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  1. Rabid


    Nice going, and fair play for getting out in that, I couldn't be bothered so sat on me backside. one thing though jimmy, I wouldn't leave mixy rabbits laying around, I always dispose of them as it's a sure fire way to help spread it on your perm, I know we won't never get rid of it totally, but every little helps.
  2. Rabid

    Great grandad tackles raiders

    I love how the ole boy gave him a kick up the jacksy as he was leaving
  3. You get offered free ammo............jeez, some folk have no idea just how good they got it
  4. Rabid

    Water bottles LOL

    I also use rice
  5. Rabid

    Shooting rats

    That's gonna take a bit of clearing, but some excellent sport to be had, fair play to you.
  6. No of course it wouldn’t, that’s what I’m saying, it all started with one chief constable, no one questioned it, or challenged it, or took it through the legal channels, others forces have obviously been watching and seen no resistance, and are starting to implement it, I can see why, but I don’t agree until it’s been passed as an act in parliament. The great British public are like sheep and follow unquestioningly, I also don’t see why the groups who are supposed to be our voice are not standing up and creating a fuss about it. All it takes is one man with balls (and a good barrister) to take this into court and set a precident.
  7. You are indeed correct, it was Lincs, and no surprise other forces are following suit, I can see every force going the same way, which would make sense, if it was a legal requirement as opposed to certain officers wish.
  8. Ok, so they are talking about it, but that was April, what's the latest, has it been passed now ? And what about the fees ?
  9. I raised this on here last year I think it was, From memory I think it was Notts chief constable on the tv about it, (gut feeling says it was something on countryfile about coursing)saying it would be an instant refusal if you didn't pay. Personally, it's not the money thing that bothers me, although I guess it will affect some folk, it's the fact they are making up there own laws, if it was brought in as law, and every county ran from the same rule book, I wouldn't have a problem, what I don't like is each county having a different set of rules to suit whatever they choose, I've said it before, too many grey areas on this subject that are open to interpretation, I like stuff in black and white.
  10. Rabid

    Hob Kits 1st day out. 13.09.18

    Tell thee what, he's a cracking looking boy as well, just how I like mine. well done on giving them a try out, and I agree, they seem to grow up overnight after going work for the first time.
  11. Rabid

    Freshwater eels

    Talk about gutted, don't you just hate that feeling, when I was younger and had a temper I smashed my favourite rod into pieces when I lost a huge pike at the net. Plenty of eels in the Ouse if you know where to look, no surprise your bro catches plenty, not usually so much in daytime though
  12. Rabid

    Freshwater eels

    Plenty of lamprey about mate, don't know about up on the borders though.
  13. Rabid

    Freshwater eels

    Yeah, looks a nice conditioned one with good girth, I would have put that a tad over 4lb
  14. Rabid

    Freshwater eels

    I don't know about nowadays, but we used to reckon any water pretty much held them, we found the deeper rivers that were slower moving the best bet, big lob worm ledgered at night. They give a good account of themselves if you find a reasonable size one.