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  1. They bring back some memories - I remember my grandad teaching me to use a hand drill and planes like those when I was a kid. .......... good times
  2. That'll be the best outcome for London
  3. It's going to be interesting to see how this one develops - especially when we find out who did it
  4. Pork steaks for me today - this Sunday was the missus turn to cook
  5. I've got these 2 silver jubilee coins and, somewhere, a box full of copper coins - if I can find them, I'll put some pictures up.
  6. Same here - that's the first time I've done it again in about 30yrs
  7. Yes - a 127 ton loco went over it twice.
  8. I've got a squashed £2 coin
  9. You're not missing anything Arry - there's nothing to understand........ they're just a bunch of shitheads with no respect for their area or their people mate
  10. I think that's what people need to know - I never knew all that when we were having difficulties. You're right though - finding an environment that works for her is going well so far
  11. That's if you can get an assessment - the schools round here seem more worried about attendance targets and Oftsted scores, they're happier to write off a challenging kid.
  12. My experience has been the other way round - no end of bother with the secondary school and a headmistress and a few teachers with weird ideas. Little 'un is now at college doing what they call pre 16 courses - her tutors have all been brilliant. ........... they're actually teaching her to research and think aswell as remember facts. I haven't seen a slant being put on anything from any of them. The main thing is, since our daughter has been there, she's been happy and enthusiastic about her learning
  13. That sounds very similar to our experience of our daughters secondary school. .......... when the time came that I'd had enough, I enjoyed going all council estate on those stuck up fuckers - they didn't know where to look when I'd finished. Good luck with the meeting
  14. Mate, you know my thoughts on it - schools are a place for academic learning. No more, no less. A lot of teachers nowadays are just left wing shitheads that want to push their ideologies onto the next generation - the education system is infested with them. ........... They need to be weeded out as not fit for purpose - some need prosecuting under child protection laws. Good luck to you and Henry
  15. Without a license, we're allowed 6ftlb for pistols and 12ftlb for rifles. There's a lot of different opinions where converted pistols are concerned - the law surrounding it is a grey area so, no one really knows for sure. My belief is that a court would see a pistol as being able to be fired from 1 or 2 hands, arms out stretched and, a rifle as requiring 3 points of contact, shouldered. So, if a pistol is converted to have a longer barrel and a fixed butt, I'd be happy to up the power to 12ftlb.
  16. I'm not sure that's right mate - my old Edgun Lelya was definitely shorter than 24" and, that was ok to run at 12ftlb
  17. Outrage as convoy of cars driven through Jewish community in Finchley yelling 'f*** their mothers' | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK A convoy of cars bearing the Palestinian flag drove through a Jewish community in north...
  18. Nice gesture Jimmy The Marksman is a big bit of kit Phil but, I haven't found anything quieter yet
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