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  1. Nice. I was just genuinely interested. In Lincolnshire hares give dogs the biggest run, but they still tend to stay in eye sight.
  2. Nice dogs and countryside. Are they tracker collars? If so, why do you need them? Do they hunt far from view then?
  3. Very nice. Is that a first cross? If so was the terrier a working dog? I would guess they would be a great bushing dog.
  4. Lovely looking bitch. If you like your old dog, I would use that. Is it much hassle using straws. He dosnt look like a coursing dog in that picture, but that’s the look I like. Good luck in what ever you chose.
  5. Stunning pups and parents mate. If I was getting a pup, these are the type I’d be interested in. Good luck with them.
  6. Is yours too big to go to ground then?
  7. Looks a decent litter and the price is cheap for a dog imo. We payed £600 for a pet dog, let alone one that works. And I think most people have to buy from an advert as not everyone breeds what your after. I’ve had Lurchers for 30 years, and have been in a coursing club, met lads from all over, ferreted and dug to terriers regular, yet when I wanted my latest dog, I had to use an advert from the county mans weekly.
  8. I would say shooting 60/70 a fortnight has done more damage than myxi
  9. It’s been a different season for me than normal. I’ve kept big, fast Lurcher’s in the past, taking all sorts of game, pretty much anywhere. But now I’ve got this little thing, it’s a totally different season. Lots of ferreting, bushing, bush beating and general mouching about. Lots more hunting.. lots less catching. Still a good season though.
  10. Google ‘Lawson animal feeds’ . They sell it in large amounts
  11. Shredded wax paper is the best I find. Wood shavings go every where, and straw stinks. When mine were outside I used wax paper with a heat lamp above wired through a thermostat.
  12. Mine get clipped every 2/3 months. Loads better. Easier to keep clean too
  13. Oh yes I agree. I only do a bit of digging, so I’m still learning really.. but if the dog had stayed put for 10 mins and you started to dig, then the dog appeared from a hole.. you could think it’s come away from it’s quarry..but it might never have actually got to it in the first place. We dug down to a dog at the weekend and when we broke through, nothing was there. The dog was searching frantically but we couldn’t find anything. Maybe she was stuck and we assumed she was on??
  14. What about if a dog comes out after a while and tries another hole. So suppose the tube is too tight so it can’t reach its quarry, so after 10 mins of trying it comes out to try another entrance. It could then get get to it and stay till dug too.
  15. Good luck with the pups. The dog with the fox hound in Seems quiet small considering. Did you add fox hound to bring the size up, or to add something else?
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