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  1. Obviously she will have her limitations to obedience, as she can’t hear you.. hand signals can be taught but obviously that’s only of any use when she’s looking at you. And she’s 4, so it won’t be as easy as training a pup.
  2. I’ve never had a problem with dogs or bitches, and I’ve had some neutered. As long as you have good well behaved dogs, there shouldn’t be a problem.
  3. Good luck with your search.. I’ve got 2 beddy crosses and I think there great lurchers..
  4. This years kits. In Lincolnshire.
  5. I didn’t take the picture… but it’s my dog playing with her toy.
  6. Where about do you get feral goats? Obviously not the exact location, but is it Lake District, Scotland etc.. I’ve never seen any.
  7. I watched in on field sports Britain…. I thought it was in England too.. a few shots near me have folded due to the price of poults…. Which is better for me, as I have more permission because of it.
  8. I’m not ? sure but basically you need a license now to rear and release birds… plus the price is going up for chicks… so a lot of shoots are packing up…. My worry is that it leaves a lot of people with guns and no pheasants to shoot… hopefully they don’t start having more hare shoots… they literally wipe them out, one near me, shot 600 over 2 days (a few years ago now mind)
  9. I’ve never seen so many hares as I have this past couple of years…. I just hope the struggle the game bird shots are having, doesn’t lead to more organised hare shoots.
  10. I think if you’re adding bull, it’s to make the dog more useful for foxes etc.. and with that in mind, the bigger the better, so I would always prefer the greyhound.. Ive only seen one small bull cross work and it took too much damage for my liking.. probably was about 19/20 inch.
  11. Try master hunter.. I got some nets of him.. brilliant quality… mine were about 15 meters I think… they have a leased bottom line and they pack away into a bag.. have a look on his website.
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