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  1. The bitch I got here is the grandmother of both your pups. Atb Adam
  2. Hi mate I know the sire of your pup well he's a very good dog. Who is the dam if you don't mind me asking? Thanks atb Adam
  3. Not a massive number but Dogs worked well. Atb Adam
  4. Well done Neil.. good bags there mate. I'm up Yorkshire for the weekend next weekend so hopefully I'll have similar numbers . Atb Adam
  5. I've had 2 acd x greyhounds and they both ate so fast it was like they was being starved. My bitch I have here now eats like she's never been fed in her life. Their very greedy eaters. Never met a breed like it for eating food so fast . Atb Adam
  6. Hi mate do you know anyone who has had one off him? I paid a deposit about 3 weeks ago and he keeps giving me bullshit. It be here by friday and all that crap. Last message I sent him on Instagram few days ago he hasn't opened. Starting too think the guys a rip off. Hope I'm wrong but it ain't looking good. Any info be great mate. Thanks atb Adam
  7. Is anyone still making these 2 piece screw on digging shovels lads? Atb Adam
  8. There's 2 pups of out of two small whippety type dogs on dogs for sale on here mate. Atb Adam
  9. Did you find a terrier pup for your cousin?

  10. My bitch came from Cumbria from RN. Atb Adam.
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