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  1. Yes, I agree - it definitely looks like they've gone for an easy target - the same way those scumbags at HMRC will completely rinse a sole trader but, offer a settlement to the big corporates I agree with Greb - I'd lie to keep the missus out of it and, take a bit of time rather than give them a penny.
  2. And Boris is wearing this seasons deck chair camo
  3. I was working so, I only caught the last 15 minutes by the time I got home - I'm off on Sunday though I don't follow football but, I do like the international games - especially when we've got the chance of stuffing Europe No doubt they've done well so far but, there's that little nagging feeling in me that they may f**k it all up at the last minute - I really hope I'm wrong Being optimistic - I'm going for 3-2 to England before full time
  4. I think that's the part of me that would like to see all the lights go out
  5. Yes, probably mate - I was a kid in the 80's and even then I remember it being slower. ........ no mobile phones, helping with the veg in the garden, neighbours hanging out in their front gardens etc. There's probably a bit of the ol' rose tinted spectacles going on but, I remember life being simpler. ........ I didn't do 60hr weeks and pay bills when I was a kid
  6. Jonjon79

    old photos

    I like that middle picture - maybe because it's caught her halfway through doing something. ........ it's interesting.
  7. There was a really surreal few days in the first lockdown - the sun was shining and the roads where we live were mostly deserted. Everything was quiet and, people were actually talking to each other in the street. .......... The whole pace of life just seemed to slow to a crawl and, everyone appreciated it - I'd like some more of that But, I'd also like it if some solar flare or other catastrophe took out the internet and electricity world wide
  8. It does sting if you get it in your eyes though
  9. Well, I know one thing for sure - I definitely don't want a feckin shampoo injection
  10. My missus likes the toffee apple one that they do.
  11. Mad b*****d - he had 5 goes at it as well.
  12. Here we go ......... Covid latest: New lambda strain could be vaccine resistant due to โ€˜unusual mutationsโ€™ | World | News | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK A NEW coronavirus strain contains "unusual mutations" that make it more resistant to...
  13. It's exactly the same on both sides. ........... you pay your money, you take your choices. No one really knows for sure - the waters have been that muddied, all you can do is look at the info and make your own decision.
  14. Now THAT would have been a shit hot goal if Kane could have put it in
  15. I'm glad McGuire got that goal after the 2 ruskies gave him shit in the first half
  16. I just don't get all of the shouting and over excitedness but, I'm not a football fan - I'm watching it and enjoying it today because England are playing and doing well. ....... same as the athletics i suppose - i don't follow it but, i do keep an eye on our lot in the Olympics. It's good to see our boys do well - beating Germany was fantastic but, there isn't anything really special.
  17. There was some piece on the news on the radio a few days ago, saying that they're expecting a severe flu this winter because we've dodged it for a while. Being cynical, I'd say they may be lining up a way to f**k us all again.
  18. Haven't seen Ted on here for a while - I wonder how he's getting on
  19. Yes, same here - some of the zealots have been properly brainwashed into spinning out the mantra. ....... 'Do your duty, have the vaccine, protect others' Yet we're told that you can still catch it and pass it on but, it lessens the symptons - so surely if all of the vulnerable ones that want the jab have had it, it doesn't matter if we have it or not. I got another NHS text this morning - I've said all along that I may have it in the future, depending on how things develop and what side effects come to everyone else that's had it but, for now, no one in my house
  20. Did it look like this?
  21. If he starts all that shit, we'll take back the title early and help him with his leek
  22. Well f**k me - Cuba Gooding jr has taken a skunk round to Woolfdogs They are pretty cool - one of my old customers had one as a pet, she used to bring it into the shop.
  23. We hereby bestow upon you the honorary title of 'Englishman' - you may use this title while 'your' team are in the Euros. .......... It entitles you to wear a simple, yet classy red cross on a white background, drink crap lager and sing such songs as God save the queen, 10 German bombers, sweet caroline and rule Britannia. Embrace your inner Englishness and, enjoy
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