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  1. mackem

    View From Your Swim

    No mate, just small channel catfish.
  2. mackem

    View From Your Swim

    I guessed he was landed gentry
  3. mackem

    View From Your Swim

    Ottawa River mate.
  4. mackem


    Couple of years ago I used to get some guys from the North East down, accommodation paid, and £1100 in their hand for a five day week, always had to sub them on Mondays when they came down from a weekend back up north.
  5. mackem

    Running salmon

    Used to love listening to fresh run fish jumping at night, watching them run in the shallows looks fantastic.
  6. mackem

    Big Cat Sighting

  7. mackem

    Big Cat Sighting

    Couple of days ago cops in London were called to a house in Roehampton after the RSPCA asked for their assistance,a passerby had spotted an unusual muggy on a windowsill,turns out to be a full grown serval which it’s suspected was smuggled into the country.
  8. mackem

    Urban wildlife.

    Just saw these, both in ottawa city, spoke to a guy yesterday who traps a few raccoon in the city also skunk.
  9. mackem

    vinny joneses wife dies

    Sorry to hear that Byron.
  10. mackem

    NZ South Island 2019

    Just watched this then heard the story,could have had a whole different ending for him,the scenery was incredible.
  11. mackem

    people putting in for fac

    My brother has an FAC,he had quite a troubled past as a kid,few spells inside etc.Got a friend with an FAC who has a very colourful past including ramming a plod car once as he tried to escape from a situation,long time ago however.
  12. mackem

    how much food can one man eat

    Big shaun had his breakfast at your place this morning mate, enjoy dubai.
  13. mackem

    Bow Hunting

    November mate, not long now.