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  1. There’s someone on eBay that does it he’s in Russia I sent 4 over to be repaired all came back working think it was about £80 each
  2. That’s maybe due to the eBay rules mate iv give my number out before and was threatened with months ban will be the same for give addresses out
  3. And Cyprus no need for a negative test either
  4. She’s will be 4 this year, she’s always carry’s a lot of weight so don’t think its that Aussie Whip
  5. I was hoping to breed my best jill this year as she’s getting on a bit now , I tried last year but she had a phantom pregnancy and she’s still not come in season yet is there still time or could that be it now ?
  6. What about this then I took in a Ukrainian refugee to live with my wife and me... then ran off with her after ten days. We're in love WWW.THESUN.CO.UK A DAD of two has run off with a Ukrainian refugee just ten days after he and his partner welcomed her...
  7. If you message Nelson now you might just get a reply for the start of next season
  8. I rang them earlier today they did say they have stopped repairing them now
  9. Does anyone know of anyone that can repair the mk3 ferret finder, iv got a couple that are reading the wrong depth
  10. If this skin glue doesn’t turn up tomorrow I’ll put some super glue on it but I found in the past it only lasts a couple of days and comes open again
  11. Iv got some skin glue coming tomorrow was going to clean it again and dry it and glue it
  12. What’s the best treatment for a cut pad ? Iv cleaned it out soon as it happened there’s a bit of a flap looks like it will take a while to heal would gluing it be a good idea or not ?
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