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  1. Both parents are workers and work to a good standard in their chosen fields ie guard and coursing . i will update on the pup when and where it is thought warrented , she will have access to work on a daily basis at one thing or another . If she is not up to something or is to slow , i will let you know , time will tell .update next month.
  2. How times change top class saluki/greyhound .......................mal/greyhound 4 month old ,only similarity is the dogs collar . Can not fault pup in anyway , intelligent ,loyal , bold but never aggressive , quiet , resilient to weather , pup is also terrier hard and needs to be held back for own good and that did surprise me. I have had first cross collie greyhounds and this pup is a much better prospect , I will work her as much as possible and see how she turns out .
  3. I hope you are right , however no way will bbc news retract and say the guy was innocent and we got it wrong ,
  4. The guy even though innocent , will most probably notice a drop in his work and income , mud sticks and its really hard to get your good name back .
  5. This discussion is like covid 19 ,,, its going to end in TIERS .
  6. I had a pure greyhound i road walked her every day , i also ran her in the day . she muscled up well it looked really powerfull and really fit . I tailed of doing road walking and her muscle bulk decreased in fact she looked slightly underweight , i still ran her in the day and there was a big difference with her , she had more stamina and performed slightly better . Basically when she didnt look like a body building dog , and her muscle bulk was natural from running around she performed better. So just because a dog looks the part it may not be , some saluki types look painfu
  7. My own personal experience of a greyhound raised as a working lurcher from and 8 week old pup , no problems with injurys , livestock sheep ext , prey drive great , they are,nt stupid dogs and are brighter and more obedient then you think Their main downside believe it or not is their very fast speed . Speed kills and eventually it will .
  8. You can now buy halogen coloured bulbs/pills for the led lamps , they are the favoured yellowish colour , eyes ect show up just the same , you still keep the lightweight portable and long lasting batteries ,
  9. That brings back memories , we used to park inside the quarry inside the workers garages we took our own padlock to secure our van inside ,,one night it all kicked off police , keepers drove around for hours looking for us , we just went back to the garage and had a brew waiting for them to get fed up .
  10. I agree the white led beams can make spotting rabbits very difficult especially if the grass is wet , the rabbits just appear a silvery colour that blend into the now silvery appearing grass. You can actually buy halogen coloured pills/bulbs for many lamps/torches , i have been useing a Night Sabre with a yellow pill, it is fantastic the spot is perfect with no side glare or dark spot in the middle, it is also a circular spot not square like many led lamps,
  11. looks sturdy , what cross is the dog...??
  12. Reds sister was lined to Geoff Ogdens .." Snatch " and " Benji " a picture of a bitch and a dog from either litter ,,, and as an after thought a bitch crossed with the pair.
  13. Its a shame he has decided to call it a day but as he says he has been breeding lurchers for 37 years now, i raise my hat to him and wish him all the best in his retirement . I have had five dogs from him over the years ,the first was a 3/4 bred out of a collie called remus ,,what a great bitch that was unfortunately the later dogs just were not the same. The 3/4 greyhound saluki i got from him definitely was the best dog i had from him it caught more rabbits and hares than the other four put together.
  14. That makes a change Joe , usually its pages of shit aimed your way on this site,,,,,,and yes you know when your getting on in age when only eighty years olds call you young man..im not that old as yet ,,only 70 year olds call me young man.
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