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  1. Hi mate , what species of Deer , are you going after ? 243 will drop anything in this country I really I wouldn’t go smaller than that , 270 is a fantastic round, I use 6.5x55 I have used both the others , I only use it because it kills everything very well , and without excessive recoil, if I was shooting big reds and sika all the time I would go 270 up , however if I was only going for an odd red and sika every now and again , I probably would stick to 243 , or a calibre I can get good amo availability on and one I find good to shoot with, the above calibres will not give you excessive
  2. I just received , 10 I bought as a taster I must say initial impressions are good , well made with good spring strength , I will get them in the ground next day or so and see how they fair, I might need to buy another 100 or so I hope they do well .
  3. They are almost impossible to get hold of , going to have to buy loaded rounds soon .
  4. I would say most are imported , there’s very few in uk manufacture them now , it’s a shame to say, that but it is a common thing around the world now, quality from china is poor , saying that there’s an odd make which will give you reasonable life span , but most are woefully under powered , and badly galvanised .
  5. I still have a couple of the old ones before they were all stainless , they are good ,
  6. Look here Wildlife Health - Diseases To report sick or dead wildlife, call your local ODFW office or the Wildlife Health Lab toll free number (866-968-2600) Adenovirus Hemorrhagic Disease of Deer Adenoviruses belong to a small group of viruses that can infect a wide variety of animals, both wild and domestic. The AHD virus of deer was first identified in California in1994. Infected deer can have clinical signs common to other diseases such as bluetongue or pneumonia. Chronic symptoms include ulcers and abscesses in the mouth and throat. Acute symptoms include rapid or open
  7. Are they suffering sever weight loss ? Waisting away ?
  8. I think I will give them a try , at least sample a few of each , I have a lot of traps anyway, but it’s good to try other makes , as said flat pack are expensive but have been very good for me, so have pest stop, I have a lot more farms to do this year , so will need to increase my stock at some point, and I think if the soil temp comes up the grass will bolt up , but the ground is bloody wet at the minute .
  9. Yes and the round wires I wonder who supplies them , it looks like a good supplier , always tried to find a supplier for the bethel Rhodes traps , but failed ,
  10. They look fair priced for there traps I will give you that
  11. I have used the putange , I have some set now , but they are not my thing, very good for setting where the public are , a good cheap trap to try is the pest stop tunnel trap , I know some pull there nose at em , they are cheap but they catch very well, or do for me , I will say though the flat pack last a long time,
  12. I did once see some advertised , but never bought any, I use mainly flat pack traps, the stainless ones are good for the acidic soils around here, how much were they ? Who stocks them ,
  13. Thanks for that much appreciated, at least I know more now of what to look for , it still doesn’t help though that I cannot find any one who actually want the work,
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