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  1. Gtbaker369

    Wanted - Tank

    Hi all, Is anyone on here getting rid of a tank to fill my gun up? Cheers
  2. Gtbaker369

    Scope not zeroing

    Its on a Rapid 12 (FAC)
  3. Gtbaker369

    Scope not zeroing

    Hi all, I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but just wanted to confirm. I was trying to zero my scope yesterday as it was shooting far too low. The adjuster was going UP fine but then I was able to get it any higher and I'm still a good inch below the Bull. I'm assuming this means the scope is knackered? Cheers
  4. Gtbaker369

    Difference between Theoben Rapid 7 & 12

    Fantastic, thank you for your reply. I wondered why there wasn't anything obvious online about the 2, but if its just Mag size then that would explain it. Thanks again
  5. Hi all, Still looking for my first FAC air rifle and one of my local places have got a Rapid 12 I believe. Ive had a look online but cant really find anywhere which tells me the difference between a 7 and a 12. Can anyone shed any light please? Cheers
  6. Gtbaker369

    HELP WITH WOODCOCK pin feathers

    the beaks been cut down to about 25-30mm
  7. Gtbaker369

    HELP WITH WOODCOCK pin feathers

    Here's one of mine
  8. Gtbaker369

    Tracer LED F900 Reviews?

    Well that's the thing, ive just put in for my FAC so cant say exactly what itll be going on but it will be a 22 FAC Air Rifle
  9. Gtbaker369

    Tracer LED F900 Reviews?

    One of the things that's putting me off if you can class it as that, is would I really need the 800m beam compared to the F600 - 200m beam. Plus one thing that got me confused is the 600 has a 200m beam but the F400 white has 300m beam?
  10. Hi all, I realise this may have been discussed before so apologise in advance. Now I understand that killing a rabbit has a lot to do with target placement rather than power etc but I just wondered if there was some way I could figure out what distance (dependant on pellet placement) a certain left Airgun will kill at. I’m new to FAC Airguns so not sure what ftlb I’m going to get as it probably depends what is available at time etc but when I get one I would like to have an idea what the max distance it will kill at once I’ve got it sighted and my pellet placement is acceptable to take on a kill. Cheers all
  11. Gtbaker369

    Night vision or Scope mounted Torch??

    I love the idea of Thermal and used to work with Flir Cams so know how good Thermal is but they are way out of my price range I think.
  12. Thought I’d put the question out there as wondered apart from price the reasons why people went for NV Scopes over a Torch/Lamp? cheers
  13. Hi all, I’m looking to get a new Scope mounted Torch and seen the Tracer F900 for about £200 for kit. Just wondered if anyone’s had experience with them and are they ok? Cheers
  14. Gtbaker369

    Extra Long (In Back) Shirts

    Cheers for that fella, I’ve always got thermals on underneath so not like I’m getting draft. But when it comes to taking coat off at dinner, I look like a scruffy teenager lol.
  15. Gtbaker369

    FAC Airgun

    I’ve been to a local dealer today’s and had a look at some used stock. There was a Rapid Mk1 that actually took my eye and felt quite nice. Had quick fill adapter, was about 32ftlb, decent mod n scope etc. He did mention that there was a mk2 but didn’t really tell me difference if any apart from newer model. Anybody had experience with both and know main differences, pros n cons etc?