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  1. Usually a few of us get there on Friday
  2. I’m 61. Still reasonably fit and able to do what I want although some bits ache noticeably more than they did 10 years ago.
  3. One good turn deserves another mate. Not many would have done that for them. Them steaks look the dogs Bollox Kev.
  4. robbo

    What a sky!

    Gilt heads seem to feed better on the building tides.
  5. robbo

    Cornwall trip

    Yeah my brother phoned me and told me mate. Everyone from up there who came to visit us was required to bring me some pork pies .I used to wait for them to come out of the oven on Monday mornings and eat two sat in the van while they were still hot Hopefully someone will carry on with them.
  6. robbo

    Cornwall trip

    No mate. Percy turner’s pork pies. Food of the gods.
  7. robbo

    Cornwall trip

    Watch the Greg Wallace programme about making pasties Arry. Thats the Ginsters factory. I wouldn’t feed them to the ex-wife.
  8. robbo

    Cornwall trip

    I was waiting for D to sort out the Pastie debate Kev as he has been Cornish longer than me. I don’t eat many pasties as they give me heartburn like nothing else can. I’ve never eaten a pastie from Devon either so can’t comment on them, but I do feel able to say that cream first on a scone is just wrong.
  9. I think he fancies you.
  10. These taste better, and the gilts and couches put up a good scrap. Freshwater bream are like landing a wet paper bag.
  11. Cheers mate. I’d never had a black from the shore before as we don’t seem to get them up here,which seems strange as we get loads on the boat about a mile off
  12. Nipped out for a session while the granddaughter was at school and managed to get the bream hat trick. Well pleased with that. Couches are stunning fish.
  13. Thanks Kev. I was buzzing when I landed it.
  14. You can make good money digging lug and rag worms. Collecting peeling crabs can be rich pickings at certain times of the year. It does tend to be very up and down though. If you have a couple of tackle shops who will buy them straight from you it is not a bad way to make money. It’s not easy though digging 5-10lb of worms on a regular basis. I do a bit myself but I’m only part time at it and pick my days to do it.
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