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  1. I rang them earlier today they did say they have stopped repairing them now
  2. Does anyone know of anyone that can repair the mk3 ferret finder, iv got a couple that are reading the wrong depth
  3. If this skin glue doesn’t turn up tomorrow I’ll put some super glue on it but I found in the past it only lasts a couple of days and comes open again
  4. Iv got some skin glue coming tomorrow was going to clean it again and dry it and glue it
  5. What’s the best treatment for a cut pad ? Iv cleaned it out soon as it happened there’s a bit of a flap looks like it will take a while to heal would gluing it be a good idea or not ?
  6. I messaged the guy that makes these a while ago asking if he could make 15ft boxes he said everyone is wanting 8ft boxes , can’t see it my self
  7. Someone has been selling them on eBay £240 delivered
  8. Was thinking that when I seen it
  9. Been catching a few rats in the fenn traps recently had one that was blind in both eyes and some really big ones must be all the layers pellets there eating
  10. I’ve been using a spade I bought from a army store for the last 20 years it’s starting to bend a bit now so on the look out for a new one , what spade is everyone using?
  11. No he does it all, think that’s showing you a bit about them
  12. It’s just someone that’s copied the old mk1 box and collar he’s been making them a while now
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