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  1. Has anyone got a jill near Bedford. my older two have died in the last year leaving me with just the one youngster, I never bred as thought I would pack up this year but just can’t do it, and now I’ve picked up some more ground keen to keep going. Also be interested in a decent hob to put over my Jill if anyone has one I can use
  2. I think most folk here mistake them for roe, we have so many munt everyone knows what they look like
  3. They breed like hell, nothing unusual to find them late in he season with 4 sometimes 5 inside them, ive been told they can have 6 but never seen that, I try and finish a bit earlier on them if I can.
  4. That’s because your deer are like English labourers, never turn up on time or when you want them I thought the fog was a pleasant change to the torrential incessant rain you usually lay on
  5. I have one I was given, I put it on the shelf in the workshop and never used it for a couple of years, then I spotted it and took it off the shelf to look at and put it down on the bench and went off done something else, couple of days later I went in the workshop and feck me there was 2 hound rats in it, no boat, no effort, nothing, so I baited it and not had anything since but the fens get one or two every night.
  6. your right I do, and no I never shot anything either, but I missed out on the breakfast that day.
  7. I’ve prob got an old hawke kicking around you can have
  8. It’s been common knowledge for quite some time that they are anti most things.
  9. Yes I think your right, but I for one am glad it’s not the case, without those I would only have Munties to go at as no fallow or roe on my bit. unlike the SE we don’t get the damage from these that fallow cause, and in truth crop damage is minimal, they do tend to flatten it where they lie down though, and that’s why the farmers hate them.
  10. Plenty of them around here, unfortunately they seem to be getting hammered every way they turn.
  11. I will soldier on with it, we all have a cross to bear.
  12. Not at all, ive always enjoyed having them on my place, they can be a right bloody pain, and they destroy everything, but I still enjoy them. They also have my respect, I find them a great stalk, especially in an area they have plenty of cover.
  13. It’s always the idiot behind the wheel. I have done some pretty serious off road stuff here, I built a swb for the job, but in truth not many people do serious off roading, I have too get around my fields every day of the yr and in winter it can often be 12-18 inches of wet mud, so it’s challenging for a Predominantly“Road going” vehicle. the scout is in fact the wife’s motor, and I always dismissed them as been rubbish, but I have to say it’s surpassed all my expectations and I would buy another in a heartbeat now.
  14. Absolute shite on wet roads though, I have always run them on all my trucks, but you have to drive accordingly in the wet, easy enough in a pickup but easy to get carried away in a nice comfy fast car. i will have a look and see what I have on our scout as they have been very good going round the fields this year.
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