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  1. I'll be givin u the heads up tomara back fill lol
  2. I'll be givin u the heads up tomara lol
  3. Dixirfried I'll tell you a bit about that picture I no your dying to hear a tale lol that particular picture we were hunting a big winzes bank at a farm we al have are usual stands at covers as it saves any arguments among the boys anyway I was covering the end standing in a gate way I opened it swung it round to give me a better change hounds were in within minutes they were on plently of noise an hunting well I look over to my left the mates dog out across the field hunting well up the field up a lane into a farm yard al we could hear was the rattle of gates on the way so we new he was hunting well and on anyway got a call on the cb back into the start of the cover hounds still hunting him round I kind of knew I was in with a chance then so sittin tight looking an listen I heard the hound man that was above me look out look out comin to u game was on sat tight sure enough came to my right he was under pressure he seen me so came on any way dog out a we jink an he hit the gate that I'd pushed over it was over from there!the particular place was burnt but is coming back better than ever it's been good to us this year!will that keep u happy now
  4. Hard to beat the rope it does the job!i woulda liked to get more of the hounds as I started this for hounds I'll try an get some when were exercising them at the permission of the mate!yes mate were we hunt has some good country to hunt an some bad but that's the likes of covers we hunt big an small bogs woods plantations winzes anything at al!a tale lol I'll deff have to get [BANNED TEXT] else to do it
  5. Sorry about the pictures not many of hounds I never had the chance to busy watching
  6. R.A.W Now your taking the piss lol
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