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  1. Craig Fosse

    A Good Day!

    cheers guys , rusty is all but really enjoyed myself and it was 24 degrees so I cant complain!
  2. Craig Fosse

    A Good Day!

    Hello lads, Been a bit shy since the start if the year, my classic mini gearbox has decided to pack up so I have to get the engine out and rebuild it which I have been preparing for, I managed to get out today tho and god I had fun, the jersey royal season is well on its way and the pigeons are picking up the left over, shot 6 in all one of my biggest ever bags as pigeons over here arnt in the numbers like they are on the mainland, I only retrieved 4 as one flew off only to hear it fall out the bush 300m away off my persona and another I couldn't find. Although I think with my missed shots and branch hits I'd have been in double figures. I started out at half 3 and got in at 7 and I don't thing there was 5 minutes gone past where I didn't see a pigeon landing on a branch somewhere. All shot in a woodland apart from one which I took on the field, a nice spine shot. No pictures I'm afraid but my food sorted for my late shifts at work over the next few days. Btw my regged aas200 at 14lbs hits like a train now.
  3. Craig Fosse

    Incline Shooting (Cosmine) Riflemans Rule

    Haha maybe if I go to spec savers I might actually hit something Cheers mark I remember you replying to the same question I asked a year or so ago! Looks like it's shooting at trees and trying, But in sure if the COSINE rule is right my aim points will be what it is at that yards, Be interesting to see for sure
  4. Craig Fosse

    Incline Shooting (Cosmine) Riflemans Rule

    Perhaps it is I'm just going off the page I was looking at Any answers to the questions?
  5. Craig Fosse

    Incline Shooting (Cosmine) Riflemans Rule

    So a vertical pigeon up in the tree I would need to aim low as if it was an incline then? Haha can you tell its windy out here??, I just wanted to know if I was shooting at an incline with what it says here I do infact have to shoot at my 15 yard low point of aim., guess the only way I will true y know is by testing and I can't get out because the weather is crap! By the way in this by low I mean I have to apply hold over as the pellets are hitting low..
  6. hi guys, I finally got to zero my s200 in yesterday with the mtc mamba and the HUMA reg, with it now running nice at 14 ft/lbs, after a rusty start I started getting some really good groups within a 5p piece and worked out my aim points all the way from 15 yards to 50 yards, I have never shot out to 50 yards before with sub 12 because there has always been a lot of factors that could allow your shot to miss, especially with hunting and I personally don't like taking the risk, many shooters too who are probably far better shots than me. I recently looked into the "cosmine" rule when trying to work out my aim points for incline/ decline shooting. I used to in my naïve days take shots at trees and leaves, but especially with the FAC airgun now my fall of shot has to be more and more watched with a careful eye. anyway I found a useful site which explained with a simple sum of how you can work out roughly your incline shooting for 40 degrees up to 60., vertical as I now know does not have a trajectory path meaning you should be shooting in a straight line all the time (I think) http://www.backcountrymaven.com/journal/tag/the-improved-riflemans-method this was the site which made for an interesting read, basically if you multiply your yards by the degree number (pre worked out) you can find out the actual yards you would be shooting at. for example 50 yards at a 60 degree incline would be 50 x .500 = 25 yards. therefore what I got from this is that you would take your aim point on the flat for 25 yards and use this at your elevated 50 yard target and you should be bang on? so with this I came up and have made a table which shows my aim points...which will hopefully go to being taped to the inside of my scope cover and a bigger one to sit with me at the base of the hide Yards Elevated 40/60 * 15 – B/CR 12/8 (actual point of aim) 20- +.1 15/10 25-Zero 19/12 30-zero 22/15 35- -.1 26/18 40 – h/c 30/20 45 B/C 35/23 50 Gap 38/25 the B/c are bottom of cross and H/C half cross as I am shooting on an SCB 2 reticle. I am yet to put this into practice at incline shooting but I am hoping to soon, the one thing that I am wanting clarification on is, when I am shooting at 15 yards on flat my aim point is shooting low.... as the trajectory of the pellet is still rising. now if I take my table here an inclined shot of 20 yards at 40 * would be technically shooting at 15 yards(rounded off),...would this mean due to my current rifles zero at an elevated position of 20 yards I will be on my low 15 yard aim point?... I believe I do aim low, however books and theory in my head still thinks I should be aiming high. another question is, if there is a target directly above you is it true that there is no trajectory and you should just aim at the birds arse or should you aim low again?.... as you can probably the tell the wind and weather here is horrendous so im doing some investigating before a day out roost shooting on the pigeons..... Could you please refrain from asking me to check out chairgun, I don't really get on with it that well and have limited access thanks craig
  7. I think it depends on what you want the reg for, in my case it was to increase the shot string and not keep having to find the sweet spot on my s200
  8. This has now been resolved due to a dodgy chrono
  9. Craig Fosse

    Chairgun Mtc Mamba, Help

    thanks for the help guys I shall take a look at strelok, mister thanks for taking the time its a start anyway thanks!!
  10. Craig Fosse

    Welsh Willy Tune

    I had the unlikely event of my first rifle being an SMK, a gun owner did his whole car sales man thing on a young gun. Anyway after my mistake I found willy and he tuned it for me. Was credible for a while but smks are smks at the end if the day, his service and kit was great tho.
  11. Hi guys, It's really windy here at the moment and I have been setting my rifle up, as all of you lot use chairgun I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to help, Basically I'm looking at some thereabouts aim points for my new set up, I haven't zeroed but have found my scope height by firing into a block and measuring the distance. I'm trying to find a decent zero for my s200 (FAC). I normally shoot at about 7 mag but if someone could run me off some different aim points at different distances and mags it would be great, I just can't seem to get on with it, probably because I don't have access to a computer and the app isn't great. Anyway no worries if you can't but if you don't ask you dont get. Aa field .177 8.4 grain 868 fps (14.10 ft/lb) Scope height is about 47mm 1.85 inches (wasn't sure if you needed to zero first but I haven't) Wondering what best to zero at and preferably somewhere with no hold over only hold under. Thanks Craig
  12. Craig Fosse

    First Young One!!

    Is that because she is a better shot than you lol thats what iv been told any way :whistling: atvbmac :thumbs: your not half wrong mate, she gets out when she can now with me, she was popping strong mints at 35 yards the last time we were down, yet to be blooded but that wont be long!
  13. Craig Fosse

    Canada Geese

    had two grey lags the other week (shotty mind) on the local airfield, taste nice, onto the discussion, I would treat them a lot like pheasants, people dispatch them with sub twelve, but like everything you can get a lot of follow through and flight before actually realising they are dead, as for actually being powerful enough to kill, yes they are. But like everything its about how you go about doing it. They can be horrendous over here for the potatoes when the covering looks just like water and they sit on top, unfortunately they are illegal over here to shoot tho, apart from on the airfield or with a special licence from the environment (note:- im in jersey)