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  1. moonlighter

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Why would you breed a litter you know nothing about??
  2. moonlighter

    Day out swap/exchange

    Hi, for the up coming season, I looking for a day out ferreting in the dales. Looking for a good day on the moors with decent numbers, ideally where I can bring my dog too. In exchange I can offer a days terrier work in Lincolnshire. All on permission with plenty of sets, mainly woodland to go at. Please no idiots or chavs . It’s a bit of a long shot, but you never know. Rabbits are in low numbers on my permission over the last few years, Hense the reason for this post.
  3. moonlighter

    picking up team

    What’s the brown dog? Looks a nice sort?
  4. moonlighter


    I live near Skegness so I hunt around Boston and Louth.
  5. moonlighter


    My mate had a lab which was the best hunting dog I’ve ever seen. It was relentless in persuit of game. I think to get the best out of them in a lurcher thought they would need many generations of breeding the best to the best. Just like we’ve done with coursing dogs. All the best coursing dogs I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a few living on the the fens, have all been bred coursing dog to coursing dog, not F1 first crosses. I think if this approach was applied to lab crosses in 15/20 years time, there could be some really good dogs about.
  6. moonlighter

    Getting excited, litter on the way

    Love the stamp of the dam especially. Not much to say it terms of advice, except find a quiet suitable place for her to welp, and give her and the pups plenty of decent grub, worm regular etc, all pretty standard stuff
  7. moonlighter

    mxy up and down the country

    I’ve been in the Yorkshire dales this weekend. I’ve seen a few rabbits, but I’ve seen plenty of old carcasses and bones all over. Don’t know if it’s much or VHD
  8. moonlighter


    My mate shot a fox in the first weekend of December that was heavily pregnant. I’m not sure how long there pregnant for, but they would have been born before Xmas I’d say.
  9. moonlighter

    whippet x bedlington coat and colours

    Do you think it effects how they turn out, if you use a beddy bitch or the whippet bitch, regarding coat, size etc?
  10. moonlighter

    Long Shot But Here Goes

    Was it a 3/4 bull or 1/4 bull? And was it Lancashire or Lincolnshire?
  11. moonlighter

    Heating A Kennel

    I use shredded wax paper and heat lamp wired through a room stat. After a hard nights lamping they recover much quicker with a heat lamp.
  12. moonlighter

    Hare Shoot According To Baw

    100 hares is a poor day on some shoots. 300 is common on some days near me
  13. moonlighter

    Army Fitness

    Join a running club. That will improve your running if you need to ask on here.
  14. moonlighter

    3 Year Old Missing In Edinburgh

    The press tell you what the police tell them. They will be looking close to home that's for sure, but we won't hear anything till an arrest is made. A bit like that girl hidden in the bed the other year.
  15. moonlighter

    Lurcher Pups Stolen