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  1. 3175darren

    Young dogs first stalk part two

    He is mate, A lovely stamp of dog,
  2. 3175darren

    22 hunter k walnut stock unmarked free

    Good on you JJm, it will be good for anyone starting out,
  3. 3175darren

    Young dogs first stalk part two

    Yes it is good half a body length in front, but it was his first time and to be fare, he did creep along side just as I set the sticks up, this is the point he picked up on the deer, I sat him then for a while till I had the shot I wanted, I wasn’t going to allow him to push in front too much, till I have the absolute trust in him, I had no lead on him, I had walked him into deer beds in the wood, in October, to learn his body language abit before we did it for real, his body language is very subtle, all you get is a look and a ear flick, and he starts to stiffen, but I feel that will come on now, as he grasps what’s expected of him, he certainly finds the blood trail fairly easy, even when I burry the end/ last bit of it,
  4. 3175darren

    Young dogs first stalk part two

    I agree, I have had a few Deer dogs, it is standard practice, and minimum wages, to give them a bit of liver, I was just chuffed with him I only got him in July, and the dogs just absorbed everything I have taught him, he was a bit gun shy at the start, but he’s gone from strength to strength, I think you can get a good measure of a dogs ability, when you are stalking, he ignored everything but what I wanted, he fell in behind and watched my every move, you can connect to a dog much better when stalking, in my opinion
  5. 3175darren

    Young dogs first stalk part two

    Not really it’s the manlicher with the PES silencer, they come along way down the barrel, it’s nicely balanced had it 15 yr now,
  6. He worked in at a lovely steady pace, and looked chuffed at his find ,he sat as good as gold while I gralloched it hopefully it’s the start of a good stalking partnership,
  7. Well back in July I picked up a young lab, nice dog who has had my attention ever since, I have invested a lot of time into steadying him, and getting his sit compliance where I wanted it, the dog has been a pleasure to train, and knowing he’s still young I am cautious what I expose him to, anyway I decided to take him for a stalk this morning as a training exercise, he’s really spatially aware, steady, and watches my hands intently, so I though he’s ready, so I left the lead in the car, And set off mid morning, to a spot I knew had a few does, I did a bit of sit work as I headed up the first field, The area was bad long rushes and grass, rough walking underfoot, hard to keep the approach quiet, anyway nothing ventured and all that, I spotted 2 does ahead, walking away from us, in the long grass, we stalked them 400 yd or so, and the dog did well, getting a little too close at one point, I felt him on the back of my welly, however he sat every time I stopped without being told, after what seemed like ages we reached a maize stubble, and the dog pulled along side of me, I notice straight away he had scent in his nose, and true enough there in front in the long grass, stood a doe dog sat lovely while the sticks were set up, and the doe went broad side , one well placed shot later, and job done, I took him down wind and let him work into it,
  8. 3175darren

    Various Jack Russell's

    Totally agree, mine was gifted,
  9. 3175darren

    Springs, fao, 3175darren

    And that’s what’s going to give the spring, far more strength, I have tried to make a spring from fence wire, and in truth it was not good, I was not aware of the lacing, which makes both wires pull together, thanks ET, I have the house In bits at the minute, but I am going to retry and make one
  10. 3175darren

    Various Jack Russell's

    He looks a very happy man with the dog under his arm, proud,as a man should be with a good working dog, under his arm , his face captures it for me, any man that doesn’t feel like that, isn’t worthy of the dog, in my opinion.
  11. 3175darren

    Various Jack Russell's

    Yep it’s surprising how far a pound a day went,
  12. 3175darren

    Various Jack Russell's

    Great times remember them well
  13. 3175darren


    No mate sorry just looked it wasn’t me,
  14. 3175darren


    I think I may have, but it’s a while ago now , I have just tried to find it, I asked on here months ago, and have been watching his website,