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  1. I was emotionally touched yesterday, I saw a homeless man sitting in the shop doorway. I had a couple of quid so I went over to read his placard. It said "One day you could be in my position" So I thought hey he could be right. I put my money back in my pocket and fkked off.
  2. It’s been suggested before when poor old wolfie was posting lol
  3. Wasn’t there uk tv program on them where they found an african grey parrot skull by an urban peregrines nest /roost .
  4. @South hams hunter this one was funny as well lol
  5. I was sound asleep after watching couple episodes of big bang theory in bed next day my fb feed was purple entire day .
  6. Yes I would sooner buy that than cobble something together that would probably break and resulting in me punching myself lol
  7. Watched a few vids on YouTube of shooting then and converting a slingshot into one , googled whisker biscuits and that’s as far as I got to making one . Lol
  8. Joking aside went to subway last Friday first time in ages £11.11 for a footlong meal deal safe to say be long time before I go back again .
  9. BBC news saying girls been arrested for it ?
  10. Local paper reported a dog has been killed by a xl bully type .
  11. I’ve forgotten loads as been 5 years since I had mine but I knew fresh chicken manure scorched plants but didn’t know other animals would , I assumed it would just make the weeds grow like hell, I always put mine on the ground over winter then dug it at spring but I’m sure when planting seed potatoes I put well rotted horse manure in the trench ?? I knew onions would keep fly off carrot if sown alongside them think marigolds I put along side salad greens and nasturtium would be along bottom of my plot where the fence line bordered the track as it was stonier there I didn’t grow much plus
  12. Oh yes but it used to be same here years ago couple of dogs do something an have a certain trait and the whole breed stereotypically gets labelled the same .
  13. Nice to hear from you again sb @Aussie Whip I remember reading an nz pig hunting book and they deemed the breed as a bit of sheep muncher ? shame really as they can be switched on loyal dogs .
  14. Didn’t think of that I assumed it was lesbian couple ?lol
  15. This popped up on my fb feed so not only are the parents gay /lesbian they have to be black as well
  16. 2 in Weymouth /portland been following an trying to film girls and women and another on Portland . And a barge resident was trying to steal out the food bank donation Trolley in Portland Lidl .
  17. It’s finding the quiet spots now to many people with a camera phone or a go pro
  18. Yes I went to the public consultation meeting for the Forest of Dean pinemartins it was at Chepstow I was still living in Monmouthshire then . They admitted they had some in pens so it was pretty forgone conclusion they was going to be let out. think the wildcats will be next big thing .
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