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  1. Oddly, I always thought they were crap, but the farm next door bought one as a farm run about, and it’s been bloody good, needs a decent tyre on it, but they have had it three yrs now, it’s never broken down, all the bits still work, it’s been abused and still does the job. its ok ish to drive, not too uncomfortable, better on fuel than my ranger, doesn’t knock or bang, changes gears ok, 4wd goes in and out no issues. What I don’t like is it feels a bit naff inside, you can just feel it’s a budget built motor, I wouldn’t want one as a replacement for mine, but for a farm motor for all and sundry to jump in and out off, drag god knows what round the fields, and generally not give a hoot about, it does the job just fine.
  2. Thanks, I’m going to give it a go, no harm in trying. I know what you mean about walnut, I’ve always felt they are a bit special for some reason, maybe because not your everyday tree.
  3. It’s a great gesture Arry, and one I have been on the receiving end of, my old gramps planted a walnut for both me and my brother, sadly one died, ( i still have the trunk drying in the shed) but the other still grows strong to this day. my gramps died when I was still fairly young, but I remember him most every day I see that tree. I have also been planting a few trees about the place, mainly oak and ash, but you have me thinking about some walnuts now, how easy dd you find it to do, and what’s the idea of putting them in the fridge
  4. Rabid


    At least he only lets the dog watch, there’s one or two on here that would have it join in
  5. Rabid

    Garage heater...

    I fell lucky, bought mine at a farm sale for a tenner, looked real clean and hardly used but a few folks tried to fire it up and it wouldn’t run. got it back and diesel tank was half full of water, stripped it out, cleaned tank, and lines, new filter, runs like a dream, it heats my workshop that’s roughly 20m x 5m x 5m, sip fireball 215
  6. Hastings lifeboat is out looking for a surfer....... were very similiar to yourself but rarely get cut off now, still have the genny just in case though
  7. Rabid

    Garage heater...

    I have a diesel space heater in my workshop but I would say it’s well overkill for most normal uses. greyman, I love the look of your gas bottle, I’ve been toying with that idea for a few years but never got around to it. how do you find it works, have you got a griddle or ash pan or anything inside or just burn direct in the bottle, and what improvements would you make to it ?
  8. I had one and it was sweet to shoot, I wish I had never sold it.
  9. As far as accessories go, I would get ear defenders or plugs,so you don’t have to listen to the awful twangy noise that comes from the wildcat, I sent mine back because of it.
  10. As poxon says, it can be a pain, my mutts always getting them, one catches squirrels, the other has it’s bloody head down every rabbit and fox hole we ever come across
  11. Rabid


    Of course, I always use protection, but I took it by surprise from behind
  12. Rabid


    I Know, parts of my local town are already no go zones and have been for a good few years.
  13. Rabid


    You mean part of Middle East England want it, no sane Englishman would live by those rules.
  14. Rabid


    I’ve been using iPads since they first came about, brilliant things I run two businesses from mine, but, as I’ve found with all apple stuff, you need glass screen protectors, change them as soon as they get a crack, and I’ve never had a broken screen since I lie, just remembered I put a digger bucket tooth through my last iPad Air
  15. Excellent thread, thanks for posting, it looks like great sport, I can’t imagine what it’s like having a gaitor on the end of your line crazy thing is I have family live in Florida on Jupiter inlet and I’ve never been over to see them, they keep saying I would love it.
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