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  1. Casperlad2

    Wanted carrer 707 silencer

    Time Left: 3 days and 11 hours

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    Wanted carrer 707 silencer 22 cal


  2. Casperlad2

    Wanted carrer 707 silencer

    Wanted carrer 707 silencer View Advert Wanted carrer 707 silencer 22 cal Advertiser Casperlad2 Date 06/02/18 Price Category Airguns  
  3. Casperlad2


    Would u sell boxes separate
  4. Casperlad2


    Any decent lads after some young hounds ready to enter drop us a pm
  5. Casperlad2

    Utv/golf Buggy

    I've got a good Kawasaki mule mate
  6. Casperlad2

    Birmingham Rollers

    Am in Doncaster South Yorkshire
  7. Am after some young rollers must be off good stock not the usual rubbish.
  8. Casperlad2

    Welsh Hounds Stolen

    Am gutted was right looking forward to these pups and some dirty c**t been and took them. Two lads was seen hanging about on CCTV at 6.30 this morning with tracksuits on and there hoods up.
  9. Casperlad2

    Welsh Hounds Stolen

    Had a litter of welsh hound pups stolen either last night or today from my yard in the Doncaster area. The pups are only 2 1/2 weeks old. They left the mother and took the pups. Would people please keep an eye out for these pups been sold about. And info would be great full
  10. Casperlad2

    Bullxgrey Dog Free To Good Home

    I've got 5 lurchers what the f**k do I want a 8 year old dog for. Like fox buster say there plenty of life left in him for a terrier mans dog and he will make sure he goes to the right home
  11. Casperlad2

    Bullxgrey Dog Free To Good Home

    Seen this dog work all his life and a very handy dog
  12. Casperlad2

    Bushing Dogs

    I've a foxhound x springer bitch 15 month old working well and a bedlington x fell bitch 6 month old. For sale as don't have the time £150 each pm for more details
  13. Casperlad2

    Ever Think Of Jacking The Hounds

    I've been the same mate lost a good bitch and a really good young dog due to fighting this time. It's a sickener all time and effort u put in to go in kennels and find 1 dead
  14. Casperlad2

    Polaris Sportsman 400 Ho

    Is it road registed
  15. Casperlad2

    Bushing Pups

    The pups