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  1. I agree the white led beams can make spotting rabbits very difficult especially if the grass is wet , the rabbits just appear a silvery colour that blend into the now silvery appearing grass. You can actually buy halogen coloured pills/bulbs for many lamps/torches , i have been useing a Night Sabre with a yellow pill, it is fantastic the spot is perfect with no side glare or dark spot in the middle, it is also a circular spot not square like many led lamps,
  2. looks sturdy , what cross is the dog...??
  3. Reds sister was lined to Geoff Ogdens .." Snatch " and " Benji " a picture of a bitch and a dog from either litter ,,, and as an after thought a bitch crossed with the pair.
  4. Its a shame he has decided to call it a day but as he says he has been breeding lurchers for 37 years now, i raise my hat to him and wish him all the best in his retirement . I have had five dogs from him over the years ,the first was a 3/4 bred out of a collie called remus ,,what a great bitch that was unfortunately the later dogs just were not the same. The 3/4 greyhound saluki i got from him definitely was the best dog i had from him it caught more rabbits and hares than the other four put together.
  5. That makes a change Joe , usually its pages of shit aimed your way on this site,,,,,,and yes you know when your getting on in age when only eighty years olds call you young man..im not that old as yet ,,only 70 year olds call me young man.
  6. fs grow a brain........ha ha .........it was a joke that you didnt get..!!!!! I did think it was good news the two lads with the lurcher,air rifle and bag of rabbits were released without charge. Why they were released without further action when the whole point of half the show was to catch and deter poaching. Rabbits currently not affected by disease................and my tea..
  7. Wow , 'i smell an insurance job ' .....your saying that a farmer would RELOCATE 380 fat lambs , then at a later date report them as taken by poachers driving a hgv cattle truck . I am sure there would be no room in the truck as it would be loaded with tractors , trailers and quad bikes that the poachers stole earlier.
  8. My lurchers must be the old fashioned type , they prefer led/hid ........................................................
  9. Great lamps back in the day , loved the turquoise glare st the beams edge the blue made on the grass,,,,,,, never a fan of the black eye , battery flat in no time, how lamps have changed , my latest one , i could never have dreamed of back in the day.
  10. Any dog will "JACK GIVE IN" my profile says location no jackers here......it should say no jackers here...YET. If i ran my dogs hard and just kept running them and running them with no break big slips to a point of exhaustion or running with an injury , at some point they would be physically unable to run , would they be classed as jackers ?? This applies to any dog,they might be game enough to try but the body is unable..sometimes it is the owners fault a dog jacks,not a fault of the dogs. Working dog owners need to know when enough is enough for "THAT DOG " On saying that some dogs do give up a bit easily thats not a fault of the owners its just that the dog has not made your grade .That dog could still find a good home with someone else with a different level of grade. Good dogs need a good dog man.
  11. 100 % coursing line to a very hard worked bedlington / greyhound taking rhfd regularly.........coming on fine .
  12. Pups about 7 weeks old ,full litter ok with ferrets before moving on.
  13. this is one of my bedlington crosses from god knows when, (anyone work the year out of the reg) minus ten years ,
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