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  1. I don't want your money - I just changed what you said for a laugh. GM was referring to your earlier post where you said that the unvaccinated should be treated less favourably than the vaccinated but, you already knew that
  2. I popped into my local one 2 days ago, it's the first time I've been there in over 3 years. I wanted a specific set of scope mounts - the silly fecker started asking about scope size and brand. None of that mattered because I was very specific about mount size and brand ......... I ended up helping myself to the ones that I was after and walking to the till while he was still in mid sentence. They're like it with everything in there - know it alls that actually know f**k all. It'll be a while before I go back in there again.
  3. Oh for f**k sake.
  4. f**k that - time for a Jewish stocktake on that car
  5. Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham and homemade potato salad
  6. That's the thing, I am trying and, I'm pushing forward for me and mine. I have a plan and, I'm getting there
  7. It's all too far gone mate - there will never be the strength of uprising in this country to shock the system into a dramatic change. I've said it before, the best you can do is to take care of you and yours while things very slowly change. 1 step forwards, 3 backwards, 2 forwards, 1 backwards, 2 forwards. What we definitely don't need is to be inconvenced by our own who think they're going to make a difference in their crusade of vandalism - especially now when everything's being cut to the bone and getting that much harder for normal people. Honestly, I couldn't
  8. It's not though, is it.
  9. Again, they're not endearing ordinary folk to their cause - people need to use those petrol stations so that they can earn money and take care of their families. If they're going to protest like that, I think the 'Occupy Westminster' thing is a better way to go. ........... But, I reckon the police will look after the politicians even more than they do for the poofs and the blacks.
  10. Kids eh Keep the leftovers mate - wrap it in pastry and give her some gray, she'll love it
  11. Enchiladas and salad with homemade honey and mustard dressing tonight
  12. I've had it once that I know of. It was just like a cold. I didn't loose taste or smell but, things like flavoured water and tomato ketchup tasted funny. On the plus side, I lost 12kg and, I've kept it off
  13. In that case mate, I hope he lives the rock n' roll lifestyle for a while - nice holiday and plenty of fanny I suppose my one bit of advice would be to keep it quiet - it's amazing how many how hands come out when there's a few quid involved. Good luck to him
  14. Happy Feckin Days ......... Him and his kids could be set for life if he's careful.
  15. f***ing 9yrs old ......... It seems that everywhere you look nowadays society is just on its arse. Where's the local outcry? Why is this scumbag not hanging from a lamp post?
  16. Just experience from a lot of nights out mate - I can almost guarantee that it went something very close to that.
  17. Come on, get it off your chest - is it because he's black or because he's American? Share it with the group, you'll feel better.......... you're not a copper now, you don't have to hide those feelings anymore
  18. I'll tell you exactly what happened Owen Jones goes out and, feeling like Jack the lad, he bypasses the usual gay bar and wanders into the wrong pub. After 1 too many Babychams he gets a bit lively and bumps into a local and, spills his pint. Now, it's been a while since our frilly friend has been put right by anybody so, when the bloke asks him to 'watch what he's doing, Mr Jones, the punchable little upstart that he is, and believing the hype that his LGBTQUPYOURBUM+ credentials will save him, decides to get a bit lippy and, he does it in a way that those
  19. Only when someone like Owen Jones makes enough noise. ......... he's like the school grass, running to the teacher when he's been told to f**k off in the playground.
  20. I can't click on that link and read the words of a little wet communist proffer, I just can't. This one never gets old though .......... Owen Jones: Man jailed for attacking journalist WWW.BBC.CO.UK James Healy attacked Mr Jones because of his politics and LGBTQ beliefs, the court heard.
  21. He lives in France, he actually chose to live among the French - he's lost the right to criticise anywhere else
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