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  1. Mark_mjs93

    Catch a bullshitter

    .45 Calibre that. Hell of a gun though! The "pellets" you use in them are closer to shotgun slugs than conventional airgun pellets. Watched a video by a guy on youtube shooting one and it was mental, serious range but he was having to shoot it straight off the bottle. Should think the air it uses up is insane.
  2. Mark_mjs93

    Two in the bag

    I agree. The fact it’s not dark till 10ish is my main difficulty. The place I shoot is mostly grazing land so while there is a bit of brush Around the edges, for the most part it’s quite easy shooting (Just have to mind you don’t lay in the cow pats )
  3. Mark_mjs93

    Two in the bag

    Thanks fella. Took some effort haha.
  4. Mark_mjs93

    Two in the bag

    Evening all, it’s been a while. What with work and life I just haven’t had the time to get out and do any shooting whatsoever. I’ve also been focusing a fair bit on my fishing in recent weeks so I’ve been putting the hours in on my local club waters. Tonight however, I finished work and realised that I actually had no plans. I’m working nights tomorrow night so it was the perfect chance to get out for a good few hours and try my luck. I was out for about 5 hours and it was great to just get out for a few hours. I got to the farm about 8ish so it was still plenty light. I had a wander with the rifle to no avail but the exercise was appreciated. As the light faded I headed back to the car to switch over to NV. I headed back out and got set up in a field that is normally good to see a bunny or two mooching. I sat waiting for the light to fade out completely and as it did they did start to come out. Unfortunately most were out of my range. I stalked a couple but these didn’t turn into anything and I ended up laying next to hedgerow to watch for an unfortunate rabbit popping out of the burrow. After a short while an eye appeared in the grass and began to come my way. I readied myself to take the first rabbit of the evening when suddenly it came into full sight and I realised it was a scraggy looking fox with apparently 1 eye. It got within a few feet and then suddenly realised that I was incredibly big for a rabbit and the gun I was holding was also not very rabbit-like. So he bolted. Unsurprisingly. The night went on and as I was getting despondent and ready to go I came across a good few rabbits lined up and munching along a hedgerow. I got down and lined up a shot. I pulled the trigger and watched the shot sail between the ears of a mighty lucky rabbit. However he didn’t seem to even realise so with a quick cycle of the bolt I sent another .22 Falcon accuracy Plus. This one found it’s way home and... I lost sight of it. I spent the next 20 minutes desperately searching the hedgerow. Only to find the rabbit had dropped on the spot and rolled behind a thistle. After taking a moment to pick up my dignity I was happy to count one in the bag. After a while out of things and a very long dry spell before that it was nice to finally see some success. I hung around for another but no luck. Then as I was heading back to the car I heard a rustle coming from the orchard but it was loud so I thought it may be a fox again. Nope. A nice big rabbit hopped out of the grass into the open. In a swift motion I took the shot off the knee at 30 yards and he too dropped on the spot. Once at home i checked both rabbits for shot placement and couldn’t have been happier, perfect shot right behind the eye on both! The first one was a youngster which wasnt the plan but it happens. I wont mention the shambolic gutting attempt in the field. I have never actually gutted a rabbit. I know how but damn it’s not to easy with a dull leatherman all in In all I had a blast. I’m now absolutely knackered but two in the freezer and a smile on my face! What more can you ask for.
  5. Mark_mjs93

    It's giving me arm ache

    nice one, sounds good to me. I have been meaning to put the battery pack together and I think you are right, it's quite front heavy to say the least. I definitely think a better balance on it could help. Bull pup is definitely a route i'm considering, although I'm tempted to wait till I get a FAC and go the FAC route on a bull pup. I'm not sure though, it's a tough one. I am definitely a sufferer of the fatal Noodle arm epidemic. I will get the weights out and get to work
  6. Alright you lot, before you get your dirty joke books out, I mean my rifle! Honestly, I don't know if it's cause I work a soft hand office job that's made me weak, Or if it's just because the flippin' thing is just to damn heavy, but I just cannot seem to shoulder my rifle for any length of time without knackering my arms and shoulders. according to specs it's 8.8lb unscoped which seems about right. However it definitely seems that once i've got my NV on top and my IR torch and what not, the thing could happily be used as an anchor for an aircraft carrier. I'm looking into getting a new rifle but ideally something with a synth stock to reduce the overall weight. It will be my dedicated NV rifle set up but I was hoping for some opinions. At the moment i'm considering the BSA r10, the HW100 t or the BSA Ultra SE. As I say, it will mostly be a dedicated night rifle so if you have any other suggestions they would be appreciated. Cheers. ATB Smithy
  7. Mark_mjs93

    Favourite TV shows and Films?

    Come on then, let's here 'em. Favourite TV series and Films and why? I have worked on several films myself and I have a great love for both film and television. It will never beat the thrill of getting on in field but I love film and television. For me. Films: Saving Private Ryan - Just a fantastically shot film, the little factors that make it unique like the use of amputees for realism and the stripping of camera lenses to give the gritty feel 50 cups of coffee (Short film) - a very well shot story in a very limited set/ location The perks of being a wallflower. - I have a great love of film that characterises Mental health so well and the scene where we witness the lead character's mental breakdown is so fantastically characterised and shot that it really has to be in my top 10. Cabin in the woods - A generally brilliant comedy/horror/thriller/scifi film that addresses so many codes and conventions of modern horror films whilst staying relevant. Plus a brilliant and believable cameo from Sigourney Weaver for those conspiracy fans out there TV Series: Peaky Blinders - Constant references to the BSA factory and brilliant attention to detail in the mise en scene. Black Mirror - A brilliant mind game of a series. Don't have to watch it in order for it to make sense and the series addresses a lot of serious modern issues including the *ahem* PM pig scandal and also various other interesting storylines that would appeal to many. I would HIGHLY recommend "White Bear" to you guys, I reckon you will all like that one! I have so many others and I actually qualified in this field, but I like to hear what everyone else likes and why. So have at it.
  8. Mark_mjs93


    Very nice, I’ve got the pulsar nv550 on my RWS and I love it, can’t justify the expenditure on a thermal just yet but good bits of kit!
  9. Mark_mjs93

    need help

    Good advice. Good hard high pressure burst of air if the gun is completely empty. If the air is coming out through the barrel your breach seal could have gone. Could be a real pain to sort so might be worth dropping into a gunsmith. Jon’s given some sound advice, cock it before charging it if its completely empty. That should help it.
  10. Mark_mjs93


    Good shooting dude! Must be healthy perms with bags like that! Is that a thermal or NV on top?
  11. Mark_mjs93

    You know it’s been too long when...

    Yeah I can understand that, I do have the time for ferrets it's more that I have booked myself solid with stuff at the moment.
  12. Mark_mjs93

    You know it’s been too long when...

    Can’t argue with you there si. It’d be nice to have a chance though haha. Been trying to convince the Mrs to let me get some ferrets this year... she’s not having it though haha.
  13. The pigeons start coming to you!! Ive only managed to scratch the itch with an hours plinking, in the garden yesterday morning, recently. It’s been driving me mad, decided to gut the workshop this week to put up some new shelves and I ended up laying a new floor in the thing. Whilst standing mixing up a batch of concrete 2 woodies came and landed on the fence. Whilst 2 more stared at me from my roof. I thought of getting the rifle and then thought bugger it, if they feel that sorry for me that the’ve come to find me they can live, I don’t want their pity! all in all all though I had some fun plinking and got the rifle all sight in for the lighter nights with serious hopes I will soon be able to make some use of it. All shot at 18m with FAPs in .22 from prone of the bipod. Each grouping is 8 shots. Room for improvement but I’m already happier with my groups than I have been. Atb smithy
  14. Mark_mjs93


    I'll grab me coat.... It's been good gents. I'll be in my bunker
  15. Mark_mjs93


    https://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/ Just going to leave this here incase anyone wants to have a play... haha