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  1. I had a few pinks this morning, as said above do your home work, I used no 1 Solway steel, there’s loads of pinks about but still hopping from one stubble to the next, still plenty of food around and there not pushed at all,
  2. To be fare it’s gone through the roof, DSC has made it worse in my opinion, everyone wants to charge through the nose, and the venison prices are at rock bottom, it reminds me of the rabbit issues years ago, farmers complaining about the rabbits and wouldn’t let people on to catch them, I remember hind stalking in the late 80’s at £50 a day, and lodgings were really reasonable, people are far better heading south now, to be fair the trophies are as good or better, not that I go for them, and you are not dragged two days camel ride up a hill, to shoot a beast 200 yds behind the cottage . I am
  3. Can’t mate got a fibreglass back on it, or I would,
  4. I have a Toyota hilux, mate just thought I would ask see if anyone had tried one,
  5. Good point may not be legal, I have a trailer but I may have to get a bigger one, I just thought they looked handy, but god knows how they stand the weight of a quad,
  6. Been looking at buying a new trailer for my quad, and come across these, has anyone tried one at all it seems they grit to the tow hitch, I don’t think I would trust one not to break,
  7. They hold there money mind, I will sell mine once I get the paper work for agri registered sorted for the new bike
  8. I used a 300 big red for years, and it was plenty for mole catching, she sits in the shed now, as I have bought a another one for this year that I can road register, a 250-300 is plenty it’s just a carrying platform, ie boxes of traps spades and such, and the older quads are easier to fit on a trailer,
  9. Stone there are syndicates in Scotland, but few and far between, it is just daft money now, and in truth there are better trophies down south, people have been paying stupid money, and now the stalkers expect it, a lot just see us as cash cow’s, a lot of the stalking has been bought up by southerners who hardly ever go, and try to get there money back by charging through the nose, using a local stalker to take people out, I just stick to roe stalking now and I have stalked since the mid to late 80’s
  10. like one of them early 90’s car alarms
  11. Well I was going to put one in my shed where I keep my quad, I suppose it all depends where I manage to put the receiver unit, if I can get boosters that may cure any issues I could have, I am having the house rewired in spring time, so I will probably have to wait till then to do it right, I thought if I asked around to find the right kit first, it would save money in the long run, as regards the 4 g it’s just crap in the house, old thick walls so we rely on Wi-Fi
  12. 4 g isn’t that reliable just here, it is getting better though
  13. So how far are they away from the system what range will they still work at do you know ?? My house is old and an odd shape
  14. Was it daft money to get installed
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