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  1. Out if the lurchers I’ve had, I’d say that bitches were the better hunters, and probably a bit more obedient. The dogs I’ve had were stronger and better at bigger game. That could be just down to the individual dog though, and nothing to do with being a dog or bitch.
  2. I find most lurchers will follow scent if it’s there, but most I’ve come across won’t actively search for a scent to follow.
  3. Totally agree, without ferrets it’s nearly impossible to get hunting permission with a dog in Lincolnshire where I live. There’s a big anti coursing drive on the radio this week. Farmers saying they dare not leave there house in the winter for fear of attack and that many farmers have had to plough in whole fields of crops due to the damage hare coursing causes... I mean, if that didn’t turn the general public against us, nothing will.
  4. Last weekend was my first time this season. There’s still a lot of cover about in places, but if I leave it too late, before you know it the winters been and gone, especially if you can only get out at weekends.
  5. Had a morning on some new permission today. 15 in total which is great for my area.
  6. Big strong pups. What cross are they?
  7. I bet it’s great to watch them hunt away.
  8. Don’t these have an outside bit for fresh air and sunlight? Can’t tell from the pictures
  9. I’m the same. I only have a couple of mates with lurchers. My family definitely wouldn’t want one, and most of my hunting mate have gun dogs, so they definitely wouldn’t want one. Therefore I’d sell them to strangers... on that note, I was gifted a really well bred coursing dog from a friend.. all the others I’ve had to pay for as I’ve got them from an advert in the countryman’s or EDRD.
  10. Also, coney catcher 3, (dancing with dingoes)is worth a watch too. Lots of good tips on there.
  11. That wasn’t a coursing bred dog. He was 3/4 grey, 1/4 beddy. The smooth bitch in the picture was the pup from some of the others in the picture.
  12. These are coursing dogs crossed with the more traditional type lurcher.
  13. You could... I never have. And also I’ve bought a few dogs, and I never had a home visit requested. Could be a 200 mile round trip easily. Do you do home visits?
  14. I personally find retrieving a lottery. I’m no expert at all, but I’ve had a dog who would retrieve a dummy like a Labrador, blind retrieves etc, but showed no interest in retrieving game. then I had another who showed no interest in a ball or dummy, but would retrieve rabbits to hand, even jumping over fences with them. My current dog is ok at both, but she’s only young so anything can change. Good luck anyway.
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