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  1. Sounds like a little owl to me, hear it all the time round here as we have a good number of them.
  2. Rabid


    You can offer it to the next highest bidder think it’s called ‘second chance offer’ nice reels, I have a few of them, and a few of the tld5 as well. ugly stik are also good rods, it’s all I use on my boat. how much did the reel sell for, sounds like he put a high bid on it And auto bid done the rest.
  3. That’s fair true, although i stopped seriously looking when I had cricket and a Vulcan In the cabinet,
  4. Can’t remember now, only had it a few weeks before asking for a refund, in that time it went back to the importers twice..... I know a lot of people love them phil, but I just could not stand the plastic twangy thing that shot better than a sxs
  5. Had one near us recently went the same way
  6. I glassed my hutch, 14 years ago, I never top coated and it still looks like the day I finished it. think you guys may be confusing top coat and gel coat, two totally different things, seriously no need to gel it out, if you want to protect the fibreglass then get a flo-coat paint. if you want to gel it don’t forget some is waxed and some is not depending on your use.
  7. What’s wrong with my pink onesie? I’ve even stitched my name in it cos I know so many reprobates likely to want it Yep, great machine apart from it’s faults
  8. My Mrs has reminded me about the honda turning circle was crap, had to take several shunts to get in/out my shed, was crap at towing, was geared too high, the rear bed was too small and the tailgate broke on the one we had on demo.......
  9. Hell yeah quads are a great thing, but the novelty of been out in the wind and rain everyday soon wears off
  10. Where from, that’s a bloody good price
  11. I had the Honda for a week to try out when the dealer was trying for my custom. the thing was quick, very quick, fastest one I’ve ever driven. it was well put together, but very plastic, for a working farm vehicle I can see it soon missing panels and looking all scuffed and scraped. it also sounded very tinny, like a bumblebee in a jam jar. i didn’t like the cost i isn’t like petrol over diesel i didn’t like how much plastic my money was buying i didn’t like how it felt like a toy you see the idiots just racing around on with no particular thing to do
  12. Done,I felt the questions were leading.......
  13. Proper job them are, might have to knock a few up myself
  14. Do a search on here, sure I wrote a bit on it a while back, two lovely wpc’s sent out to hare coursing reports and I bore the brunt of it when they saw me ferreting
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