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  1. Drontal wormers 1 per 10kg £1 each can’t seem to get the add up in the for sale section so if needs be will one of the mods put it in the right place please
  2. I’m not mate but thanks anyway
  3. Any one want any loxicom, noroclav , advocate or drontal wormers message me
  4. Can get advocate xl £8 each if anyone wants any and yes they are real, drontal wormers £10 for 10 not copies
  5. Ferret finder wanted View Advert Mk3 or mk1 with collars if anyone has any going message me with a price Advertiser monkey Date 29/11/20 Price £120.00 Category Ferreting Equipment  
  6. A mate of mine has just sent some to America I can get the details if you still needing mate
  7. View Advert Hoggs of fife jacket Hoggs Glenmore Waterpoof Jacket size large new with tags £75 posted Advertiser monkey Date 17/10/20 Price £75.00 Category Clothing and Footwear  
  8. They look happy there mate my little lad loves getting out with the dogs always has, loves his PS4 but would rather be out mooching about
  9. Can’t be true I get ex barn hens ( warrens ) out of the 16 I got last year about 5 went broody
  10. Got this dog at 10 months was told he is a collie bull greyhound but who knows might not be, he’s coming along nicely just turned 17 months
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