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  1. Is there a better feeling when your gifted a pup of stuff you been after and it starts grafting well
  2. No mate I got him as a pup from up Middlesbrough way that's him after abit of a tidy up today
  3. Black dog started end of the season but see what he makes this season chocolate bitch 9 month
  4. My pup makeing a strong start hopefully makes the grade wish I could find a decent bitch for sensible money he only cost me 150 ?
  5. This year's hopefull definitely got the attitude but see if he can walk the walk
  6. Just out of curiosity lads what's the biggest earth dog you've had I've had some some decent sized dogs but my new lads going to me a monster he's 6 month 15 inches and 22 lbs
  7. Hi lads looking for help and i know theres some knowledgeable lads on here can you shed some light on how nuttalls budy was bred and did he have any bull in him and billy boo
  8. How is she bred mate ? How is she bred mate ? The bitch is billy boo nuttall and the dad is a son of that jihad khan dog
  9. My new pup picked up last night got high hopes for this saluki bitch
  10. Alright lads seen this rover dog being used alot at stud hows he bred and how old is he we all know the likes bulldozer razor romeo but rovers name started popping up alot
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