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  1. moxy

    What has happened

    I’m still about you set of nosey twats. Just got a few things going on at the moment.
  2. moxy

    needed a pistol

    Each to his own and all but it aint for me.
  3. moxy

    needed a pistol

    Thats bloody awful
  4. moxy

    I miss the old days

    Fook all to do with me
  5. moxy

    hw mod

    What do you want a HW Mod for? In past posts you've been singing the praises of A&M stuff.
  6. moxy

    Airgun moderators

    HW. And you can't go wrong for the money in comparison to what A&M are charging. Unless you can hear a fly fart you won't tell the difference between most. Huggets are dreadful at sound reduction but have the tart appeal.
  7. moxy

    FAC Airgun

    And what should someone asking advice be looking for? How can you tell if it's been home bodged? And wouldn't the MK2 be regulated? Did some other flavours come in standard blocks? I.e. MFR's not in MFR blocks. Just asking??
  8. moxy

    FAC Airgun

    Rapid Although you can get a S10 on FAC albeit a lower shot count.
  9. moxy

    Two piece spade/shovel

    So what did you get sorted?
  10. moxy

    Air Rifle

    If it's any use to you Micky. I can ask the chap I sold my lads to, if he wants to part with it. He doesn't use it. All fecked about with and fettled into something resembling ok. Cheap as chips
  11. moxy

    Air Rifle

    To those who have had posts removed. Keep your shite talk out of this forum There is a dedicated section for it.
  12. moxy

    Liverpool Arms & Militia Fair - today.

    No bargains to be had then mark