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  1. I’ve got both of them.. I do like the fenix one though.. the light isn’t as good as my old striker but it’s half the size and a lot lighter.. it’s as bright as the striker but once a fox or something turns is back, I think it’s harder to see with the fenix.
  2. It’s the best bedding.. holds it shape well, dosnt get wet and mushy, and dosnt smell and get dusty like straw.. if your dogs are in a run it the best bedding to use.
  3. There very cheap, I’d say probably one of the cheapest dogs around… probably because there not that popular with non-hunting folk. But if your thinking of getting a lurcher, I assume you’ve already done your research on health issues etc?
  4. I’m so impressed that they have a 4k HD recording device while digging a hole with their bare hand without any shoes on… f***ing legend
  5. Nice dogs.. that’s some pretty bad injuries.. hope you have a good, trouble free season, and I look forward to seeing your posts.
  6. How much do you want for it, in the condition it’s in?
  7. I went out digging with a border terrier a few years.. probably the best locating and finding dog I’ve seen.. we did 2 massive ranging earths. The younger black dogs struggled to find, and keep in one place.. we entered old faithful and she found and held both times in the same morning..
  8. I wired mine through a room thermostat.. that way it clicks on and off throughout the night.
  9. When I was coursing a lot, I could run enough hares to keep 3 dogs busy. Especially with a bit of lamping on top.
  10. Let’s be fair though, unless your into lurchers or know someone who does… how would you expect most of the general public to know what one is? My neighbour asked me yesterday if my ferret was a stoat. I think we forget that most people arnt into hunting and all the general knowledge that goes with it.
  11. I had a genuine 3/4 grey 1/4 bull. Very fast… had thin skin and not much fur, so didn’t like the cold n wet too much.. ok when hunting, but when stood still for long periods would feel the elements. A powerful bitch but she wasn’t a single handed dog.
  12. Try Lidl or Aldi, I get mine from there, a small tin is less than 50p I think
  13. I think he means they have started cutting the wheat, not lads driving the land, (with the tyre marks) I assume that’s what you was getting at?
  14. I’ve never had a saluki pup with puppy fat on them. And I’ve found Salukis feet are longer and not as tight as other lurchers.. they probably have the best feet of all too.. but with regards to the actual question asked; I take mine out from a very early age. Bushing, mouching about, etc.. I would intentionally lamp a rabbit until about 11/12 months old, but I would have expected them to have seen and chased plenty of rabbit just much about in the day time,
  15. I’ve found that with my first cross beddy/whippet. Hasn’t got the speed to catch most rabbits, especially if they have a 50/60 yard start.. she has more success on the lamp but that’s to be expected. Great little bushing dog though and ferreting with the nets… she wouldn’t catch many without the nets though.
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