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  1. Well, for the dive bottle after 15yrs they are scrap, you can’t get them filled legally. for the buddy bottles, they used to have a date stamped on them, after that date you was supposed to change them (I believe the metal buddy bottles are the same). i personally know of two that are almost 25yr old and still going strong, I would say, ‘at your own risk’ I guess, always fine until something goes wrong.
  2. Not sure if they show them online, but I was in sporting targets at riseley last week and I was admiring just how big the range of 20g they had in, new and s/h
  3. I’ve only ever had an issue once with zero, and I’ve been using mine for approx 8 years (I had the older model before this one)I put it down to been knocked which is more than probable with me. if you was closer your welcome to a look through it anytime.
  4. That lrf870, I’ve got that and it’s spot on mate, I do use thermal a lot, but would never give up the nv.
  5. Hi and welcome. where do your interests lie ? Retired to Eastbourne I wonder how long before you pick up a fishing rod
  6. That depends on the circumstances I would guess, if they can prove the money goes for her keep, clothing, etc then I guess just a bollocking to get everything into order if the ex pays for everything and has 24/7 care of her, and gets nothing, then I would think it’s fraud.
  7. Am I reading this right that one of them took one piglet ? If so that’s classed as cruelty as pigs are supposed to be kept in pairs as a minimum, they are social animals and need each other’s company, or at least be able to see other pigs nearby.
  8. Sounds like they need to stop feeding that cat, it sounds like it’s not earning it’s keep
  9. That’s how I set my fenn traps in my chickens, the fishing line makes life so much easier.
  10. Benbhoy, I would have a word with Ian from Blackwood on here, when I was looking he beat everyone else,hands down on price, and it was delivered, next day ! I doubt you will find a better deal at the shows,from what I have seen, yeah some gear can be had cheap, but rarely the nv/thermal stuff
  11. I think he was more getting at keeping her company as ferrets are social animals and don’t like to be on their own really. Its great you got the daughter involved, good to see young uns still interacting with animals than Xbox or play station, and good for the ferret as well, but what about the other 22hrs a day. with regards rabbit numbers, they have been nothing like they used to be for years around here, yeah sure we have small pockets with a few on still, but when I was a lad I had days where we had over 100 with a few ferrets, it would take ten or fifteen days out to get those numbers now, and driving round the fields lamping doesn’t show any where near the amount we had, good spots that always showed a few have been devoid for many years.
  12. Yep, it’s illegal to move pigs from your registered holding without first filling in a movement licence via eAML2 you have to be registered to keep them you have to have a cph (county parish holding number) you have to have a herd Mark. all pigs have to have identification when you move them, usually a tag, tattoo or slap mark, eAml has to know every pig you have, and every movement on or off the place you have to keep records of any pigs born on the place. basicly they want to know everything, so how these god damn idiots get away with it is beyond me, if I moved my pigs without going through the hoops above I would end up with a huge fine. I didn’t watch the programme as I knew it would boil my piss, sounds like I made the right decision.
  13. What your all missing with the speed limits dropping and nothing to be seen, ...they are slowing the traffic down miles from either an incident, accident, obstruction or jam, and the reasoning behind it is stop loads of traffic pilling in at 70 and causing more gridlock. It does work, we just can’t see it from the drivers seat. and of course to fine those not paying attention and make a few bucks, simple answer to that is you should be paying attention.
  14. Cheers Meece, I would much rather send the link for the demonstration, mates will think I’ve lost the plot if I send them that one
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