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  1. There's 2 pups of out of two small whippety type dogs on dogs for sale on here mate. Atb Adam
  2. Did you find a terrier pup for your cousin?

  3. My bitch came from Cumbria from RN. Atb Adam.
  4. Still for sale? Atb adam
  5. Noe their going too be some serious pups. I like that breeding alot. Atb Adam
  6. Any black eyed white kits about lads? South wales are I'm after a Jill kit. Cheers atb Adam
  7. Very good dog don. Good mate of mine SJ. Done a few seasons ferreting together. Lovely fella Atb Adam
  8. Yeah he'll have his fair chance mate I'm praying he does well because I've had him since 7 weeks and it's brutal when you form a bond and they don't make it after all that time ain't it ??. Atb Adam
  9. The acd x got alot more drive than the collie x in my opinion. Alot harder too train from a pup but the final outcome is alot better. But each too their own as they say. The bitch I got is as loyal as they come, gives everything every time and is hard as nails. Atb Adam
  10. She's a belter her mate very nice. I also have a acd x grey. 1st cross. Yes st dogs are outstanding mate fair play too him. Atb Adam
  11. Any micro litters in South wales area? Atb Adam
  12. Great honest answer mate. I've a collie greyhound here he's 2 year and 3 months now and I've only done rabbits with him as he's took a very long time too mature and tbh still very puppyish now on times. This coming season will be the tester for him. His dam is Hancock bred and sire is bred out of ST line bred collie greys. I'm sure he's from up north but not 100%. Luckily enough no injuries out of him yet ??. Atb Adam
  13. Belter him pal. Does he like the sharp end? Atb Adam
  14. She's got the good breeding behind her mate so fingers crossed for you. Atb Adam
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