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  1. I feel for him. He seems like a decent sort and, if he wants her as his missus and, wants to move away and be happy, good luck to him. I suppose as far as the royal family goes, he's a bit of a spare part - he'll always be in his brothers shadow and, he'll never be king. Because of who he is, he can never lead a normal life either. Maybe the wide open spaces in Canada will make him feel like he's got some normality and privacy.
  2. I was there in the late 90s with the boxing club - it seemed nice. The people were friendly. ........ maybe it's changed since?
  3. Fair dos The only place I've ever been to in Ireland was Athy in Kildare - it was nice.
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    Congratulations and best wishes to mum and baby It's funny how you get an image in your head when you've never met someone - I didn't think you were old enough to be a grandad Kanny
  5. Have a look at Wiltshire mate - I like it here. We moved here from Reading after our daughter was born because we didn't want to bring her up in that shit hole. ......... I'm only 45 minutes away from my parents now but, this is a world apart
  6. Well, That's not very nice. I'm genuinely concerned for your welfare - outbursts like that could be a sign of substance abuse. We're all here for you if you need to talk You're not having a cuddle though
  7. Just checking ✌
  8. Good luck to your mate for a full recovery
  9. It's the little Trump jig at the end
  10. On the back of your comment, I just watched it - savaged is the right word for it, that was funny
  11. Are minions like midgets?
  12. In a moonlight battle with his arch nemesis at the racecourse?
  13. No, I've never heard of it but, I'll look it up
  14. Ricky Gervais grew up a few miles from where I did - I thought he was funny in the Office but, after seeing his animal rights bollocks and, the way he was having a pop at the Spanish hunter girl, he can go f**k himself - I avoid anything that he's in now. I'm not a big fan of American comedies but, Charlie Sheen if funny is 2 and a half men.
  15. Good going Tyla Is that an FN19?
  16. Loads of good comedians mentioned on here This one can be pretty funny...........
  17. I've got a nice easy day today and, some good meat in the fridge from my favourite butcher that I'll enjoy cooking later ........... So, I thought I'd have a quick flick through YouTube and, ended up watching some Al Murray clips - I forgot how much he made me laugh
  18. Cor, f**k me - imagine that ........ I reckon Iran could hit Israel but, the retaliation would be a nightmare.
  19. It sounds like he was quite a popular figure among his people. I can't imagine Iran reaching out too far to retaliate but, they'll definitely do something closer to home.
  20. Only just seen this - happy Birthday DC She did well with that cake
  21. Hope you have a better new year mate All the best
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