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  1. My uncle got well bred beddie whippets there for sale. Both parents working. Based in south wales. Atb Adam
  2. Just spoke too beachy, your bang on mate. Atb Adam
  3. He was an impressive animal fair play mate. I'm sure he was lucas x princess like chavy said but I will double check for you. He's definitely right with the lucas part. Atb Adam
  4. He's well mate, still as nutty as ever mind . I've only just dropped him off we work together too. He's only got one coursing dog there at the moment. Atb Adam
  5. One of my best mates DB who owned the wolf dog. He was some dog and produced some outstanding pups too. Shame he had too get old. Hopefully the pups out of him will contuine too produce the goods. Atb Adam
  6. My mate who owns him only does rabbit mate but im sure he would do the rest. The line all through him all do. Atb adam
  7. He does look similar mate. Dillydog on here owns the acd x grey sire. Atb adam
  8. The itch is mate yes. The dog is acd x greyx collie x grey. Atb adam
  9. No problem at all mate and i wont be in it for money, just want a pup back myself. Soon as she she comes in season ill be going straight up steves. Atb adam
  10. She will tackle anything my bitch mate, we call her the croc. Should come hamdy pups. Atb adam
  11. This will be the mating. Atb adam
  12. My bitch is the dam of your bitches dam. So my bitch is your pups grandmother. Atb adam
  13. My bitch is an acd x grey. The sire is an acd x grey x collie x grey. Im hopeless with percentages mate lol. Hope that helps neil. Atb adam
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