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  1. 3175darren

    Best baits for trapping!

    That would be good wolfdog
  2. Bet you stung her with the price,
  3. 3175darren

    Darcy Dvd

    Thank you much appreciated,
  4. 3175darren

    Darcy Dvd

    Tried that mate, no sign yet, he’s probably busy though,
  5. 3175darren

    Darcy Dvd

    Anybody know when he will have more stock, he’s sold out and I can’t get a reply as to when they will be in
  6. 3175darren

    National firearms licensing times

    Yes you should have been given a temporary licence, usually they give you it quiet quickly,
  7. 3175darren

    New Season In France

    Really good to see Blaise Thankyou,
  8. 3175darren

    Advice required about Shotguns

    If you go to the clay ground them lads will help, most will let you try different guns, or even there own, once they get to know you, they will be people there, with the same eye dominance issues, who can advise you, they will at least guide you wisely when spending your cash, they may even know someone selling a gun, that might do for you, try before buy sort of thing, you really can’t go wrong, by far the best way to go forward, don’t go too cheap as there will be no re-sale value, too many people rush in,
  9. 3175darren

    Public Liability

    Sorry I thought BASC did, however BDS do, classsed as pest control, I rang them to confirm it,
  10. 3175darren

    Public Liability

    If you are only doing it in a small way as in up to £2,000 earnings you are covered by BASC / BDS it’s when you go over that as most do,
  11. 3175darren

    Something For The Weekend

    Wouldn’t mind some of their fox lure,
  12. 3175darren

    Silened 12g

    Every little helps mate
  13. 3175darren

    Out on the new bit

    A good dinner there, it’s good to see a few rabbits about this yr,
  14. 3175darren

    Silened 12g

    I know what you are saying and in most cases you are right, but nothing in my opinion will go through a thick nest like a B.B. you can see it come through the top, and to be honest it’s never really failed me, as for foxes I have shot the out of high seats before with BB’s, and they don’t move generally , just drop, I know what underdog is saying, I have shot a fair few with number4’s, and there are a number of cartridges that will do the job, but I do prefer to stick more toward what I have tried and tested over the yrs, I think the one thing the 12 has over them both is cartridge choice, although my back is knacked and they are too numb to swing for me, although the single might be worth a try,
  15. 3175darren

    Silened 12g

    Can I ask what that sight is, rimfire boy, and how do you find using one on a shotgun, I found mine strange at first,