
  6. Arite, Can anyone tell me if a lightforce striker lamp is compatible with the hunters choice lithium battery?? Cheers
  7. YOUNG TEAM! ? Collie x greyhound (2nd season) Collie x grey x whippet (1st season) few rabbits off each of them off 2 short outings so far, good start, atb ?
  8. First day out for me 6 year old son on sunday only got the 2 rabbits, was a bit quiet, but had a good day and he loved it ??
  9. No probs mate do you know anyone near by who has??
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