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  1. No he does it all, think that’s showing you a bit about them
  2. It’s just someone that’s copied the old mk1 box and collar he’s been making them a while now
  3. Have you had any experience with his nets
  4. No joy mate ,don’t think he wants to sell them lol
  5. Thanks Much appreciated , been told that from a few people
  6. I’m not on Facebook so tried to ring him and sent a text message hopefully I get a reply to the text message
  7. Have you used them before? It’s been said on here before rabbits bounce out of his nets
  8. Is anyone in contact with Les as I’m wanting to buy some quick set long nets , the number on Facebook is switched off and iv had no reply to any messages Iv sent him thanks
  9. Not sure , until till it’s fully in season again I won’t be pairing mine again this year
  10. I have one that’s done the same it but hasn’t got any bigger still looks like it could have them anytime, it started to come back in season a couple of days ago
  11. I had one that was broken I sent it off to deben and they gave me a new one half price
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