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  1. Socks ? Thought he been a mod before ?
  2. Before you go you need to know something I love you
  3. Yeah was cracking sunset in Dorset as well
  4. Wiltshire game want £107 for whole roe on their website .
  5. Probably when you decide to write off the net
  6. Must admit not something I would ever do but had a few books on the subject always interesting read , along with puntgunning and the decoy dogs and the traps ?
  7. Plastic pop bottles were good just cut the neck off it and put it on backwards couple of holes for water flow an string as a handle
  8. Yeah think it’s risk of wandering off into the conservation area or out into the road ?
  9. Rewilding Coombeshead | Where nature sets it's own course... REWILDINGCOOMBESHEAD.CO.UK
  10. I think they are building numbers up for releases but from what I can vaguely remember the plan has just stalled ? Something to do with the people in Scotland ?? Also I don’t think they can import any fresh bloodline in from Europe due to us leaving the eu so much red tape ? it was interesting there they had 2 sites one near the farm/water vole breeding centre they had couple wild boar there one with a litter, primitive horses ,sika in a penned field and 3 neutered rescued lynx . up the road was the glamping site with another parcel of land that had 3 ? bison , primitive shee
  11. Pretty sure derek gow is the fella who owns the rewilding place /glamping site I stayed at in summer . They had wildcats in breeding pens there
  12. Couldnt finish the chips or the toast .
  13. I wouldn’t even pay £12 for a sack of spuds let alone a jacket one
  14. Uproar after village's Aladdin panto cancelled over "cultural insensitivities" WWW.DORSETECHO.CO.UK Organisers said altering the script to avoid offence was 'not in keeping with the tradition of pantomime'.
  15. Bloody hell been to work for a day an missed the changing of the guard
  16. Maybe that’s why there’s none found it’s not fake their real cat skins
  17. Didn’t bosun11 have a busher bred like that? thought I vaguely remember a black n tan animal on here that was a mix of bull and cocker ? Might of had terrier as well in it ?
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