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  1. Rabid


  2. Rabid

    New Arrivals.

    Nice, fancy sticking some pics of the parents up. what are they like working around the ferrets
  3. Rabid

    classic restoration?

    Who was the guy who had a kids shooting range and had a few air rifles from off here ? mate of mine has mentioned she has found an old air rifle in her cupboard (family were hoarders) and did I want it, I have no doubt it will be in a right state, and I’ve got enough, but she may like it to go to the kids.
  4. Rabid


    Exactly what I thought when I saw the news last night, we have played right into their hands all the way along in this silly pantomime, talk about negotiation skills...................
  5. I sell mine for £3-50 and could easily double what I do now, think everyone else around here is a little bit more.
  6. Rabid

    Business ideas

    It’s funny you should say that as I’m currently looking into the slaughter trade, not much available around here (limited to two, one is a dirty filthy hole and the other is an excellent setup run by the most awkward and miserable gits going). everyone I speak to wishes we had another option.
  7. Rabid

    got a call last week

    Great read, I enjoyed that, some nice grub in freezer and a happier farmer, can’t be bad.
  8. Rabid


    What gets me, who the f**k are they to vote against a no deal, it was the public decision to get out, and if that’s a no deal because the crap deal isn’t working then so be it ! I’m not happy they are taking votes for us
  9. Rabid


    Surely it’s about time we had a massive injection of common sense into the country, ‘’we’re not stopping the whites as it’s not the whites who are predominantly the problem’’. The liberal tossers are part of the problem, coppers scared to do their job as they know the backlash forth coming if they do, they have to be seen to be doing the right thing even if it’s wrong. Its not the coppers fault knife crime is rising, it’s society, the problem is we have a severe lack of officers to deal with the problem and a judiciary system that is no deterrent.
  10. Rabid

    Thermal spotter

    Personally I would push the budget and go for the pulsar Helion xq38, I’ve got one and really rate it over most of the others what I’ve looked through
  11. Rabid


    Perhaps she should have her police protection cut and see how safe she feels......... I have to agree with her in a very small way, it’s not about numbers, it’s about how those numbers are utilised, unfortunatly due to the cuts the ones we do have are doing far more behind the scenes work (paperwork from offices no longer funded) and less catching of the scrotes
  12. Rabid


    It’s unreal, talking today on the radio about it and some woman emailed in saying she saw a gun shop and they had knives for sale, so she rang the police !! Only to be told they were totally legaly trading and she was mortified, silly bints like those don’t help the cause considering most of the attacks are with kitchen knives ! I mean I saw Tesco selling knives, perhaps I should ring the police !! In my opinion, 80% of folk under 25 ish in this country are a waste of oxygen, not a good days work in them, won’t get dirty, want it all handed over on a plate, massive attitude, no manners, no decency or respect. Many things to blame, budget cuts, lack of police, immigration (let’s not beat around the bush here, 99% of this revolves around gangs and blacks) if it ever gets as far as court then sentences are a joke, no discipline in kids in today’s society, that’s down to parents AND teachers, frightened to smack a kid now as it’s seen as abuse instead of discipline. If ever gave my folks lip as a kid I got a stinging arse or clip round the ear, if I was ever seen or heard to be mouthy or disrespectful I got one, if I went telling tales I got one, in fact I had to work bloody hard not to get one, I resented it at the time but by Christ it done me some good. one good thing I heard about it today was more funding for more prisons which I know we are lacking, perhaps the next step is to make them prisons instead of pandering to the permanently offended and running them like a holiday camp
  13. Rabid


    Saw two magpies nest building yesterday.
  14. Rabid

    Honda TRX 500

    Identical to mine and very nice bikes, I only wish I had got mine in green instead of red.
  15. Rabid

    Farm quads

    Yeah, my mate has a Kawasaki kvf300 he’s selling if that’s of interest