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  1. I’ve never put any backing on mine. Just put line on. dont overload it either as the line will not come off smoothly. I have always had line coming off the bottom.
  2. I’m saving that for tomorrow Ken.
  3. Feed time for ginner
  4. Just got a new pup mate. Get him up and running shortly.
  5. Just setting off on a lovely 6 hour drive to visit my new granddaughter for a few days. Just hope they’ve got some diesel up there for me to get back.
  6. Kev is currently watching a movie at a drive in cinema. You should be able to get hold of him later on.
  7. Seen him twice in Sheffield City hall in the past. Political correctness now making your choices for you. If people don’t want to be offended just don’t buy a ticket but let other people make their own minds up. Agree that he is old hat now. Wouldnt pay to see him now.
  8. Bait mate. Had them on all types of bait at this spot.
  9. Tried a couple of hours bassing yesterday afternoon. Only had schoolies but was good to get out.
  10. Nice fish mate. Bull Huss are just angry, grumpy b*****ds.
  11. That looks lovely mate. well done to your Mrs.
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