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  1. Lovely calibre, my go to gun, and as said previously 200 yd is very doable with the right ammo, i hope you enjoy shooting it looking forward to reading the update when you have tried it.
  2. Look I agree, I am not happy about using it either , but we are being forced that way, same as we were with DSC1 and 2 , which still are not compulsory on private ground , as regards the barrels , not sure on that as it isn’t normally the lead rubbing up the rifling anyway , it’s the jacket , I have stalked since the mid 80’s and don’t like being forced down a particular path , but as sure as eggs are eggs , we will be with lead,
  3. I looked into it for my 6.5x55 and as yet I have not sorted it, the info I have been told is fast twist and lighter bullet , my normal round is 140 grain , the gun is 1 in 7/1/2 ish , apparently the rounds being longer the only issue , is loading for the magazine ie to fit it , I am going to try 120 grain and 130 , not sure on how they will drop reds, but going to give them a go next season, as for 308 it seems we are both not the same boat try it and see .
  4. Has anyone got any load data for lead free bullets in 6.5x55
  5. That’s all we can do is try them as it seems they are here to stay,
  6. I have a 6.5x55 se and I am just starting to look at lead free , to be honest it’s a real step into the unknown , people say they are alright no difference in stopping power , I am somewhat sceptical ,
  7. Good man , there’s loads of pinks flying about up here now and a few greys, looking forward to it this yr ,
  8. Connected last night on evening flight , came into a shallow pond,
  9. Really good calibre 270 tried and tested, a lot better behaved with a mod fitted, I enjoyed the one I had ,
  10. I have seen that myself, people shooting in desperation at what they can’t hit, and forcing them higher and higher , that’s the downside of foreshore shooting, I did it for years, at gedney drove end,
  11. It will be a challenge if we don’t get water, I am lucky enough to have some decent bits of river, and some small warm gutters, geese here roost on the solway and flight out on the morning,
  12. Having to feed the small gutters and rivers, as the ponds are dry , hoping we get some reasonable rain fall soon
  13. Any of you lads know how to get the pard to play back on the iPad, I have down loaded the OKCAM app , got the Wi-Fi on the tablet can see the pard Wi-Fi, asked for the password no issues, but the iPad just won’t connect to it, the little wheel spins and I can’t get the blue tick which means connected, any one else had this problem?
  14. I spoke to a guy I know down in Morecambe, and he says the same good numbers starting to show, it’s interesting because we don’t have the stubble fields we normally have, ground being dry the farmers have made the most of the good conditions, and got them turned over really quickly,
  15. Cheers it looks good, but having trouble getting it to connect to my iPhone, even with the OKCAM app, looking forward to getting a go with it, I have a Yukon photon on at the minute and that has been a good sight for me,
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