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  1. I find the Winchester sx4 very good easy to strip and clean and reliable, cheap enough , I use mine on geese crow pigeon and fox, and it never misses a beat really ,
  2. Can I ask a question that is bugging me, they say they can’t afford to appeal and try and get there guns back, and I do understand it’s very expensive, a lot of people would not be able to afford to take the police to court to challenge their decision and reclaim their guns back, and it’s rather convenient that most of the shooting organisations have this last couple of years taken the legal expenses cover off their membership, however If you have legal cover on your house insurance surely they would fight it for you, ie if it went to court, or have I misunderstood the whole legal prote
  3. I have seen on utube people fire forming 303 brass for 410, and I know magtech do them, although not the 3 inch shells, I would like to load the 18 grm no 6’s or 5’s , I seem to use mine all the time for decoying crow and around buildings and such, I am worried when we have to use steel loads, I know that’s not a immediate concern , however my gun choke combination is spot on for me , I don’t want to have to take the full choke out, so I will look around for a unsilenced barrel for it, I see TSS shot is becoming available and I think it will be interesting to dabble with the loads abit , I kno
  4. I don’t need nothing technical , it’s getting one over here, I am going to email them I think, if you don’t mind me asking what powders do you use, and have you tried to load say steel, you would think some one would come up with a set dies for the lee presses ie the rifle loading presses, I have plenty of that gear
  5. Hi sausagedog I found these online they do 410 /20 bore and 12 bore a company called The X Ring USA
  6. I am wanting to try and load some 410 this year, and looking for loading presses, it seems there’s only Mec about, and I don’t want to spend daft money on one, lee only make 12 and 20 gauge that I would use, and not 410, I see the survival loaders from America give a 410 option, what does everyone else use I have plenty of loading gear for rifle rounds, but not shot shell I am planning on getting a lee load all in 12 with a 20 gauge conversion kit especially since I found they would load 3 inch and spoke to clay and game, but I would like to load the 410 as I do seem use mine mo
  7. just shows the differences between terminology,
  8. Ok but if the head is at the bottom why is the neck at the top,surely that should be the ankles
  9. It seems other people call them heads too
  10. Oh yes I knew primer pocket, that too is in the base ,
  11. I thought the primer was in the base
  12. Yes mine too having used one for over 20 yr, and I did assume that the speed of the twist was stripping the jackets ,ie compromising the bullets, sorry for my lack of verbal dexterity, it seems though KimE is correct and 1:8 ish is normal twist for 6.5 and I call them heads as that’s what I buy (bullet heads) a component of the round, at the end of the day it should stabilise the 156 grain heads (bullets) well being 1:7.5 twist and I was wondering what experiences if any , any of the members had, which heads, (bullets ) were best to try or what other people had used, having never gone a
  13. I am looking at the 156 grain, and will give them a go as the range wouldn’t be stupid from a high seat, thanks for the advice it is appreciated, what make of bullet heads would you advise, or do you buy them loaded
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