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    Ferreting to purse nets long nets and to shotguns
    Lamping with the .22 rimfire and the FAC airarms S410 air rifle also like pigeon shooting wildfowling and a bit of ratting when possible also like fishing

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  1. Have used both but prefer the MK3 each to their own
  2. So sorry to hear that you are another victim of the low life scum that we have to share a world with these days. Whoever it is obviously knows you or knows of you which makes it even worse they have no feeling or Conscience so it’s no good trying to appeal to it. We had a load of ferreting gear stollen years ago and since then have never kept it outside in sheds outhouses again. I’d like to say hope you get it back but the police are about as much use as an ash tray on a motorbike, keep your eyes online cos these low life’s are not only vermin they are normally a bit thick so they may just try
  3. Absolutely not you can never handle ferrets to much the more the better ours are constantly handled and they work great
  4. Totally agree a decent sized Jill takes some beating
  5. Hi Phil yeah I try to only give em a run out when it’s dry but I still hang um up at the end of the day anyway, we did a couple of warrens a few years ago that was under a load of bramble that the farmer had mowed down for us we tried a nylon longnet!! What a mistake took about a week to get all the crap out of it, yet micks hemp longnets did pick up a bit of crap but only a small fraction on what the nylon one did, things have moved on a lot in the 44yrs iv been ferreting most for the better but not all. Look after yourself
  6. We have quite a few long nets trammel nets and stop nets of all different sizes but the 2 I love to dig out now and again are two 25yd traditional hemp long nets that I bought off the late mick mansbridge many years ago they are still are as the day I bought em, they don’t tend to pick up as much crap off the ground as the nylon ones and they catch great, I know hemp is out of trend now but sometimes it’s good to revisit the past!!
  7. Spot on socks what this trend with micro ferrets is beyond me
  8. Yeah like the government have got nothing better to do than spy on 70 million people they can’t even watch the English Channel properly
  9. That is early very for myxi it’s spread by fleas and fleas are normally dormant this time of year. Regards the golf course they will soon get back to yer when the rabbits start digging up the fairways and putting greens, we have 4 golf courses as part of permissions and they have only got to see 3 currants of rabbit poop and they are on the phone saying they are overrun with them lol
  10. They look a trio of trouble lol Our team of 12 has taken us a few years of trying to breed the best to the best with gamekeeper friends of ours to get the best workers best to best doesn’t always mean you’ll get the best but having good bloodlines gives you a better chance than breeding crap to more crap. Hope these turn out good workers for you!!!
  11. They are brilliant well done! The toad one and the boxing hares are my favourite
  12. Yeah will do I used to have his number but I deleted it somehow bloody technology lol. I had a big ferreting job for him if he wanted it as iv not got time but I had to give it to someone else now as the land owner was going a bit loopy about all the rabbits eating her farm
  13. We keep a couple in the 4x4 handy things to have at hand
  14. Well done nice to see the young lad enjoying himself. Lovely dog too
  15. Some nice pictures there mate also love the artificial grass in the ferret run
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