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Found 30 results

  1. Hello, I'm new and hopefully I'm posting on the right bit... I have 2 hobs looking for new home, brothers around a year old now. Not had the chance to work them yet, both friendly. I'm based in east Sussex. Many thanks
  2. Shefflad69

    Permission wanted

    Hi all looking for permission in Leeds and surrounding areas for me and my mate we have transport and are reliable also distance no object willing to travel
  3. Shefflad69


    My two Jill kits all settled in 15 week old
  4. Reg Thompson

    Wanted ferrets sussrx

    Any ferrets for sale sussex or kent
  5. Hello all. Tested one of the young hob kits out yesterday. I tried one of the Jill kits last week and she was a natural, Straight down and rolling around with a bunny in the net after 5 mins and all fired up for some more etc. Yesterday I took one of the hobs out to see how it performed. 1st warren he was a little hesitant about going down into the dark depths .... but he went in and came out nice and steady with no drama and no bolts.I put the older hob in to check and it was empty. Next Warren, A good mark off the dogs and I put him in behind the older hob, He followed along and they bolted a few quickly. The dogs picked a couple up and the ferret came out jumping and dancing like a mad banshee chuckling away, just like his old dad (Mr chuckles). I picked him up and calmed him down and boxed him up. I did a few more with the older ferrets, But on my way back to the motor the dogs put one to ground in a nice little 4 hole warren on a slightly raised mound etc. I thought...Nows the time little man to see what you can do. I dropped some nets down and popped him in... 2 mins later a rumble and a grumble and then a loud sqweeeek... he had got it good and proper... I went over to the hole and the bunny was backing out with the Hob attached to its snout...lol. I dispatched and detached and after he'd made sure it was dead he was off back down the hole... 2 mins later no bolts...locator out and he was just over 2 foot down stuck to a bunny's back-end scratching away with his furry mittens on. I was chuffed to bits when I got him out and sort of backfilled the tube he was up whilst removing the rabbit. He went back in again like he was on a mission and less than a minute I could hear one complaining rather loudly about him chewing its face... another 2-foot dig and rabbit 3 in the bag and one very happy and contented little hob..he seems bigger and older today when I look at him in the hutch with his siblings. I think he's going to be a decent grafter after a season or 2. Most folks tend to leave them till they're a lot older to work them etc... I would rather know if they are up for it 1st and then fine-tune the rest as we go along. No point feeding it for a year or more to find out it's not very good below ground. Now, all it needs is a bit of work but not too much that its likely to sicken it etc. I think this one is a keeper. . . The best thing about him is he's so laid back. . . He's the quietest of the pack so far. . . I have 2 others that are full on mad for it...lol
  6. lampingmad1

    Anyone around buckingham

    Anyone near Buckingham up for a days ferreting
  7. folly terrier foot

    Long shot.. Ireland

    Hi looking for a working jill well handled is a must will pay right money for the right ferret. Based in west of Ireland. Might be long shot. Can travel.
  8. SamR

    Stunning views

    Lush morning for ferreting. The little dog did her bit and one of the new ferrets from this years litter proved useful. My netting left a lot to be desired though. 3 got away. Still, one for the ferrets, one for the dog, one for the slow cooker and one for the freezer
  9. Wanted Ferret finder & collar at a reasonable price
  10. bairn79

    Mk1 locator collar

    Anyone selling or Best place to get a mk1 locator collar from cheers
  11. I’ve just been to drop some ferrets off for the keepers etc and sort my Truck tyres out. All set to start now. Couple more weeks and I’ll have a walk with the dogs. My pictures for this season are going to be start of the day pics instead of the usual big bag of rabbits lined up to show off at the end of the day. Have a bloody good season everyone. Atb Vin
  12. JMHunt1

    Kits first hunt

    What’s everyone’s experience with their kits first hunt? Thanks
  13. I've got 8 kits free to a good home. All of the people who wanted some from my litter have backed out. 4 silver and 4 white hobs. The mother has been a cracking little worker this past year, can't say much for her line as she was given to my mate as a freebie. The father was the best worker I've ever had and I've had his line since his great grandfather. I'd love to keep em all but definitely far too many! 9 weeks old, eating anything I catch. Free to a good home. If anyone is interested give me a message. Im in the gateshead area. I'll upload pics tomorrow
  14. Just got back off holiday mother in law looked after them for me and they was happy I was back. Cracking ferrets best 3 ever had .. they will do me proud again this winter when we're out. Good around the family too apart from the wife grumbling about the stink!!!! As she calls it. Both me boys love them and this proves they become part of the family as well as good little workers
  15. Hello, i’m super exited, just received my ferret wallet phone case.
  16. I lined my mates jill this season with my hob, and before the kits were born a lurcher got a hold of him and he had to be put down. I got the brother of the jill as a replacement to work with. The kits are ready to come home to me now, and i was wondering whether it would be ok to put them with the hob eventually. Ive got a big set up for them and a smaller hutch to put the hob in for the time being so they can get used to the smell of each other but eventually i want them all together. How old will the kits have to be before i put them in with him? They are currently 9 weeks. Cheers
  17. codmaster127

    ferret kit wanted north east

    iam after a hob smallish one not bothered about colour must be from good workers last few ive had havnt made the grade , sunderland/durham areas if poss ,
  18. JMHunt1

    Tips on nip training

    My kits recently turned 10 weeks an they’re still nipping. I’ve been trying to stop them from nipping for a couple weeks now but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried the time out, scruffing an putting milk on my finger but nothings working! Any tips or stories how you got yours to stop nipping, please tell. Thanks
  19. Guest

    A Ferrets Value ?

    Hello all. I've just been kicked off a Facebook site for arguing the present day value of a ferret with the site admins etc. I know this site has a few more educated, older, wiser and genuine hunting members. My point of view is... why sell a well bred working strain/line of ferret kit to a random stranger for £5-10 pounds? It's all well and good doing mates favours and gifting them to each other to keep the bloodlines varied within working lines etc. But £10 ... it's not the value of a packet of cigarettes etc.. how can that do the humble little warriors any justice in this day and age? It's no wonder all the rescues are full of ferrets and people just dump them at the end of the season rather than feed them all summer etc. I really do think that £50 is a reasonable minimum price and £100 should not be too expensive for a seriously well-bred worker that has had a lot of time and effort put into the rearing and handling etc. I would go as far as to say a worker should be worth at least £100 in this modern world we are now living in. I'm not trying to start an argument but come on chaps..how much was your phone..? how much petrol/diesel did you put in the vehicle to take you hunting? how much for a locator/collar, nets, FFsake how much for the McDonalds on the way? it's not about the money... it's about the value of our underground champions. Come on chaps it's up to us to set the standards for the future.
  20. Hello just wondering if any one has ferrets available around Merseyside area just starting Out only after 2 thanks
  21. Bosun11

    Fool that i am...

    Well yesterday i was on a late in work so dogs were walked an ferrets fed. Home just after 8 and let dogs out and get their grub ready, then sit back with a brew before feeding em. We (me and the Mrs) both heard the noise but couldnt work out what it was, as it was muffled by the telly. Then another but this time different. I got up to investigate and went out the back, soon as i opened the door both dogs shot back in their seperate pens, sommat was up..? Then a white flash out the corner of my eye and a ferret was out.! The noise came to me... A Fenn going off... My trap, always ready, in its box under the garden bench and ducking down to see, i found the other ferret on its side hanging out the box... Well an truly nailed..!! Tracy came out to see and guessed correct, that i must have left the cage open this morning (though it took em all day to escape!) What a feckin dope! Gutted, i would have to tell my daughter her ferret was dead... As i reached down to drag out the box i could see the ferrets chest slightly moving... Oh bollox, its still alive, i'm gonna have to do the decent thing... I dragged the box out and opened it, the ferret was trapped by the neck and had a firm bite on the metal opening hoop. I got my fingers in and prized it open. Instead of dropping limp, the ferret sprung to life and danced off, tail 'bottle brushed' up and chattering angrily, it was a bit wobbly but lively as f**k and furious and i was concerned to pick the fecker up incase i got clamped. Pick it up i did an got it back in its cage, where it got stuck straight in to the food in there..!!! Now that was a genuine Fenn mk4 trap in a made to measure box and that combo has killed a couple of hundred rats and a few stoats over the years.. That ferret was propper clamped tight on its neck BUT how the f**k it survived i have no idea... Other than the ferret is one double hard barsteward and is now getting on with summer life as normal... Could have been so much worse..!! Just thought i'd share whilst the jobs a bit quiet...
  22. Does anyone else work a springer spaniel out ferreting? Saturdays in the eating line, Sundays in the hedgerow with the ferrets.
  23. As a lot of us are aware this year has seen a drop in numbers for the ferreter. So its sods law that i have picked up 2 new permissions today and yesterday just as we are coming to the end of the season. One is a 5 acre paddock with 3 good active warrens on it and the digging will be ok, it is also surrounded by land so further opportunities are very possible once i am noticed. The other is a plant nursery with a huge wooded bank that is like the london underground, this could be a very productive perm by this seasons standards but the digging will be most unfavourable. I will work them hard into march(until it becomes unbearable) to show i am serious and leave a good impression and then lamp with the air rifle(nothing bigger is suitable) periodically to keep my foot in the door. Why couldn't this happen in october
  24. Well out on Friday with the ferrets what along day ! .Had to check out three new plantations that I cleared back in NOV. Owner thinks rabbits are still getting past the netting .So had a look but no signs of damage but he's the boss so spent best part of the day netting up for nowt .Lost me little lakey cross last year she was good company when out and about if she marked a set it was occupied if not we moved on saved a lot of time . Anyway did a couple of hedges ended up with 4 .plus two rats with the shovel would have been more if pip had been still with me. Cant get another terrier yet as just taken on a new gundog pup to try and train .But maybe in the future .