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  1. It’s always the idiot behind the wheel. I have done some pretty serious off road stuff here, I built a swb for the job, but in truth not many people do serious off roading, I have too get around my fields every day of the yr and in winter it can often be 12-18 inches of wet mud, so it’s challenging for a Predominantly“Road going” vehicle. the scout is in fact the wife’s motor, and I always dismissed them as been rubbish, but I have to say it’s surpassed all my expectations and I would buy another in a heartbeat now.
  2. Absolute shite on wet roads though, I have always run them on all my trucks, but you have to drive accordingly in the wet, easy enough in a pickup but easy to get carried away in a nice comfy fast car. i will have a look and see what I have on our scout as they have been very good going round the fields this year.
  3. I know the feeling about watching others shoot and the missing, however we all gotta start someplace, and get him good and keen you got a reliable bloke to call on in the future. good to see you keeping on top of the job.
  4. Excellent choice, but what the heck is that mod ?
  5. I can confirm this, I backed further off the lands with my 6.5 and the groups tightened up considerably
  6. Rabid


    Sweating like an old transit at an mot but no pigs don’t sweat
  7. A man of your Calibre would shoot that from the hip surely ?
  8. That won’t be happening, I thought I did well managing one day
  9. Mike sold out, it slowly went downhill, Mike got bored and missed the old days and started the new fb one. A lot of the original names from the early days of wsf are on there
  10. You lot need to calm down, some of us have a livelihood to protect against foxes, and I’m out with the rifle every night needed doing it, and it’s not done for fun or sport, it’s done out of necessity.
  11. I’m going up on the Sunday, never been to it before
  12. That’s down to the trainer/owner not the dog. I rate the Mali a lot, but can see where those comments could come from. However, depends what you want from them, as an out an out rabbit dog forget it, they don’t have the pace so need a lot of x blood to pick that bit up.
  13. Yep, that’s the one.
  14. Excellent motors, I bought my Mrs one last year and it’s unreal bloody thing does 50mpg, and drives lovely, felt rock solid in the snow as well. That one sounds a bit cheap tho, I would be looking a bit harder at that to see what the problems are, good ones ain’t cheap.
  15. Sounds like a little owl to me, hear it all the time round here as we have a good number of them.
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