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  1. Looks lovely, apart from the Stella, looks watered down
  2. Are you for real ? Your gob has just done more damage than a dozen rifles.
  3. I had same convo with my isuzu dealer as he wanted to fit them on my new truck, I said no cos the old at2’s I had wore out too fast for my liking, he reckons they have used a harder compound on the 3 and they are much longer lasting now.
  4. Anyone fish this area ? Am looking to head up for a week or two in December, and if the weather looks ok then I will be taking the boat up with me. just wondered if anyone from here is in the area or have fished that way before.
  5. If you ain’t on Facebook then what’s the point in following up on a fb group you would like to be involved with ? for anyone half interested he has put a link up to his group.
  6. Where you from, I have one I’m considering letting go but only interested in f2f
  7. Yep, I would be having that ground dug one way or another, and be pronto about it as well.
  8. And that’s the exact dilemma I’m in right now.
  9. Has anyone got one, looked through one, heard anything about them, a lot of money, but was interested to hear if they are worth it.
  10. I was dead against them for years, until the penny dropped it’s not the collar but how you use it, it’s not a sadistic tool, and with the right mindset they do work, I turned one dog around that I took on which was going to get a bullet after the 3rd ‘’expert’’ couldn’t sort out, he is now a joy to work with and have around, you as the owner need to have the right mindset with how to use one and they are great tools.
  11. Try a ford ranger, they supposedly only need servicing every 20 000 miles !!!!!
  12. Don’t be so sure, surfs well up and the bass are about, who minds getting wet .......
  13. A fella once mentioned, if you like your job you will never do a days work in your life, and guess I’m lucky as I love my job. still enjoy fishing more though
  14. I’ve looked through quite a few and used several in anger and I don’t think the pulsar can be beaten just yet, (even against some that are double the price of the pulsar) I use the xq38 spotter and the trail xq50 scope nv I use the n870lrf Really want to get my hands on the thermion and see how that compares out in the field.
  15. They are bloody good, I use both thermal and nv, often spotting with thermal and taking the shot with nv, both have pro’s and cons, but don’t be fooled into thinking thermal are foolproof in every weather mate, I’ve had them white out before when I’ve been out on the pigs, too much moisture in the air and they can be next to useless.
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