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  1. Maybe find someone with a ferret and ask them could you have the dirty shavings when they clean it out. Put the bag in the loft open and hopefully the scent and smell of ferret will move them on. Atb Adam
  2. Cheers mate. Shes turning into a handy ferreting dog mate I'm well happy with her progress. Atb Adam
  3. Thanks mate shes coming along well. Atb Adam
  4. Cheers mate shes 2nd generation cattle dog greyhound. Atb Adam
  5. Thanks mate. Shes 2nd generation acd x greyhound. Atb Adam
  6. Go fetch 07855401102. Atb Adam
  7. Excellent day and very nice that blue and tan bitch mate. Atb Adam
  8. Some good pics mate with some good numbers. Atb adam
  9. If he doesn't I'll have it .. good thread this NL. Are them pics off fb? Atb Adam
  10. That's a belter phil, i love seeing pics of all your old acd lurchers mate. How did you find them against other quarry mate, pre ban. Atb Adam
  11. Thanks NL they both turned out nice. This is the best pic I've got of her mate. Atb Adam
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