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    Ferreting to purse nets long nets and to shotguns
    Lamping with the .22 rimfire and the FAC airarms S410 air rifle also like pigeon shooting wildfowling and a bit of ratting when possible also like fishing

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  1. What’s the preferred mesh size on your longnets?? Some prefer 2 and eighth others 2 and quarter
  2. It took us years to get all the permissions we have got and we are lucky enough to have thousands of acres of land to hunt and shoot rabbits among other things. we got them from good word of mouth and building up a trust with the landowners this doesn’t happen overnight it takes a long time, so like me the members are not just goi g to give their permissions away to others like yourself. As you say your a beginner it would be better for you to see if a local ferreted to you will let you tag on with them for a couple of trips to learn the ropes, then start knocking some doors ie farms, horse st
  3. I only use poly these days but 10z nylon are a good net as well 4z nylon bloody awful things
  4. We are lucky enough to have thousands of acres of permissions from big shooting estates to cricket grounds horse liverys and a lot of national trust land but it didn't happen over night it took years of gaining land owners trust and by word of mouth. I also have few mates that are gamekeepers on big estates that give me all the rabbiting I'll ever need but as said it's about doing a good job and more importantly trust. You get a lot of people that get a bit of permission and are asked not to do a certain thing i.e. Leave the hares alone etc but as soon as the landowners back is turned they are
  5. I normally keep about 10 to 12 ferrets in a big court they are all reasonably good workers some better than others but 5 of them are exceptionaly good workers these Kitts mum a silver and my gamekeeper mates sandy hob are 2 great workers. We Always breed best to best and try and keep a good bloodline but as anyone knows it's not always a guarantee. Have had some good uns over the 40yrs ferreting but had my fair share of not so good uns as well. If I could bring some of my best ever workers back from that big rabbit warren in the sky I'd be a very happy man. I'm sure we all have certain ferret
  6. Forgot to mention I'm from Brighton East Sussex
  7. I have one polecat hob and one silver hob nearly 9 weeks old handled from birth very friendly and from good working stock free to good home only
  8. Thanks so much for the kind offer pm sent The grandson will be chuffed as meatballs walking round like john wayne
  9. Thanks so much for the kind offer pm sent. The grandson will be chuffed as meatballs now. And walking round like john Wayne 

  10. Been looking for a small cartridge bag for my grandson to use with his o/u 410 Iv got loads decent good quality biggish bags but they are far to big and look a bit daft on the grandson with a couple of boxes of 410 cartridges in. Iv hunted everywhere to find a small bag with no success I would rather a bag than a cartridge belt and I don't really want him carrying cartridges in his pockets. Anyone any ideas where I can but a small bag??? Thanks
  11. Jesus You got this LITTLE fella a couple of weeks ago how big is one of the BIG fellas then?? Great pics on the ferreting by the way mate!!
  12. As people have said any ferret will work but when you come across them hard to find excellent working strains they are like gold dust. Iv had hundreds of ferrets over many years and proberbly 10 stick in my mind as exceptional these have long gone to that big warren in the sky of old age. Would I pay £50 each to have these workers back?? Bloody sure I would with no hesitation.
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