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  1. Rabid


    I think he meant you need to ‘ram’ it in the bin
  2. Rabid

    Few from the last month ..

    You about managing to keep on top of them, soon be time for another new knee dragging that lot about mate.
  3. Rabid

    Sea fishing (boat)

    Sounds interesting, any pics ? yes unfortunatly mooring costs have rocketed over the last 10 yrs or so, boats and horses, two things that seem to attract a premium price now.
  4. Rabid

    life below zero

    Dunno mate, I just heard he was banged up for misdemenour, I was totally guessing the reasons. If it was for sticking up for his daughter then fair do the man
  5. Rabid

    Bloody anoying adverts

    Your not selling quitting the fags to me !
  6. Rabid

    Buying land.

    Can’t say as I’ve ever looked in that direction much, perhaps I should.
  7. Rabid

    life below zero

    Probably have a nice 30-06 with a swaro scope for when the cameras ain’t about. Like he was in jail for a misdemeanour not so long ago, reckon he got busted shooting something as I believe been an alien he’s not allowed it has to be the Mrs !
  8. Rabid

    life below zero

    Yeah I get all that, and obviously I look at things a lot different here, but even when I saw her break a rifle, she got a new one and after some ‘practise’ she got two rounds into a 2ft square and they were well happy with it I suppose if my life relied on it I wouldn’t be so concerned about wounding.
  9. Rabid

    life below zero

    Am I the only one who watches the hailstones and think they cannot shoot for toffee ?
  10. Rabid

    Buying land.

    Your looking at silly money mate, be very lucky to find anywhere under 10k an acre, depending on where and what you want, I don’t think it’s the pikeys pushing the price so much as the equestrian world. edited to add, if you want rural, run down, and very cheap, look at France, I considered it but the french are not really to my taste
  11. Rabid

    Council has nothing better to do...

    No one is saying don’t challenge it, nor has it been mentioned he should run off, I think the general consensus is he has done a good thing, but gone about it in the wrong way. Get the council on side, I think it’s a great idea, but you can’t just go round building shit on land you don’t own as you feel like it, can’t even do what you like on land you do own for that matter. If someone did similiar on my land it would be ripped down out of principle, if they approached me and asked if they could do it not only would I likely say yes, but I would most likely give them as much help as they needed.
  12. Rabid

    life below zero

    Yeah that’s cold
  13. Rabid

    FAO: King

    Why do you think I’ve filled a field on the edge of town, works better than any wall
  14. Rabid

    FAO: King

    I think we need to have a collection for all the ex pats on here, box of quavers for ted, who else....? I mean ffs our government send aid to every f****r else, rather keep ted in walkers than junker in booze.
  15. Rabid


    Exactly how many quavers do you want and can I bring my dogs !