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  1. Do Glens differ much to a wheaten terrier much? Are they a bit smaller? What would make you choose a Glen rather than a wheaten terrier? I’ve never seen either work, or in the flesh, so genuinely interested.
  2. I’ve never had a problem in 30 years of keeping dogs together
  3. I’ve always had coursing dogs until now, and they will hunt and kill almost anything. They hunt up too, but I’ve never had one that was a natural retriever though.
  4. If you think £325 is a lot of money, your living in the dark ages. If the pups are not bred right, then that’s up to the buyer to do his research, it’s not always the breeders fault.
  5. Probably the Yorkshire dales for me... although I live on the fens, and some drive 100’s of miles 2 or 3 times a week to run here... sod that lol
  6. Some great looking dogs on here. Does anyone work or own a cocker x beddy. I imagine they would like a bit a cockerpoo but with a stronger body and a better work manner. I’ve got a cockerpoo which I take out and she’s pretty handy. She is bred from a working cocker, but the sire is just a show poodle. She’s a great pet as she dosnt malt and she is very obedient. Walks without a lead, retrieves etc.
  7. I was referring to the 3 in the top picture. Are all the others related too?
  8. Like peas in a pod. How old are they?
  9. Ya fooker.. £2000 for this jack russel pup!!
  10. What I sometimes find is the gamekeeper wants nothing to do with me, but the land owner, who offen dosnt shoot wants me to sort out the rabbits and hares. One owns the land, the other rents the area for cover crops.
  11. We caught a milky doe yesterday. Didn’t see any small ones though, or even a dig.
  12. I do a bit of terrier work and ferreting on game shoots and it’s never scares the birds off. What scares the birds off is the shoot the previous weekend, but some gamekeepers don’t get that. A shoot near me shoots the same woods and cover every 2 weeks, yet the gamekeeper didn’t like me ferreting the dykes as it scares the birds lol. Nothing to do with his shoots then
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