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  1. I clip mine… some say you should hand strip but I prefer to clip
  2. Lurcher/long dog it’s just splitting hairs… coursing dogs are mostly saluki x greyhound but there still called a lurcher by pretty much 99% of people… at then the end of the day, there all mongrols or cross breeds…. A purpose bred cross breed, but still a cross breed.
  3. Same dogs, but I was a bit younger here.
  4. Stick them on here mate.. it’s nice to see… mine was probably about 30 years ago, I’m about 13 in that picture I’d say.
  5. There were got from Manchester… the dark one was 3/4 grey x 1/4 collie…. The rough one was some sort of beddy/grey….both decent but the pups from them were very good hare and rabbit killers… I never had fox or deer as I didn’t come across them back then.
  6. As a kid I don’t think I realised what I had on my door step ….
  7. Just came across this old pic from when I was a bit younger… sire, dam and daughter.
  8. It’s maybe not needed.. but I like it. I think it’s adds a bit of extra quality… I’ve got both, with and without, and I like it, especially in strong winds.
  9. I’ve never seen a 3/4 bred bull, but I’ve seen a pure bull and half/cross bull/greyhounds, and from what I’ve seen the bigger taller bull/greyhounds are better at drawing and killing that a pure bull.. so if the 3/4 bull has a bit more leg than a pure, I could see it been pretty handy. The taller dogs seem to shake a lot harder at the quarry is off the ground.. saying that, I’ve only seen one pure bull work.
  10. I think the best quality comes from ‘master hunter’ nets.. give them a try, we’ll worth the money.., especially with the leaded bottom line.
  11. I’ve seen some fast dogs not even get a bend out of roe deer.. I’ve not run a lot of fallow so of the few I’ve seen and caught I can’t comment much..
  12. Why does it have to do something that a collie cross can’t?? Just because a different dog is used.. it’s not because the original dog is inferior… if you wanted a fox dog you could use a Weaton/greyhound….. that’s not because the bull/greyhound is no good, it’s just a different type of dog.
  13. We’ve got a few Chinese in Lincolnshire around me, but nowhere near as many as muntjac…. Maybe they don’t breed as well, or maybe because they are much easy to catch or shoot than a munty?
  14. I looked out of curiosity… it’s like any other p***y video… shite.. it’s just a load of arguments and pointing and wobbly camera footage
  15. Can they fit cameras in private woods, without the land owner’s consent.? Or are they just used on woods with public access.
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