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  1. Hahaha i meant the 4 legged kind, saying that some birds round here look more beast than woman!
  2. For fear of being called a girl I'll pass mate haha, when you say anything I can think of a couple beasts id love to see that theory tried on, I'll get the go pro out lol
  3. he'd have to b a drug dealer the size of the animals lol
  4. Not saying your wrong but it ain't as easy as you think mate, my bro put 17 stone behind a punch on one of his old pits when he couldn't get it off a staff that attacked it. Dog stopped when it wanted to and that fucka hits like a sledge hammer haha dog was half the size of breeds mentioned! You'd need more than bottle and hammer with the right dog IMO!
  5. Weren't the Walsall type just as popular as the Irish when they hit the states, could bollocks? With the whippet blood meant to b racier etc than straight b&t
  6. Worlds f****d I swear a lurcher was up £3000 the other day and terrier x going for £1000 plus! Dumb fcks buying as well
  7. Unfortunately there popularity is rising there's 3 around here in the stick's. One owned by a wreck head who's got a pit x cross as well, accident waiting to happen IMO!
  8. I heard that, taken from nomads used in the Colosseum and as LSGD by Roman's. Don't see why they would tho when they had molosser of there own? More bs made up to sell pups, my bloodlines direct ancestor's killed Christians and fault lion's for fun so top guards! haha
  9. Same here mate and the hurt them non stop whether there in or out dog's!
  10. https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/2652268-litter-planned-coventry.html
  11. That's what I thought. The bitch reminds me of one bitch my bro had about 3 years ago, not kc and looked the part but had cancer
  12. these 2 are on pet for homes as workers with a new litter a few days old! If I had the money they are the kinda pup I'd get for guarding, look at the condition of both and they have a great write up on temp and health! Quality pet/guard IMO atb Criss
  13. Sounds just like my bitch a family pet, great with kids but always alert and not just to what's going on in my yard! She's boxer rottie x pit so most probs the rottie in her. Hassel free guard for what she does!
  14. Nice terrier's mate one's got a head and a half on it! Atb
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