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  1. Rabid

    Big Cat Sighting

    Agreed, those pics had the organs in, but most if not all the carcasses ended up with no organs, and usually the rumen not too far away from the body intact. i never got a picture of the rumen as until we had a chat about it I never realised it was of any importance, but as per the conversation at the time, it was nearly always there near the body. So again, I don’t need to read the post, everything has been covered in the recent posts, or the posts/messages with you from the time it happened. Unfortunatly I’ve not had any shot foxes to leave there for some time, but next time I get one, be assured I shall post the relevant pics. I don’t need to make my mind up, I believe they can exist, (again I posted about it a while ago) what I don’t agree with is the irrefutable evidence of how big cats eat out the carcass knowing full well from first hand experience foxes do the same thing. Also, for the record, I’ve never had a pop at you, and I am still not, your doing what you believe and want, fair play, but don’t go around alienating everyone with attitude and calling them liars without been able to post a single shred of evidence yourself. ps, I really do hope you or someone finds the holy grail and will be happy to put it mainstream.
  2. Rabid

    Bsa open day

    Got this today, someone may be interested. BSA OPEN DAY SATURDAY 25TH MAY - 9AM UNTIL 5PM WE ARE HOSTING A BSA OPEN DAY ON SATURDAY 25TH MAY 2019. WE HAVE OPENED UP OUR 30 METRE INDOOR RANGE TO OUR CUSTOMERS AND WILL HAVE TEST GUNS HERE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS TO SHOOT AND TRY OUT. AVAILABLE ON THE DAY WILL BE THE NEW BSA R10 TH AND GAMO BOXER BULLPUP. THERE WILL ALSO BE THE USUAL R10 SE, ULTRA, SCORPION, DEFIANT AND GAMO PHOX. THE BSA REP WILL ALSO BE ATTENDING. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO JUST TURN UP ON THE DAY. WE HAVE OUR OWN LARGE CAR PARK AT THE FRONT OF OUR SHOP. OPEN 9AM UNTIL 5PM COUNTRYWAY GUNSHOP 140 NORMAN ROAD WEST MALLING KENT ME19 6RW 01732 870023 Copyright © 2019 Countryway Gunshop, All rights reserved. We send special offers to customers who opted in to receiving emails on our website. Our mailing address is: Countryway Gunshop 140 Norman Road West Malling, Kent ME19 6RW United Kingdom Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
  3. Rabid

    Big Cat Sighting

    Yes you did say instantly it was not a cat, and that’s my point, it was done by foxes, yet it was hollowed out and the intestines pulled to one side, just like how you said “big cats” do it, my point been (back to my original post) that it’s bollox that if you see a carcass, guts pulled aside and eaten in one night it’s “big cats” and in fact foxes do exactly the same thing. And you can assume wtf you like, I never once said it was a badger, I said I had trail cam footage showing foxes doing it.Try reading the f***ing posts properly, I also said when I get a minute I will find some better ones instead of getting all arsey and defensive, I’ve not once called you a liar or crackpot, in fact quite the opposite, I said I believed it could be true they live here, but your arsehole attitude (considering I have or at least had trail cam footage showing foxes do it)and lack of anything from you to show otherwise................
  4. Rabid

    Big Cat Sighting

    I’ve already posted the pictures, and you obviously can’t remember but I got in touch with you at the time about it as well. it wasn’t corvids or badger, it was fox every time. There had been a cat sighting less than half a mile away and I was hoping it was a cat, hence the cameras went out Also it was not over a day or two, it was in one night, and it happened on quite a few occasions, not once, or every now and again, it was two or three times a week. heres a couple I can lay my hands on instantly, will look later see if I can find some better ones
  5. Rabid

    Big Cat Sighting

    Am afraid I am going to call ‘bollocks’ on this post, because I also have trail cam footage, of not only a deer been eaten in the way you describe by ‘big cats’, but also several foxes, and every time I caught foxes doing it. Im not trying to rubbish the theory of cats as I do believe just saying this post is nonsense.
  6. Rabid

    Too little too late

    So, whenever I get the nod, first thing I do is set a trail cam up, they are creatures of habit, and rather than sitting out for nights on end, I get an idea when and where they are moving, get out an hour earlier and it’s usually job done in two hours
  7. Rabid

    Fox trap

    I build all my own now, all the bought ones were either too flimsy or too small, usually both. bigger is deffo better when it comes to fix traps, mine are a minimum of 6 foot long, sometimes 8. And 2 foot high and the same wide, makes most economical sense from an 8x4 sheet of weldmesh., still striving to get the perfect door mechanism though.
  8. Rabid

    Quick feedback please boys

    I like them, mate used to own one and was a cracking rifle, don’t know much about them other than the few times I shot it though.
  9. A site called Canadianaffairs.com, clicked on last minute deals, one person in cattle class, £160:65p that was leaving in three days time.
  10. Wow, perfectly do able, and the exchange rate looks very favourable, last minute flights for £160, what’s not to like
  11. Rabid

    Always recce your land for new activity.

    Agreed on all points with the exception of numbers still steadily growing, ive not seen the same amount of them around for a few years, no large flocks, what I have seen is lots of smaller flocks more widespread, before we were getting large areas hammered, one, two, three acres or more in one sitting, now it’s 20 square yards here there and everywhere all over the fields, the flight lines are broken up as well, I think a lot of that is to do with the weather been so mild and no long harsh spells of snow and frost, lots of natural fruit and berries available to them in the hedgerows.
  12. Nice pics, thanks for sharing them, looks a superb way to spend your days. out of interest, when you get a good one, what happens to it, can it be skinned with head and feet left on for the trophy, would make some rug on the lounge floor, now I wonder if it’s legal to bring one back to the uk
  13. Rabid

    Always recce your land for new activity.

    It’s not just about stopping damage, you also have good reason to ‘’prevent damage’’ However you still wouldn’t be covered by GL as you must have tried (and recorded) all other non lethal methods first.
  14. Rabid

    General inquiry

    As above, but if you only want to fill the freezer why bother with a lease, just book one or two days a year and will work out cheaper with the desired results.
  15. Rabid

    Time for goodbyes.

    Don’t do it, your posts are interesting and you will be missed, need more decent fellas on here, just keep on the right side of the law mate.