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  1. Mark_mjs93


    Seconded Jimmy. Yeah he's a proper character haha the lads all have an unspoken rule to leave a swim be if he's in it. Mostly cause if you don't he's likely to grief you all night haha
  2. Mark_mjs93


    As they dont know their arseholes from the elbows Jimmy Its no surprise they haven't a monkeys on guns. This is no different to the trophy hunting debate that's ongoing. The media are running in their direction with it and making us honest, responsible shooters look like idiots. Absolute Nightmare but the heat will die down in 6 months as usual. Long and short is the RSPCA are pushing their agenda on this rather than acknowledging that this is some utter prat who is no friend to the majority of the shooting community. Personally I love swans... Have a proper lairy one at my local club lake, thing will storm into your swim like he owns the place, turn over buckets and s**t in your bivvy then storm off to do it to someone else, but he's part of the club now and we wouldn't do without him. Surprised he's not mentioned by name in the club book yet.
  3. Mark_mjs93

    Swan attack - another muppet

    Exactly this. Complete idiots.
  4. Mark_mjs93

    Swan attack - another muppet

    Exactly this. Complete idiots.
  5. Mark_mjs93

    Swan attack - another muppet

    Seen this plastered all over the news at the moment. A lot of places touting it as an airgun attack. No way in hell its an airgun with the amount of shot in the things! Frustrating to see the misinformation being put out but no surprise really. Can't get me head round why some muppet would shoot em anyway! Not to mention dump them in the way they have for people to find, it's just fuel for antis! Makes us all look bad and in the current climate as well. With the publicity this is getting... We will see airgun licensing sooner rather than later. Utter Twats. Rant over... Smithy
  6. Mark_mjs93

    Hull Comp X 21g

    Cheers Phil, I'll give em a look
  7. Mark_mjs93

    Mexican Seafood

    Limpets you would be better off prying off the rocks with a knife just after the tide goes out. Shooting them... There will be bugger all left and you will. Just blunt the crap out of any speargun you used. Generally, molluscs like scallops, oysters etc aren't shot, they are hand dived on breath hold. You can spear lobsters and crabs but don't know what local byelaws are like and I'd be careful as the Mexicans And South Americans have some Strict laws around this sort of thing. Plenty of fish can be speared but usually it has to be done on breath hold and there are a load of different spear types, pole, elastic, pneumatic etc. Depends what you can shoot, want to shoot and also your ability. But limpets.. A knife to pry them of rocks.
  8. Mark_mjs93

    Hull Comp X 21g

    All noted. I don't leave cartridge cases everywhere when I'm out this one was a bit of a cock up on my behalf and it was gone before I could do much. I hate the messy gits that leave cartridge cases all over the clay grounds when they provide bins!
  9. Mark_mjs93

    Rain and smoke

    As an addition to dekers point, I have never used a range finder but found myself in a similarish position last few times I got out shooting. I found my estimate of range at night was shocking, so bad I was shooting short of everything i add at as I found it hard to judge the distance in the dark. What I chose to do was visit in daylight and pace out some landmarks. I knew roughly where I'd be shooting from which directions so I paced out landmarks that would be visible even at night and threw NV. A gap I. The hedge row... Fence posts along one side of the field... A weird shaped tree... At the time I even paced some tractor tyre imprints that ran through the field. Went back that night and everything was WAYYY easier. I had all the numbers in my head so I knew what would be safe and clean and what was out of range. I shoot sub 12 too and this helped a lot. Also gave me a better understanding of the land so if I was out of range I knew where was best to take the shot from and the route to it etc. I mean... I guess the other option is a tape measure but they might not sit still while you measure them out...
  10. Mark_mjs93

    Hull Comp X 21g

    Confirms what I've already been told then. Got about 100 gamebore blue diamond I can stick through it to see. Fingers crossed
  11. Mark_mjs93

    Hull Comp X 21g

    Evening all, As you know I got my cert last week, promptly brought an o/u and since then I've practically lived at the clay ground. Ive come up against a bit of a weird one, I've been shooting Hill Comp X 21g cartridges, started with fibre and then tried plastic (getting a feel, ya know) and I've had a number of misfires. By a number I mean a crap load, like, out of 400 carts through the gun I've probably had 100 that have had to be shot a second time in order to actually fire, one of these took 3 times through the gun before I decided to call it quits... However I got a bit over zealous opening the gun and the ejectors sent it deep into a hedge row never to be seen again. I thought to start with it might be my shooting technique as I'm still new and learning. It was relatively consistent in that it was the top barrel misfiring but these weren't typical light strikes, they came out looking like a normal strike after the first shot and the second shot always fired em but with that said I've had it happening with both barrels and with no consistency as to when it happens. I'll put 20 rounds through fine then the gun warms up and I'll start getting random cartridge misfires. I took it into the gunsmith at the shop I brought it from and had a chat and he showed me a cartridge some bloke had taken in that morning with the same problem. Same cartridge as me, not a light strike but no fire. He reckons it could be a duff batch of primers, we took the gun out back and he put about 40 cartridges through it in about a minute, mixed brands etc and not a single issue. He said to try the rest out and save any that don't fire on the first strike and take them back in as it could be a batch fault. Is this normal? Is it the gun or is it more likely to be the cartridge? Having seen the same cartridge fired from a different gun in the same say have the same issue I want to hope it is? Just makes me a bit edgy when I pull the trigger and get nothing but a click.... Regards Smithy
  12. Mark_mjs93

    John Wilson

    A real loss to the sport personally never thought much of him but respected him as an angler. One the best rods I ever owned was a John Wilson Avon Quiver.
  13. Mark_mjs93

    EOS R, full frame mirrorless

    Oh! This I didn't know! I thought it was. Only aftermarket adapters! See, now that changes things. The question I have, Im a huge fan of that satisfying clack you get with a DSLR having shot with a Canon 70D and 5D for a good few years now. Did you feel it a bit alien to go over to a mirrorless? and in terms of the mirrorless configuration I assume it shoots quieter? I love the colours in your shots though! Are you touching them up in lightroom in post or are these raw shots?
  14. Mark_mjs93

    Santa came!

    Will do deker, it was a new one on me too, never heard of them as a brand before. I think it's also sold as the akkar double crown 206. Took it out today on the clays, shoots well and had no issues with it, trigger break is nice and the ejectors have quite the kick to them. Safety is a bit stiff (not that that's necessarily a bad thing) but I reckon once its had a bit of exercise it'll ease up a touch. Akkar make that monstrous triple barrel shottie most people have seen in the RFDs, called the triple crown, like a side by side with another barrel on top. From what I can gather they have a good following in oz and the USA.
  15. Mark_mjs93

    EOS R, full frame mirrorless

    I love the idea of the eos R, lovely cameras but it frustrates me that they have created a new mount for lenses. I know you can get adapters but still, id have preferred native compatability with the EF range of lenses.