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  1. There you go checked this morning a trap I have set just to the side of a footpath,
  2. I have tried one and they do work, you have to control the direction the fox approaches the trap in, ie it needs to come in directly facing the trap, also they have to be staked securely as when they fire, they release a lot of energy , and all that needs to go forward pushing the wire, good to try when you have a trap shy fox,
  3. Drill a few holes in the box back, to let the air flow across your trap bait, moves the bait scent around better,
  4. I have used this on old traps for at least two years, I have tried thinned down under seal and trap dye all sorts before that on my old traps, and I have come to the conclusion, for effort put in, and cost this is probably the best option I have seen no reduction in catch rates, I treat them after a yr or so when they loose there shine,
  5. I get mine from toolstation I have just put some plastidip on the tips of a trap I am putting along a footpath, so I do not have to put a trap marker in a bit crude I know but it is a very public place I know , and A very old trap, but worth a try
  6. I agree to a degree, cheap traps you can feel the strength of the kill wire ebbing away, I check my traps regularly and discard the poor strength ones, I still find pest stop reasonable for the money, I just cleaned a load and sprayed them with plasti cote, and to be fair if you keep on top of them if does make a difference, all these still have good spring strength, and will easily give me another year, where as most other brands end up in the bin,
  7. my fault with the pest stop would be they just needs a bit more fettling, than some of the others, if they used stainless steel for the trigger’s and lock bar they would be spot on, I have 60 + set at the minute with some flat pack in tight runs,
  8. For value for money and reasonable long life pest stop are good, I get a really good catch rate with them, I use flat pack in acidic soils, which Up here common place, I agree flat pack customer service is not that good, but I do think there traps are very good if not some of the best, you have to buy from them in summer time when They are not pushed,
  9. You can, it’s only done to stop the soil getting under the pan, right time of year a decent sized dock leaf works for me
  10. It was under £100 but it was along time ago maybe 8 yr back now the 223 was, I believe 24 or 25 inch barrel and as I say mine was taken down to 19 inch the picture shows the 223 above the hornet,which has a 21 inch barrel the hornet case marks the original barrel length of the Remi ,
  11. Well I tell you I had all sorts of people saying about loss of feet per second but it doesn’t add up, not that I am saying you don’t loose FPS , but it is minimal and I have noticed no change in point of impact, I shoot 22 hornet in day time, and I kill regularly out to 200 yds, which I was told was it’s effective limit, I doubt the hornet is pushing the same energy as the 223 at that range, but it kills and very well, you have to look further than the bench rest guys who are looking for one hole groups, if the gun is unpractical as mine was, then why not, my gun is far better to use from the
  12. I took a good amount off my Remington 700 1:12 twist 223, and I can tell you it has dramatically changed the gun for the better in my view, before it was unwieldy and badly balanced , now I have it as a dedicated night rifle and love it, I was going to get rid, it was that bad to handle, well worth the cost, I load my own rounds and found the lighter faster rounds suited it better so left it at that, I shoot most of my foxes out to 200 not many beyond that, and the guns been spot on, it’s now at 19 inch if I remember right it was around 25 inch, and when the silencer was on it it was like ho
  13. Hi mate, decently priced tunnels would be pest stop I get good life out of those as well, flat pack tunnels are about the best, especially on acidic ground they will last very well, I find the tunnels suit my style of trapping best I have tried others ie nomol and trap line claw and scissors traps, and have had reasonable catches with all of them, I would help you if all you are looking for is pointers/ guidance , but I am over in the west of the country,
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