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  1. thanks paulus will send them an email
  2. haven't seen grey but advanced netting does green in 0.75.
  3. does anyone know of any company selling 0.25mm braided nylon in the uk
  4. Thank you for posting ,that was very helpful and informative.
  5. blackthorn and sweet chestnut usually have nice colour and grain.
  6. Made a catapult from an oak blank that got a crack after a few months, snapped it easily, so stick to a natural now.
  7. Loins and legs poached in cider with garlic and rosemary ,sage or thyme for 3/4 to 1hr till tender then breadcrumbed and fried till golden is delicous. Maybe best not to use a tough old male !
  8. I used to own a whippet that though tough was no way near as tough as any working terrier I know of and although steady with ferret when a male mink bit her she killed it as easy as a rat. This was preban and mink may have got harder. Never seen a working 10lb terrier but the slightly heavier terriers that I have seen kill mink did not struggle. Maybe its a 10lb terrier thing.
  9. I've used a lurcher with long net and she consistently found a couple more that were sitting tight, however she was a pain to start with but that was my fault as I wasn't sure how to train her for the job . Much more fun with a dog and they teach you so much.
  10. Into lurchers ,been lucky enough to have had a couple of really good ones over the years a gsd x greyhound and a bull/grey x bedlington/grey ,both totally different, both taught me a lot. haven't got one at the moment but will get another potfiller.
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