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  1. They look happy there mate my little lad loves getting out with the dogs always has, loves his PS4 but would rather be out mooching about
  2. Can’t be true I get ex barn hens ( warrens ) out of the 16 I got last year about 5 went broody
  3. Got this dog at 10 months was told he is a collie bull greyhound but who knows might not be, he’s coming along nicely just turned 17 months
  4. monkey


    Nice chunky pups them
  5. I know someone that has some but I’m in Doncaster
  6. I went to robert meek with my Lurcher he told me the stifle was f****d I took it to a vet to have done turned out that the stifle was fine it had dislocated its hip
  7. Where’s he from mate ? Iv be sending some recently you can buy polystyrene boxes off eBay especially for posting them
  8. Same here I’m in Doncaster and the last one went over 2 minutes ago
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