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  1. Rabid

    Fishing at anchor

    If that went over 20lb it’s a British record edited to add, just checked and you are indeed the record holder, so a big hats off to you, superb fish and something most of us can only dream about
  2. Rabid

    Fishing at anchor

    Black I shouldn’t wonder, think your the first person to say he don’t like bream though.
  3. Rabid

    How to make a crab/lobster pot.

    Cheers for sharing that, I shall be knocking a few up to keep on the boat. also notice your down in Cornwall, I get down a few times a year and some good ground to try them out on.
  4. Rabid

    The Gamefair

    I might have a look in this year as it’s been a while since I went
  5. Rabid

    sea fishing.

    Personally I would leave the car boots well alone until you know what your looking at, yeah it can be cheap, but it can be totally of zero use to you. better of getting to know a local tackle shop, it will serve you well in the long run, even if it’s just fresh bait, or bits and bobs, get a raporr going and you will pick up valuable info on where is fishing, where isn’t, what’s about etc etc, might even land lucky and find someone to buddy up with who knows the area. most tackle shops will kit you out with a cheap rod/reel combo pretty cheap to get started, you may hate it and use it once, no point spending loads until you get into it. personally, I always fish 2 rods, both same length as easier to watch on the pod, one at range, one close in, I never bother scratching, I consider it a waste of time/bait and effort, much prefer to have a couple of good baits out for something decent.. size2/0 with worm/squid on one, crab or some fish bait on the other, often one close in with some surf running for bass, look for a good gulley and fish it, it’s the salts highway and where you pick them up. which part of Norfolk you from, I’m no expert on beach fishing your parts but I know a few good spots.
  6. Rabid

    sea fishing.

    How longs a bit of string, depends where your fishing, what ground your fishing over, and what your wanting to target. generally a 12 foot beach caster, fixed spool reel, then whatever terminal tackle your needing for ground/species your on, a tripod will serve you well if on the beach. looking at your location some flat sandy beaches your way.
  7. Rabid

    Metal detecting section

    And that’s exactly what will put me off, I have no interest or time in joining clubs, I just want to walk out my back door and while away an hour when I feel like it. would rather let someone else go look.
  8. Rabid

    Metal detecting section

    I wouldn’t even know what to be looking at with them, how can there be so many choices in detectors.
  9. Rabid

    Metal detecting section

    It would need to be under a grand, I do like good kit, buy once cry once so to speak
  10. Rabid

    Metal detecting section

    Oddly enough, I’ve thought about trying it for years but never found the time or enthusiasm. yesterday I let a fella go round the fields, he knocked the door on the off chance on Saturday, gave me his card and we had a chat, so I said yes. He didn’t find anything valuable (that he told me about ) but a load of musket balls, a lead stamp thingy, a few old fired brass cases and other bits of junk, interesting stuff but no real value. Between yesterday and seeing this thread it has given me an itch that I think I need to scratch, so..... whats the best detctor that doesnt need a mortgage ?
  11. Rabid

    Here it is

    I’ve often considered one but cannot see what it can do compared to the cricket, and the amount of problems I’ve heard just puts me right off them. As you say, all of them have areas to be improved upon, you makes your choice and if it suits you all well and good. now get out there and enjoy it.
  12. Rabid


    Oh shut up and go have a think about what you said. ‘’Just a b*****d of a lab paid the price left them to it result dead lab’’ that one statement says it all, No fighting necessary ? I suppose it just looked at it to kill it and you didn’t really just ‘’leave them to it’’ as it obviously happened so fast.
  13. Rabid


    Why would you just sit and let two dogs fight to the death ? That makes you a pr**k and no better than (in fact worse) than those who dog fight for money.
  14. Same as that mate, I applied a day after the GL was removed, still waiting,
  15. So, it’s illegal to shoot them, but if they are actively attacking livestock you would shoot them.....and leave yourself wide open to prosecution. ?? and it can be highlighted by who ever you like from what ever organisation you want, and he can have any job in the world, The second those general licences were removed any action taken instantly makes me or any one else a law breaker and we can be prosecuted, and you can dress it up any way you like, those are the facts. The simple truth is that this is a complete fecking shambles.