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Found 43 results

  1. day out with the lad numbers still low but one for the pot
  2. Anyone fix knicker boxes and collars thank you in advance ive got an 8ft mk1 and 15ft mk2 and id like to know what batteries to use in both collars thank you for ypur time
  3. Is it necessary for ferrets to have there injections I have 3 and it’s going to cost me 160 pound for the first course and then I have to pay another 160 for a second. I don’t work them I just have them for when I kill pigeons and rabbits so the kill doesn’t go to waste.
  4. I’ve got a 8 week old male ferret and I’m going to have him castrated, will he be allowed to be in my cage with my hob who’s intact. It’s a big cage and there’s a Jill in there too. If I can’t keep him in there will he be able to stay in there for a while until I get a new cage
  5. Hi I'm on the look out for a couple of jill kits if anyone knows of any. I'm located between Selby and Doncaster. Will be well cared for and worked.
  6. Evening all, this year I am finally in a position to be able to get my own ferrets. as you can imagine I have a couple of questions. Although I have been/done ferreting in the past (although not recently) I am no expert. 1st off when’s best to buy ferret kits. I believe the summer time is best from what I remember but in between which months, if there is “set months” 2nd is there anyone in Kent on here who breeds ferrets to sell on? also any other tips when getting my first couple of ferrets would be much appreciated. Ta. Adam.
  7. Does anyone know any good permissions in or near Liverpool, also was wondering if there is anyone who close who has good experience in rabbiting and if so would you consider getting out with the ferrets?
  8. Hi looking for some ferrets . Have tried everywhere and nothing for sale . Dundee Scotland or surrounding areas . Thanks
  9. I put my gill with a hob on the 22 of March and she was with him for 7 days with swollen vagina, she’s in her own cage now and she’s hiding food and when I go to get it because I don’t want it to rot she bites my hand and fingers, her vulva has also shrunk and gone all wrinkly, sometimes she makes a small nest but then she just burrows under neath the paper I have in there. Is she pregnant?? It’s been 13 days since I put her with the hob
  10. I have a male and female that I want to breed, the thing is the male is much smaller than the female, when I see him trying to mount her his penis is basically hitting her back and she just throws him off. How long should I let him continue to try and get her pregnant until I need to have her taken to get a Jill jab because I know leaving her in season is bad for her health
  11. I am unfortunately going to have to re home my girls. I have 3 pole jills 2 are related and one it unrelated all workers and from working stock. I dont have the time to get them out working as offen as i should and in my opinion thats not fair on the little monsters. They will be going with a full set up il try to list everything but will miss bits. 3 jills 10"x6"x4" run with large hutch Another backup hutch Bits for the cage bowls trays tubes ect Food Travel box Feild box Locator and collar Nets All to go dont want them to go without as theve got used to lots of space There all tame nip when hungry bless them but so do i haha Not asking for any money all i want is for them to go to a good home. Syiu will need a large van Or trailer to move all this. The cage does come apart into panels. But is all quite bulky. Iv attached a few pics sorry there abit ropey but phones knackered Please only serious enquiries We are in Eastleigh, Southampton Message me for a contact number
  12. Had a cracking morning out with John T off this site with his son day started with a nice crisp frost crack was good rabbit's slow to bolt at first but when they started they where hitting the long nets fast and furious ended the morning with 21 fat healthy rabbit's
  13. We're my ferrets sleep there is condensation building up on roof of box and it been like that for last week is it happening to any one else I have some old clothes in the box and bit of strew
  14. Hello, I'm new and hopefully I'm posting on the right bit... I have 2 hobs looking for new home, brothers around a year old now. Not had the chance to work them yet, both friendly. I'm based in east Sussex. Many thanks
  15. Hi all looking for permission in Leeds and surrounding areas for me and my mate we have transport and are reliable also distance no object willing to travel
  16. My two Jill kits all settled in 15 week old
  17. Any ferrets for sale sussex or kent
  18. Hello all. Tested one of the young hob kits out yesterday. I tried one of the Jill kits last week and she was a natural, Straight down and rolling around with a bunny in the net after 5 mins and all fired up for some more etc. Yesterday I took one of the hobs out to see how it performed. 1st warren he was a little hesitant about going down into the dark depths .... but he went in and came out nice and steady with no drama and no bolts.I put the older hob in to check and it was empty. Next Warren, A good mark off the dogs and I put him in behind the older hob, He followed along and they bolted a few quickly. The dogs picked a couple up and the ferret came out jumping and dancing like a mad banshee chuckling away, just like his old dad (Mr chuckles). I picked him up and calmed him down and boxed him up. I did a few more with the older ferrets, But on my way back to the motor the dogs put one to ground in a nice little 4 hole warren on a slightly raised mound etc. I thought...Nows the time little man to see what you can do. I dropped some nets down and popped him in... 2 mins later a rumble and a grumble and then a loud sqweeeek... he had got it good and proper... I went over to the hole and the bunny was backing out with the Hob attached to its snout...lol. I dispatched and detached and after he'd made sure it was dead he was off back down the hole... 2 mins later no bolts...locator out and he was just over 2 foot down stuck to a bunny's back-end scratching away with his furry mittens on. I was chuffed to bits when I got him out and sort of backfilled the tube he was up whilst removing the rabbit. He went back in again like he was on a mission and less than a minute I could hear one complaining rather loudly about him chewing its face... another 2-foot dig and rabbit 3 in the bag and one very happy and contented little hob..he seems bigger and older today when I look at him in the hutch with his siblings. I think he's going to be a decent grafter after a season or 2. Most folks tend to leave them till they're a lot older to work them etc... I would rather know if they are up for it 1st and then fine-tune the rest as we go along. No point feeding it for a year or more to find out it's not very good below ground. Now, all it needs is a bit of work but not too much that its likely to sicken it etc. I think this one is a keeper. . . The best thing about him is he's so laid back. . . He's the quietest of the pack so far. . . I have 2 others that are full on mad for it...lol
  19. Anyone near Buckingham up for a days ferreting
  20. Hi looking for a working jill well handled is a must will pay right money for the right ferret. Based in west of Ireland. Might be long shot. Can travel.
  21. Lush morning for ferreting. The little dog did her bit and one of the new ferrets from this years litter proved useful. My netting left a lot to be desired though. 3 got away. Still, one for the ferrets, one for the dog, one for the slow cooker and one for the freezer
  22. Anyone selling or Best place to get a mk1 locator collar from cheers
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