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  1. The subtitles on those videos are comedy gold ............ and the Jamaican bit near the end
  2. That's some haul - nice shooting
  3. I've just finished watching Norsemen on Netflix - there's 3 series on there at the moment and, it's really funny if you've got a slightly warped sense of humour. .......... I liked it
  4. Those sausages sound nice
  5. I'm now giving some serious thought about driving up there tomorrow mate
  6. I hope it brings you some peace mate
  7. I know mate - he's more than proved that it's a decent bit of kit but, I have trouble getting my head around a rifle that hasn't got a wooden stock and blued barrel
  8. Spot on mate - thank you It looks well made .......... those stocks do concern me a bit after trying some of the earlier ones from different manufacturers and finding hollows in them and fore ends that flex.
  9. You'll keep getting that - it's just best guess until someone gets it right, unless they give you a scan in one of those big machines. Positive mental attitude ffs ......... you'd be better with a shamen, a chickens foot and a crows feather Take it steady mate - the worse case scenario is shitting your pants and not getting it up ever again. Keep the deep heat and pain killers handy - at least they'll keep you earning while it's being sorted.
  10. You'd made yourself strong for the job that you'd been doing over the years - your body got used to lifting heavy loads in certain ways. As daft as it may sound, you switched to a job with smaller loads but different movements - 1 wrong twist or extension when you're taking things for granted is all it takes. As you now know, backs are a f****r - now that it's gone wrong, you're going to get lots of conflicting opinions and diagnoses until (maybe) you find something that works for you. ........... you could be on a long journey - that said, I hope you find something that works
  11. Good result as usual BN would you be able to do me a favour please? Could you take the action out of your HW100 and put up a picture of the inside of the stock? I know it probably sounds like a strange request - my local RFD has got one in that I keep thinking about ........... the shop is one of those posh shotgun places that also does a few air rifles - I don't think he'd let me have a look without buying it first.
  12. One thing that you won't hear much about - home schooling is on the rise all over the country. .......... a lot of kids are doing well from not having a lefty agenda shoved down their throats. They're still socialising and learning well - it's not as difficult as most would imagine
  13. I'll PM him for some tips
  14. All this football talk is great lads but, can anyone get me the fountain shitters number? ........... I'm feeling fruity
  15. I thought it sounded better than Bermondsey
  16. Yep - it's on the www for eternity now. ............. kids will be writing essays about it in years to come, like Shakespeare
  17. That must be some gaff - I don't know anyone with a fountain in their garden. ........... apart from my nan but, that's just a little effort in the koy pond. Lord Gnasher of Peckham
  18. There's a big feckin chunk of truth in that mate.
  19. Yes, you're right Phil, the A&M ones do have to be emptied first.
  20. A road trip is definitely in order at some point mate - my daughter would love it. Our hunting is usually done with airguns so, I reckon we'd be looking at a sightseeing and boating tour (I won't pander to those daft AWL restrictions)
  21. That's pretty much my thoughts on it all.
  22. I'd go to Scotland first because I've never been but, I keep hearing good things about it. Also, the older I get, the more I appreciate solitude.
  23. I don't have the answers mate but, they have put a lot of businesses and individuals into more debt. ......... how much is now owed to HMG from tax deferral schemes alone? It's easy to be cynical when you look at the numbers.
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