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  1. Smoked Haddock and cherry tomatoes in some balsamic vinegar thing
  2. You NEVER want to be entitled to one mate
  3. Jonjon79


    It's like that with a lot of things mate - there was that bit in the papers a few months ago about how they have a different number for the tax office. ........ us plebs have to wait ages on the phone, they get straight through to someone. It's always them and us.
  4. no mate - that's good honest spuds with butter and cream The missus was in a right pissy with work today and, I had a nice short day so I did her a proper honest dinner.
  5. I made them mate - no oven chips today
  6. Good shout mate ....... I was back at the beef and Stilton pies tonight - that time of year is coming back around again
  7. You dirty iberian git What is iberian? Honestly, I don't know.
  8. I'm in sunny Newport today for 1 quick job
  9. I quite like the idea of those DNA tests that tell you how you're made up. My daughter wants to do one - my grandparents were English, Welsh and Romany. Her Mums grandparents were English and Scottish....... past that, I don't really know what's in the mix.
  10. It takes the piss mate - they treat the spongers better than our old folk.
  11. British Citizenship test: 24 questions from the test to see if you would be able to pass it - MyLondon WWW.MYLONDON.NEWS Some questions are very tricky
  12. 1st job of the day - back at the docks
  13. I think the bit that winds me up the most is that they can come here and get all of the free shit without having paid anything in. ........ that's our money - we all earned that. We contributed to the standards in this country. Not them.
  14. All paedophiles deserve is a gas chamber - preferably with a big window for public viewing. ......... no new terminology, no weird little dolls, no therapy, no tea and biscuits - just a 1 way ticket. Anyone giving them sympathy, like that teacher, should be beaten until they come to their senses.
  15. This is how we like it in this house....... Good beef mince, not that low fat stuff. Plum tomatoes. Tomato paste. Chillies. Garlic. Red onion. 1 Oxo cube. Salt. Pepper. Oregano. Thyme. Parsley. Sage. A big slosh of red wine. A good couple of hours cooking and stiring to reduce it down. Maybe a little sugar or more salt depending on how it tastes after it's been simmering for a while. Dried herbs are ok but, I prefer rough cut fresh ones.
  16. Ok, maybe one of those long football socks to give you a better chance for doing a runner afterwards
  17. Same here mate - that's my junction to go and see family and old friends
  18. He's keeping an eye on his proxy, infront of him with the backpack
  19. I'd have rather been in that field as well mate Mackem is like the Kate Adie of THL - putting himself in among the shite and carnage to report back for our viewing pleasure
  20. You were close enough for a couple of snooker balls in a sock mate ......... f**k me, I'd pay good money to see that - Crack! right ontop of her nut
  21. Indeed mate - a hood is so much more manly than those little kichen aprons
  22. Yes, I'll be there ........ the chance of some free stuff from the shops along the route is an opportunity too good to miss, especially with Christmas around the corner and fuel bills going up. I just need to iron my mask - don't want to risk catching covid in the melee, oops, I mean the respectful crowd
  23. That's a real shame, she stood for a lot of what was good about this country. ........ RIP old girl.
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