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  1. Rabid

    Own up! Who did it?

    Let’s not forget this is only what we read in the press, I bet my bottom dollar a lot more to it on Both sides than we get to see in that report. for a start, it couldn’t have been a very big hedge if that dog could clear it, ie, not above 6ft high, so all reasoning says you should be able to see someone the other side........, I would be concerned standing one side of a hedge and some one shooting into/at/along the said hedge the other side unles they knew damn well where I was standing
  2. Rabid

    Back into bass

    Nice, pleased to hear you getting back into it. i will drop you a pm regards next week.
  3. Sheep rustling been going on down here as well, just find the Gralloch in the morning. one bloke did get caught, never heard what happened but it’s still going on.
  4. Rabid

    UK first!!!

    Excellent video yet again, you sure done well, congratulations, must be a mega buzz.
  5. Rabid

    Amazing fun on the bass!!!

    Excellent vid pal, really enjoy watching your exploits, some nice sizes rather than the usual schoolies, well done. those sidewinders have been a firm favourite of mine for years now, I find dark colours work well on bright days and the lighter on overcast days. The rhubarb and custard will always have a place on the wrecks, another good lure is the eddystone eel. wont be too much longer until my next trip down to cornwall so save a few for me
  6. Rabid

    Little air rifle

    Just a thought, but why not something like an ultra, great little guns, very underrated, but good for targets and plinking, and great sort of size for a youngster, saves paying out twice with The advantage can be used seriously by the adult hunters !!
  7. Rabid

    What’s killing my birds?

    Stoat or weasel, a rat would have tried to pull it under the bar not over, and a fox would have made more mess and once it had a dead bird it would have tried digging or pulling it through the stock netting. i would concur it’s not a very vermin proof pen.
  8. Rabid

    Ducks for eggs

    They crap everywhere, eat most anything, and lay eggs, oh and if they ain’t heavy table birds get the wings clipped as they can get airborne.
  9. Rabid

    Whats your thoughts

    I thought you had an impact jimmy, why you looking at trash like that ?
  10. Rabid

    brass & balls

    I think they are excellent, even if they don’t work very good, it’s something I would like. let me know if you get a few made and have a couple spare.
  11. Rabid

    brass & balls

    So, I’ve got heaps of brass cases in loads of different calibres, do you a swap, brass of choice for a coup,e of them ?
  12. Rabid

    Fishing at anchor

    If that went over 20lb it’s a British record edited to add, just checked and you are indeed the record holder, so a big hats off to you, superb fish and something most of us can only dream about
  13. Rabid

    Fishing at anchor

    Black I shouldn’t wonder, think your the first person to say he don’t like bream though.
  14. Rabid

    How to make a crab/lobster pot.

    Cheers for sharing that, I shall be knocking a few up to keep on the boat. also notice your down in Cornwall, I get down a few times a year and some good ground to try them out on.
  15. Rabid

    The Gamefair

    I might have a look in this year as it’s been a while since I went