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  1. I have worked lurchers for a long time , i have worked genuine collie greyhounds 1/2 and 3/4 breds, for 25 years or more . In my honest opinion i have wasted 25 years . I wish the malinois breed had been more accessible and bred with greyhounds or lurchers many years ago. The cross is not what you think ,hypo, aggressive and noisy all comment from folk who have not seen the cross let alone owned the cross. Until I owned the mali/grey i also would have had the same opinion. To be honest the TOTAL opposite is true ,i have found them to be laid back , intelligent ,ver
  2. greyhound cross malinois , Far better than you would imagine . without the faults you would imagine . I was suprised .
  3. Smithfield type ?.... never choose a dog by its cover .
  4. Plenty of good food steady away with exercise , its not a race to sort him out , he will come good , show us some pics in jan/feb . And well done so far a lot of folk would not keep at it .
  5. mmm well the lower pic , dog has poor coat , full of scabs bald patches and a bald tail , and is lightly muscled , but maybe thats an improvement over two months. We need to see pics when he was aquired.
  6. oh yes , no permision , old twine slip , old rubber wellies , flat cap and about 65 years old but still at it .
  7. IF this is now , what did he look like before , any pics ??
  8. The fastest dog i ever saw run is now dead ..............speed kills ................................eventually
  9. Found these today whilst sorting my nets out , i made the end two they are actually quiet small , they never sprung open and worked well , the other two i bought they were rubbish , I only use a length of webbing now , simpler ,safer and no problem if lost or gets a bit chewed up .
  10. Have you thought about Dave Platts strain of deerhound/greyhounds , he has been breeding them for years , they are also working dogs ,
  11. I was born and bred in England and i have every right to walk any street in England , what gives minorities the right to claim an area call it a community then reign it with absolute violence towards any other people . ps , times are far different in Oldham than twenty years ago ,
  12. That is correct 20,000 however another 10,000 under another scheme how many schemes have we , all designed to hide the actual numbers arriving , thats all well and good but which areas are they going , some areas no longer feel like England , i live near to no go areas for white people , and if you are in any doubt about that i challenge you to walk through them ,
  13. Its the other way around we helped their forces built up and trained their forces , however they did murder our soldiers whilst they slept in their beds . Unditered we carried on , soon as we left the taliban comes out of the woodwork ,and the afghan soldiers all run and say its not safe and want to come to our country , what a load of cowards they should have stood and fought for their familys and country , they wanted us to do their fighting now they want us to house and feed them in our country , As a proud English man i would stand and fight for my freedom and counrty my grandparents did
  14. I thought this was about Prince Andrew , ,,,,,,, i dont think we need to worry about catching the odd duck or pheasant
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