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  1. It’s still quiet warm too. They could be living on top and in the cover. I went at the weekend and most of the warrens were empty, but when I went on the lamp there were plenty about.
  2. Now that is a good looking dog… good luck with him.
  3. You can add a waterproofing agent to the concrete, so the piss dosnt soak in too.
  4. I’ve done some pest control on a nature reserve. All had to be done at nighttime though and we wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. Foxes and geese were the main target species
  5. If it works I think it would be a great bit of kit. Especially as you always carry your phone on.. I understood the 5m concept straight away…. f**k knows what the others were thinking
  6. My last couple of nights having a shine around local to me. The hare was road kill, but I thought I’d add it to show how little my dog is in comparison
  7. You see it all the time on Facebook… the first and only question is ‘how much? ‘
  8. No, she came into season regular. I was recommended to use raspberry leaf as it’s supposed to help with birthing. I’m not sure how, but I know women take it to during pregnancy.
  9. Yea I have, but my bitch still had a bad labour. 2 died inside and I had to go to the vets to have an injection to get the dead ones out.
  10. Everything has gone up in the last 12 years, beer, petrol, cars….
  11. Yes he is.. I’ve had some great days out with him and his dogs. He had fly and cass, bred from my parents, then Merlin, Gamble, Judge, Kite. Those are the ones that stick in my mind. All bred from the same original dogs I think.
  12. Yea my first Lurcher was bred from my parents pet lurchers. She was a fantastic Lurcher, but at the time I just assumed that was normal. She killed her first hare and retrieved it at 6 months old.. I kept a diary as I was only young and I used to write everything down… the same parents bred 2 dogs called Fly and Cass, owned by Stat. Some might know him and his dogs.
  13. Nope he wasn’t around. He was old and Artificial insemination was used. He died shortly after my pup was born I think
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