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  1. 3175darren


    Rubbish in your opinion, well that a statement that starts and ends with your opinion, in my opinion, fenn traps have accounted for huge amounts of prey, and to be fair, hardly any foul catches to me that’s s measure of success, we all have our favourites, that I will concede, but to say they should be banned, is bollox in my view,
  2. 3175darren

    Chocolate Labs

    Gnash I have seen some good chocolate labs, but not many, mainly as blacks and golden, have always been more popular / common, I had never had anything to do with the Fox red labs, till my brother got one, and that was a belting dog, well worth keeping, my only opinion is they are bred for pup price, and if I am truthful they seem to age quickly, look old, as regards working ability I have never heard anything bad about them,
  3. 3175darren

    Can am quads

    I know I should stick with Honda and probably will, but if you don’t ask these things you never learn,
  4. 3175darren

    Can am quads

    No mate not yet, been told now to look at CF moto, never heard of them, i will end up with Honda or Yamaha I think, but I thought I would ask around and get others opinions,
  5. I don’t know where you are, but malmo guns, have a large stock of Chedite shells,
  6. 3175darren

    new batch of factory bullets

    Just check it, three shot group, that will tell you if re-zero is needed or not, I would always check on a new batch, for peice of mind,
  7. 3175darren

    Mole numbers this winter ?

    This weather front will cause some mess, as soon as the ground hardens the boys will be spreading slurry, and collapsing the runs with the tanker/ tractors, then you will see some soil pushed up, when they clean out, its been that mild bloody grass was starting to grow, its going to be a interesting yr that’s a fact,
  8. 3175darren

    Mole numbers this winter ?

    I am catching, but they are in deeper runs than normal, not big numbers, as in less than expected, but they are putting a lot of soil up at the moment, how’s the wood barrelled traps doing
  9. 3175darren

    Can am quads

    Hi lads I am starting to look at changing my quad, maybe summer time, I have a trx 300 Honda and it’s been superb, owned is since 2003, but I need something road registered / agricultural registered, I have been warned the trx 500, as in don’t get the auto box, then apparently there’s a issue with the back axle, something needing adjusting regularly, in truth that’s possibly still what I will go for, or yamaha grizzly, however I have been pointed towards CAN AM a few times now, and I feel they have been around long enough now, to get some honest feedback on them, anyone got one, what are they like warts and all,
  10. 3175darren

    Muddy management

    And that’s the difference between a stalker, and a shooter, well done Matt it is worth the effort, i wouldn’t have slept for a while, if I hadn’t at least tried to dispatch it, good shooting as well,
  11. 3175darren

    Few wires out(hares)

    Keep going mate trial and error, you will connect with a bit of perseverance,
  12. 3175darren

    Fox snare

    It’s sometimes good to put a second snare, 10-15 yds further down the run,
  13. 3175darren

    Young dogs first stalk part two

    He is mate, A lovely stamp of dog,
  14. 3175darren

    22 hunter k walnut stock unmarked free

    Good on you JJm, it will be good for anyone starting out,
  15. 3175darren

    Young dogs first stalk part two

    Yes it is good half a body length in front, but it was his first time and to be fare, he did creep along side just as I set the sticks up, this is the point he picked up on the deer, I sat him then for a while till I had the shot I wanted, I wasn’t going to allow him to push in front too much, till I have the absolute trust in him, I had no lead on him, I had walked him into deer beds in the wood, in October, to learn his body language abit before we did it for real, his body language is very subtle, all you get is a look and a ear flick, and he starts to stiffen, but I feel that will come on now, as he grasps what’s expected of him, he certainly finds the blood trail fairly easy, even when I burry the end/ last bit of it,