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  1. Rabid

    We need some rain

    Stupidly dry in Bedfordshire, was walking the field yesterday and my foot went in a crack in the ground, sprained my ankle, bloody cracks are as big as I've seen for a long while
  2. Rabid


    Blimey, I've had a licence for 7 or 8 years now and never no bother. However, I have heard of a few folk been responsible for spreading them into places they Were not, by carelessness, so I do kind of see that point.
  3. Rabid

    Bsa superten 10yr old

    No cos the indexing is slightly different
  4. Rabid

    Bsa superten 10yr old

    Yes bud, could do, He does realise almost all bsa mags will fit them though doesn’t he ! Worse case you may need to both one out for indexing
  5. Rabid

    Bsa superten 10yr old

    Yeah I've got a few spare
  6. Rabid

    Bad run of luck

    That's pretty rich coming from the mouthy one on here. You may well have had a point in the beginning, but your big gob, insults and childish posts just makes you look like an arrogant pr*ck, and unfortunately as is often the case, a lot of Americans come across that way, so you really shouldn't be surprised that a lot of people stereotype you yanks. We have a way of doing things in the uk you may not be aware of, it's called tact, and it doesn't involve shooting your mouth off
  7. Rabid

    The things you do for your kids

    That's how I work, one break a day at very most, sometimes not even that, but it's my business and how I like to work, I don't 'expect' my blokes to work like that, although I always give the option of working on a price, or job and knock, or knock off early if they work through, it's upto them what they want, so long as job gets done, and I'm not having my pants pulled down. Mostly my blokes are very good, will stay a bit late when needed, knock off early if jobs finished and so forth, but they are all military lads, or older blokes with families, it's the young ones I struggle with.
  8. Rabid

    Selling Meat

    It's simple mate, you can gut rabbits but nothing else to them and your not processing your field dressing, the butcher hangs them in the window in the jacket, sells them that way, most of the folk who buy rabbits want them that way anyhow, all my local butchers sell them like this, not fully dressed, the buyers will mostly be the older generation who are more than capable and happy/want to dress them, it also helps sales hanging in the jacket as the ones who don't do much in the butchers will see them hanging and say, oooh Mavis, look Joe the butcher has rabbits, we used to live on them, am gonna get a couple so me an Fred can have rabbit stew agin....... ''If the butcher gets asked for dressed rabbits then he can send them your way on the quiet, then your just prepping a rabbit for a friend, or more likely the butcher will do it on the quiet for them.
  9. Rabid

    The things you do for your kids

    That's exactly what he needs, if I could replace him he would be gone months ago ! He is the best worker going when he turns up, but his reliability and self organisation is dreadful believe me, I've advertised, and started lots of new blokes over the years, and they just don't have a good days work in them anymore, when you get one that can work you have to hang onto them and treat them well, I pay top money for the right lads, and look after them, but I would say one in every 20 is worth giving a job.
  10. Rabid

    The things you do for your kids

    Yeah I've got exactly same problem, I stop at a shop on the way to the job, get whatever I need for the day, they get a can of coke or mars bar, then at 10am they want to go shop for breakfast, then at 1 they want to go for lunch, then in the afternoon they need a drink ffs, I keep saying get your stuff you need for the day ! Not dissapear 10 times a day to the shop. They honestly just cannot think for themselves, it pains me most days how they can be so utterly useless at organising themselves.
  11. Rabid

    The things you do for your kids

    And that's the best thing you can give. me and my bro were raised different, mum done my bro who is the eldest, she doted on him and he got everything he ever wanted for nowt, dad took charge with me and I had to work for everything, rewarded when I was good and punished when I was bad. They had no money and we were never spoiled, but I was still paid for jobs helping the old man, he helped me in other ways though, he always done his best for me. Many years on, my brother is still a spoilt, lazy, good for nothing lying scum with no prospects and nowt to call his own. I am still grafting 7 days a week, comfortable with a few quid in the bank, nice things around me that ive worked for, bought and paid, decent business, and generally happy in life, the old man got something right I reckon. I don't blame anyone for spoiling their kids, but life lessons should always be priority I think. Employing young folk opens your eyes, the majority are lazy, want it all handed to them, don't want to get dirty, rate themselves too high, think they are worth the earth, as I sit here typing this I am waiting for a lad, he couldn't get the bus as he was skint, asked me yesterday for a sub to get a bus pass, he had £1216 paid to him on Friday but managed to spend the lot in one day (beer, coke and clothes I imagine) and no money to get to work, the message I got said it was my fault because I wouldn't give him money yesterday !!!
  12. Rabid

    Selling Meat

    So you will be classed as a processor and be registered with your local council and have the premises inspected and signed off ?
  13. Rabid

    Another good week end

    That's the stuff weekends are made for.nice one on an enjoyable trip. cant believe you didn't wet a line while there though, could have caught your own dinner.
  14. I feel for you guys, my mrs never bats an eyelid at what I spend or what on, Hookers might be a different story though
  15. Rabid

    Window Cleaning

    He was doing the inside