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  1. Rabid


    Yes, your right, and they know that and are playing on it, the sad thing for me is we’re not only letting it happen, we’re encouraging it by letting a remainer negotiate for us, I think the time has come to get someone in no10 that has a spine, and will push for what we voted/want, do we have such a person eligible for the job..............
  2. Rabid


    I agree it looks that way, but I don’t agree they should be in any driving seat, why exactly are we been dictated to on this ?
  3. Rabid


    In truth, I’m sick and tired of all the brexit bollocks, I just want it done and get the F out of it now, what will be will be, let’s get on with it and make of it what we can
  4. Rabid


    And where exactly did I say any of that ? I’ve never once said they will come begging ? I’ve never once said the will give in to anything, Stop trying to guess. what I said was it is a negotiation and the best place to start is to make it clear that a ‘no deal’ is on the cards, not start by giving everything away.
  5. Rabid


    What T F has selling your car to do with it, I don’t give a toss if you sell it or not, or what you get for it, I do however care how we leave the EU, it’s called negotiation, and that shouldn’t involve a starting point of giving too much away. we never voted into the Eu, it wasn’t what we signed up for, we signed up for the common market, so why should we give all our rights and money away to leave something we never asked for ?
  6. Rabid


    No, that tells you what the politicians representing the public think we want, or what THEY want
  7. Rabid


    Agreed, that’s where I would start.
  8. Rabid


    No, I whack it into about 4 bits with the cleaver as it won’t fit down the tube whole, if only they made the tube bigger I’m sure it would do them whole no problem.
  9. Rabid


    I couldn’t get a Hobart, so I bought a Virgo and it’s good, I put most things through it
  10. Rabid

    Got him !

    Jeez, your going after the big ole boys now, you recovered yet, well done on nailing him
  11. People just don’t want it, you wouldn’t believe the amount of folk buy pork off me and ask for the skin to be removed !
  12. Rabid

    Stone troughts

    Where ?
  13. Rabid

    Another couple of bucks

    Was a cracking afternoon mate, really enjoyed it and good to catch up with the pair of you
  14. Rabid

    Pulsar XQ38F

    Depends what I’m using it for, around buildings, in woods or ‘busy’ areas I use white, out on open ground black, that’s general rule of thumb, but I do change depending on conditions as they can show up better/worse in different conditions.