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  1. There is a plug you can get from Best Fittings that will let you read the gauge on the cylinder to know how much air left
  2. Metalman2

    Aztech Emerald

    Any Matt Dubber fans out there ? Must be someone with an opinion about these scopes
  3. Thinking of getting another scope and was wondering if anyone had experience of using said scope cheers Rich
  4. Metalman2

    Primo trigger sticks

    Surely if you have one of the legs forward and the remaining two splayed in front and by the side of you if that makes sense, you would have no problem. Works for me
  5. Metalman2

    Credit due.

    When you remember , Phil, has there ever been any thought by anybody on attaching a sling for carrying
  6. Metalman2


    IMO best used in conjunction with an ir torch to extend working time. Good bit of kit for NV
  7. Metalman2

    Winchester sub's .22

    Used to find Eley subs ideal, but now the weight has been reduced from 40 to 38 grain so will see how they go Pic using 40 gr, good enough for the Bunnies
  8. Don't discount JSB RS 13.43 very flat shooying
  9. Metalman2

    Squirrel feeders

  10. Metalman2

    Squirrel feeders

    I use whole Maize £8/25K although i do not have to pay for it, mix with Peanuts 6-1 Ratio
  11. Metalman2

    Studying your land.

    On my perms the bunnies breed all year round. Just back from a fruitless session on the Squizzers, bloody freezing roll on summit a bit warmer
  12. Metalman2

    Police on my permission

    One of my perms are several football pitches and always have to call plod for reference number but the farms only require a call on the day if i am out for the night in case someone else is shooting
  13. Have you tried loading the pellets skirt first from the other side?
  14. Metalman2

    Squirrel feeders

    Found an old pic of a mk 1, http://ibb.co/mVAHvb
  15. Metalman2

    Squirrel feeders

    As has been said, the Squizzers will destroy the wood when the feed runs out. Knocked up a couple more last week using some old floorboards, a bit of mesh and a bit of tin lying around