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  1. Stick a picture up if you can mate. I’m interested in these types of dogs.
  2. Coursing dogs add agility to the mix though. I’ve seen some half cross bulls on the lamp with a turning circle of a tanker. Offen taking 6 or more bends before they are able to strike. Small fields and there gone.
  3. Looks a strong bitch. I think your definitely going the right route with a coursing dog. My old dog was game a hell and could run forever. Definitely adds a lot to a lurcher. Good luck with your search
  4. Most breeds will mark, it’s just down to the individual dogs if they want to and how they do it. My old coursing dog would mark fox to ground and was very accurate in doing so. He loved the job thought but my other coursing dog wasn’t really interested.
  5. They sound the perfect mix to work alongside a lurcher. I like the idea of a cocker/bedlington but I’ve never seen one of this cross. Bedlington terriers seem to be good bushers in there own right, and if there coat is similar to a poodle, they wouldn’t malt either (like a cockerpoo, but with a beddy rather than a poodle).
  6. I set them pretty close, so as soon as they bolt there hitting the nets. I find they work better with dogs as the rabbits are moving a lot quicker.
  7. A nice mornings ferreting, trying out the new long nets. Unfortunately only one hit the nets, but it certainly caught it. The rest were either dug to or purse netted.
  8. I’ve seen CWD in places that’s not highlighted on that map, but I suppose they’re spreading all the time
  9. What a picture.. are your dogs first cross’s Phil, or bred lurcher to lurcher?
  10. I’m lucky as I live near the fens, and not much building work happens there. But unfortunately it’s a sign of the times. We’re over populated. Unless every country in the world puts a cap on how many kids you can have, like in China.. we’re pretty f****d.
  11. They look like donkeys don’t they lol. The one I kept back was showing great promise but she sadly broke her neck at about 14 months old.
  12. I’ve just received this picture form the owners of a litter I bred. I kept in touch with another owner called Steve, with his dog called scamp from the north east, but I’ve lost his number. If anyone knows him, show him this post please. These are the litter mates to the dog he had. The bitch I kept back got killed so I never got to really see how the others turned out.
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