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    Ferreting to purse nets long nets and to shotguns
    Lamping with the .22 rimfire and the FAC airarms S410 air rifle also like pigeon shooting wildfowling and a bit of ratting when possible also like fishing

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  1. max abell

    Small cartridge bag

    Thanks so much for the kind offer pm sent The grandson will be chuffed as meatballs walking round like john wayne
  2. Thanks so much for the kind offer pm sent. The grandson will be chuffed as meatballs now. And walking round like john Wayne 

  3. Been looking for a small cartridge bag for my grandson to use with his o/u 410 Iv got loads decent good quality biggish bags but they are far to big and look a bit daft on the grandson with a couple of boxes of 410 cartridges in. Iv hunted everywhere to find a small bag with no success I would rather a bag than a cartridge belt and I don't really want him carrying cartridges in his pockets. Anyone any ideas where I can but a small bag??? Thanks
  4. max abell

    Awesome day out

    Jesus You got this LITTLE fella a couple of weeks ago how big is one of the BIG fellas then?? Great pics on the ferreting by the way mate!!
  5. max abell

    A Ferrets Value ?

    As people have said any ferret will work but when you come across them hard to find excellent working strains they are like gold dust. Iv had hundreds of ferrets over many years and proberbly 10 stick in my mind as exceptional these have long gone to that big warren in the sky of old age. Would I pay £50 each to have these workers back?? Bloody sure I would with no hesitation.
  6. max abell

    Pipe/Ducting for Ferret Run

    As said Iv got a quite a big ferret court with loads of various colour pipes and never paid a penny for it. Got most of it from asking at building sites and looking in skips etc. The colour varies but black yellow and orange seem to be the most common
  7. max abell


    I have now taken the grandson to the local club and the kid has given the kofs 410 a good go at clays used 3" no 8s. I had a few shots myself and Iv got to admit I'm very impressed by the handling and quality of this budget priced kofs it shoots lovely. Iv got a 20 bore Beretta silver pigeon and I hate to admit it but this kofs handled and came up to eye equally as good. We will have to see how a few winters in the field has any effect on the build quality of the kofs. But as it stands I like the little kofs 410 a lot
  8. max abell


    Iv got fixed and multi choke guns and always use 1/4 and 1/2 choke in all the multi choke ones and my fixed choke ones are as above. I think the single webley bolt action 410 is fixed full choke. Use 6 and 5 shot for most quarry this combo has done me ok for 40 odd years of shooting
  9. max abell


    Thanks for the reply Delswal
  10. max abell


    Thanks for the info pledgy
  11. max abell


    Just bought a o/u 410 kofs for the grandson anybody had any dealing with the kofs shotguns? Was told they are the best reasonable priced thing since sliced bread by the dealer but then he would say that. It seems fine just wondered anyone got any opinions on kofs??
  12. max abell

    Stumpy's first day

    Yeah as vin said the videos are always great to watch keep em coming
  13. max abell

    An hour out with the family

    Nice post mate glad your girls enjoyed it. I took my niece ferreting when she was about 10 she's now 30 got 2 girls of her own still ferrets with us and got her own pest control business so she was well and truly hooked after that 1st ferreting trip maybe one of yer girls will be a permanent ferreting partner
  14. max abell

    Sub zero ferrets

    Yeah true mate the heat will do em a lot more harm than the cold ever will a good dry draft proof cage or court with plenty of bedding they will be fine
  15. Nice one well done mate