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  1. I’d like to try a first cross beddy/grey. As a general mouching dog. The only first cross I’ve had though is a beddy/whippet. All the rest have either been Lurcher/Lurcher or coursing dogs.
  2. Regardless of the price, high or low, I think a good working Lurcher should be the same price as a good gun dog. To be honest, Im used to high prices as I used to be into my coursing. They have been 4 figures for years.
  3. I’ve had coursing dogs all my life until now. I used to be coursing all the time, but it was hard not too when their on your doorstep. I’m mad for ferreting and digging now. I’ve got a good mate who I still go coursing with though.
  4. I feel your pain... I live in prime coursing ground and I’ve got a beddy/whippet
  5. Did anyone actually watch it... I’m not a packham fan, but he didn’t say dogs should be put down. It was the other bloke. All packham said was that dogs have urges and it’s up to the owners to control them.
  6. What sort is he? That hare looks as big as him
  7. Nice write up. Have you any more pictures that you can share of the young beagle cross? Cheers
  8. I’m interested in cockers and crosses too. A popular cross is with a beagle. Has anyone had one of these, and I’m assuming the beagle in the mix would make for a better dog for bushing with the lurchers as it would follow a trail a bit better, and probably wouldn’t be as hectic, maybe a bit more steady. But what would they be like for taking bush beating on a shoot? Would the beagle blood make them unsuitable for this. The reason I ask, is that most of my work would be bushing for the lurchers, but maybe 2 or 3 days bush beating throughout the season.
  9. If your on Facebook, there’s a couple of good groups, “bedlington, whippet hunting group” and “bedlington, greyhound” group. They sometimes have litters on there, although they can’t directly advertise on Facebook.
  10. A mate of mind used to go regularly. On the Eurostar. He said you could run hares within a few miles of coming off the train. The fields are massive and hares and plentiful. He also ran in Belgium too, but like has been mentioned, the police don’t take it too kindly.. but it’s not the police you need to worry about, it’s the farmers. One time when they got caught, they were pleased to see the cops.. I think they were close to getting a beating.
  11. I’ve had a dog die of lepto... horrible thing.. I get mine all vaccinated and boosters.. it’s only a few quid. Not worth the hassle of thinking ‘what if?’ If something goes wrong.
  12. Brilliant... any plans to breed from him. That’s definitely an all round lurcher
  13. Coursing bred dog. The dam was called silky, the sire was supposed to be Tom Murray’s Smokey. My dog was a decent coursing dog, but he took pretty much everything both day and night and worked with the terriers and ferrets too. He was very well trained to.
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