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  1. 3175darren

    A Muntjac shoulder mount

    That Looks smart mate, I need to get a day stalking munties, a change from roe, really good work that,
  2. 3175darren

    Am I turning into an Anorak?

    That’s perfectly normal mate, no anorak there, just don’t throw one off the wrist, that would be a tad worrying,
  3. 3175darren

    Life on the edge

    That’s why every man should have a comfy shed, at least you have some where to sleep,
  4. 3175darren

    Hush power 4.10s any good?

    Well if I am truthful my 20 hushpower is a very good gun, sat in a hide or hedge it’s first class, but to walk up with it, its a cumbersome thing, I suggest the 410 will be more manoeuvrable, and quicker to use on a flushed rabbit, I hear them investarm 20 gauge over and unders, are very usable rather than the pump, but I have never shot one of them, so not qualified to say,
  5. 3175darren

    Hush power 4.10s any good?

    As above I have the moss berg 20 pump, hush power cracking gun, I will get the 410 though, to use in close proximity to the buildings/ cow sheds, over the winter when they are occupied, I don’t think you can beat 410 up close, with the 2 inch cartridge, which are in my opinion better than the 9mm garden gun, and through a moderated gun, are as quiet as you will ever get, I will be trading my side by side 410 this yr for a modified one,I suppose it all depends, on what you are wanting to shoot,
  6. 3175darren

    Hand turn grinder

    Make a good snare twister for someone,
  7. 3175darren

    One rifle to do it all....

    I agree with underdog, they will take anything in this country, I have used one twenty yr, and love the round, it’s not the only caliber I have tried but one I have stuck with,
  8. 3175darren

    A good first day of the season

    Sounds good, we have been limited, as most of the ponds around us are dry at the moment, that’s the only pond I have with water at present, I am uasually feeding 3 this time of yr,
  9. 3175darren


    That’s a stonka
  10. 3175darren

    Old school rat control

    It’s brilliant fun to do, well done mate
  11. 3175darren

    A good first day of the season

    I know mate, I have done it for yrs, but never have hit them too hard at the start, just My way
  12. 3175darren

    A good first day of the season

    First morning, cracking start, 11 mallard 1 goose, on new ground a flight pond, I got end of last yr, my others are dry at the moment, I don’t normally shoot morning flights, but had friends here, for the opening day, one a novice, plenty of duck, so I called time at 11, they were still coming in when we went, and didn’t want to hit it too hard, dog did really well, doing some really good retrieves,
  13. 3175darren

    Squirrel session.

    Me too there’s plenty around, resident greys that is, been a good yr for mallard it seems too,
  14. 3175darren

    Game prep process...

    Yes I agree, very productive when done right
  15. 3175darren

    Game prep process...

    I gut all mine in the field, only takes a few seconds, go back next night or so, and wait for the fox,