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  1. Don’t believe that… eBay would refund straight away, no risk what so ever to the buyer… so I can’t see anyone showing someone a picture or even sending one.. a freezer on eBay would be collection only… got to be one of those story’s that’s been told that many times it’s now believed to be true.
  2. Nice dogs… if your not Gred, then I apologise..
  3. Greb, when you say, you’ve kept lurchers for 15 years…. My old lurcher lived to 15, so could literally have had one lurcher
  4. Suppose it depends, as like I say, the lad who keeps this , 99% don’t bolt. He’s got bull greyhounds, but they’re taller and longer legged.. he prefers the shorter coupled dog for his terrier work. I’ve seen it once and it impressed me..
  5. It wasn’t lack of food. She was just one of those types… didn’t carry any weight, poor coat and skin… probably because she was 3/4 greyhound.. I’m not saying they were all like that as she’s the only one I had… even a days ferreting with brambles etc, she would come back with scratches all over her.. her back legs were nearly bold to be honest.
  6. I had a 3/4 grey 1/4 bull.. wouldn’t have another.. looks like an RSPCA case after a while.. coat too thin, skin always getting scratched… not enough fat around the body, so just looked in a sorry state if I was lamping 2/3 times a week. the best ones I’ve seen have been bull/grey to bull/grey for many generations, so you couldn’t really work out the percentage. I’ve seen a pure bull work too… that was the perfect terrier man’s dog for what it was bred for..about the size of a red lab if you didn’t really know what you were looking at.. probably wouldn’t catch a bolting fox, but the own
  7. I’d give to mates, and charge a decent price for the rest… I don’t go to work for free, and I won’t give pups away that’s cost a small fortune to rear. But there shit loads of pups out… it’s the buyers choice, he pays the money and get the dogs he wants, or pays pennies and gets what Evers available
  8. I honestly don’t think a bone man can fix that. Otherwise professional athletes would have it done, rather than surgery. A slipped disc can be serious.
  9. This is the litter sister that I kept back… I’d definitely have another.
  10. These are 2 saluki/bull/grey that I bred a while back.
  11. It made a change not to be lathered up in mud, or climbing up dyke sides… as far as Lincolnshire ferreting goes, today was pretty good.
  12. I like to get them at 8 weeks.. I’ve found any earlier and they don’t eat as well away from their litter mates and dam. That’s just in my experience. They eat, but they don’t stuff their selves like when they eat with a full litter.
  13. This dog was bred by ginger French.. he’s was a brilliant dog.. there’s not much I didn’t do with him. He excelled on hares, obviously being a saluki cross, but he took fox, deer, lamped the beam perfectly, ferreted etc.
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