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  1. Tay is picking up again after a lull. Got a Scandinavian fly lines Skagit for the vision, 8-9. not managed to quite get the right weight of T tips to work yet... mothballed till spring... I rate all the Shakespeare stuff at present. It was Seaguar 15lb I lost that monster on...
  2. Forgot to mention............ I lost 'Jaws' on the Tay (Murthly 2)... took me through a tree in the middle left over from the storm..Parted me from my 15lb leader. Hooked on a size 10 Gillies fly.
  3. Glad you had some sport ! One of our party lost a decent fish at the net to a failed leader loop, estimated at a double figure fish. Another lad lost two due to losing hook hold early on. Plenty of fish showing. Shame.. Thanks for popping up and showing us the beat.. much appreciated. I was fishing with confidence, but couldn't convert what was a decent amount of showing fish, in to one on the bank.. I did manage a sea trout just under the pound mark and a parr and a wee brownie. Still, there's always tomorrow..(back to te mighty Tay.) And the seasons been kind up to now!!
  4. sorry... still in pain 3 years on..... still don't think mine have set properly yet.. I was crushed by cattle against a 5 wire (Barbed) fence.. managed a fractured skull at the same time Take as much medication that your prescription allows and make sure you breath properly..
  5. Aye fished it from 5.00 am till 8.00 for one 3-4lb Grilse, and 3 sea trout, all under a pound. It was the only fish caught, plenty of fish moving though. including some big feckers.. Caught on a small black Francis in the bottom of the first 'big' pool above the island. The water subsided a little in the afternoon, but the fishing never came to its best. It was fair pushing through for the most of the day, made wading really tiring... bad back by 4.00pm..
  6. Cheers Mik... I'll may be catch up with you on Wednesday...
  7. I'm fishing Kinnaber on Wednesday Mik. Any thoughts?
  8. Missed it again Mik........ Bear us in mind if you get any spare rods.. cheers Matty
  9. Nice dog Jiggy.... Also good to see you stil keeping the curry fodder under control...
  10. I have for sale a basically new Swarovski 5-25 x 52 BT Z5. It was mounted on my .243 for fox control, and left there for two years, with a Nigeloh Scope cover, in my cupboard. I have genuinely not used it on a live target. The registration card has not been filled in, the cleaning kit is unused. I will post RMSD after cleared funds. No stupid offers. Cheers Matty
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