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  1. Adampie8432


    They should make belters mate. Atb Adam
  2. Adampie8432

    Help required

    Well done mate I bet the keepers one happy chappie now. Nice to also give the dogs legs a stretch out. Atb Adam
  3. Adampie8432

    Ferret Kits available soon. (3-4 weeks)

    Fair play to you mate that shows there is good men still in the game, I take my hat off too you. Atb Adam
  4. Adampie8432

    Ferret Kits available soon. (3-4 weeks)

    Love the look of them ferrets, looks like you've done a superb job raising them. Would love one just a shame your too far. I've had 2 phantoms this summer which is a damn shame, I could do with some young blood. Atb Adam
  5. Adampie8432


    Cheers mate. Ive never really measured my bitch mate but the dog is just under 21". Atb Adam
  6. Adampie8432


    Thanks mate. Atb adam
  7. Adampie8432


    Yes cheers mate hopefully, that's mostly what I do so that's the type of work they are being bred for. Thought give it a shot and see how they turn out. Atb Adam
  8. Adampie8432


    Thanks mate they should be handy. Atb Adam
  9. Adampie8432


    They both mine mate and my uncle wanted a pup out of them so it was nice and easy too do. No hassle and a little pup out of them will be perfect for him so no need to go down any other routes. Atb Adam
  10. Adampie8432


    Thanks mate, yes they should be little belters. I've bred this litter as my uncle wants to keep 1 back to bring on so I'll definitely keep you posted how it gets on. Atb Adam
  11. Adampie8432


    16th August mate. I had her scanned on Thursday, they said she's carrying a definite 8 but possibly more. Atb Adam
  12. Adampie8432


    Put my 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddie over my pure beddie bitch. Should make handy little ferreting, bushing and mooching dogs. Both dog and bitch are excellent workers. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Atb Adam
  13. Adampie8432

    Jill hormones

    My Jill had a phantom and she now does that too my other Jill, I just leave them on with it as it's not constant or hurting the other Jill in any way. She should come out of it soon enough. Are Adam
  14. Adampie8432

    Fleas & ticks.

    Any tips on how to get rid of the ticks lads? I've found a couple on my ferrets this year, strange as I've never had them on them before and they got shavings as bedding not straw. Atb Adam
  15. Adampie8432


    You won't go wrong with a 1st cross acd x greyhound if you can find one. Atb Adam