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  1. Is it any good mate? Only use the usual front line before and my bitch still gets em!
  2. Nice terrier's mate one's got a head and a half on it! Atb
  3. Ive not seen any workers round here where are you talking about I like the breed as well?
  4. Yeah I totally agree mate. Me old girls lot end up in Canning town but not sure where they came from originally different people in the family say different things lol. Me old man's lot came over from Ireland and spread all over the south east and further. I've now made it to Devon for a bit. What about your self
  5. He looks a cracking dog if I had a first cross I'd b happy with one like him
  6. Thing of the past these days sadly ain't it I always remember all my lot talking about it and what they got up to and meet
  7. My lot called it a holiday imagine saying that to the kids on there holiday
  8. That's a nice dog mate did you breed em yourself?
  9. Top fella for taking that dog in wish ya all the best with her
  10. You've got some cracking looking workers mate great pics cheers for sharing and luck with raffle etc Atb Criss
  11. I gave up when they invited me in for a free flea consultation then tried to charge me for it and had the check to try send a letter asking for payment for flea products I never had. only use them if it's a must!
  12. Sounds like a top bloke not like the vets I've had to deal with!
  13. I bet you ain't happy ray that ain't no little splinter is it! You've got a quality dog there most would of been a nasty fecker! Good on buck being that chilled about it all hope the swelling has gone down mate. I'd b back up the vets with it tbh just to let her know. Its a joke what they charge now days. Cost me over 100quid for me bitch to have her dew claw checked after braking in half and damaging the toe a couple months ago. Those antibiotics that costs a bomb! Atb Criss
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