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  1. Don’t take that as gospel my labradoodle shedding loads in fact if you take all the attributes that was supposed to be good from the crossbreeds it was the complete opposite !! shedded like a twat wasnt people friendly hated the rain /water /wouldn’t even walk through a puddle ! wasnt interested in retrieving either. Out of interest why haven’t you considered a whippet ??
  2. Missing a trick there I’m sure you could supply him one
  3. Friend of mines got a cockerpoo she’s into running and long walks it seems a nice companion for her . some seem fine though I don’t tend to see them off lead ?? I wouldn’t have another poodle blooded dog
  4. You get different sized labradoodles as you can get them crossed with standard poodles and then miniatures etc most cockerpoos I’ve seen have been same sort of height . As it’s mainly miniature poodles used ?
  5. Dorset illegal puppy farmers ordered to pay £150,000 WWW.GOOGLE.CO.UK The pair were given three months to pay back their profits or face a possible jail sentence. bit more info on here assume they were on Facebook .
  6. Looks nice turtle doves are on my bucket list to see unfortunately they say they are nearly gone due to being shot on migration ?
  7. I know there a few on here into their guard dogs https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/23557461.illegal-puppy-farm-owner-faces-jail-not-paying-150k/#gallery1
  8. Question is newkid Did you look good on the dance floor. ?
  9. You should of met the small 3/4 poodle 1/4 lab I had , it came from a licensed welsh kennel that bred that type most were selling fur over a grand back 10 years ago , it had slightly undershot jaw and the owners was closing the business .so the dog was reduced in price . The dog had no encouragement from me but would regularly raise its lip and give a growl to door knockers and various people met whilst walking . It was very protective of me . when I grew up in Dorset in 70-80s it was collies and jack Russell’s that was most common to nip you .labs were very calm .
  10. Salted caramel cookie dough cheesecake
  11. Knepp rewilding leave their stock out all year round I think ??Tamworth x pigs longhorn cattle ,native ponies etc I think some of it is to do with churning the pasture up when it’s wet , obviously if you have low head of livestock in decent acreage you can get away with it .
  12. Just the one pint was it ?
  13. This place is in Easton opposite hmp Portland which used to be young offenders prison it’s the old prison officers social club type place . No prisoners are working here The pics I put up previously of portland port are from the jailhouse cafe which is in Verne prison grounds (where glitter was to) And does get staffed by prisoners I think , I think it’s the same people running both ? P
  14. New jailhouse diner hmp Portland
  15. An those stupid little dealer bags that can carry fcuk all !!
  16. Last words was watch this lads
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