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  1. You know when you can look at a picture and know exactly how it would taste .........
  2. Jonjon79

    What job.

    Given the choice, I'd go somewhere out of the way, nice and warm, a little house on stilts, some fertile land, a small waterfall, a dog to talk to and a fishing boat And a smartphone with a solar panel charger so that I could post pictures of all of my fish suppers on THL
  3. Honestly, I hope I'm wrong about the upcoming meet, I hope everyone represents themselves well and the day has a positive impact ........ but, I suspect that old element will be there to start trouble on the fringes and, that's what the media will lap up as usual. I just don't think think that these football lad marches are the right way to get the message across anymore - football violence and the media have done a number on them over years and, that has stuck in normal folks minds so, they're starting from a jaded position straight from the off. .......... the first
  4. That's fair enough but, look at that last attempt just after the BLM riots - it was the same element there then. They were downing the beers at 8am on national news. It was a running scrap before lunch time. ......... there would have been some decent lads there but, they'll all get tarred with the same brush. I'm all for the cause but, it needs support from the ordinary folk - chanting, pissed up football lads won't win them round. Unfortunately, I reckon I can almost guarantee how it's going to end up on the 24th.
  5. That won't work - it's been tried before. ......... you'll have that same old element, pissed up and giving nazi salutes, throwing stuff at the coppers and, giving them just the reason they want to break it up - probably before 12 o'clock. That demo is doomed to fail.
  6. Scum. They should arm all the coppers at that event......... I'm thinking Barret .50 cals on the rooftops
  7. No one's talking about shanty towns or having the countryside broken up and given to inner-city wretches. .......... it's a conversation about folk that do have a bit of land, maybe just a smallholding, having the right to put down roots on it for their family without overzealous council wankers wielding the only power that they've ever had in their lives. Also, if someone has that dream and they work hard for the money to be able to buy that bit of land, I think they should be left alone to do it, despite what some of the rural snobs might think.
  8. It seems a shame to dispose of it mate. What size is the scope? - I've got the 3.5-10x50 that Si gave me
  9. Again, they could have just let the old boy be - he wasn't harming anyone.
  10. I'm not advocating a total free for all - the story is about someone that's chosen to live their way on a small area of the land that they own. How can it be right to pick on him now? It's his land.
  11. I don't know mate - I'm sure there's a law that you can claim a piece of land if you've been on it or using it for so many years unchallenged?
  12. Ah ok mate - I just took it at face value Still, I can't see the issue with someone building something to live in on their own land - these regulations and control just smell of power hungry bureaucrats to me.
  13. I hate stories like this - this old boy has been living on a 3 acre farm that he's owned for 30yrs and now, just because some nasty little council worker can, they're enforcing the rules and turning his life upside down. How difficult would it be to just backdate his permission and leave him in peace? There some proper nasty little arseholes out there in official roles - no wonder they're so hated. Wales: Man ordered to leave shipping container he's lived in for 30 years METRO.CO.UK Newport City Council has ordered former tip worker S
  14. I like early starts - there's less people about and the roads are quieter
  15. I lived at the Caversham Bridge end of Caversham Road for a while - Reading Festival weekend is a f***ing nightmare. That horde clogs up the area for the whole weekend - c**ts trying to sell their tat from peoples front gardens. When they finally leave, it's like something from the Walking dead streaming past for hours, barely functioning due to come-downs and hang-overs. ............ They leave mess and crap everywhere from those fields all the way to the railway station.
  16. We've still got lads at work talking about getting their 5th vaccine - it's like a competition to see who can get it first
  17. I don't live their life so, generally I don't really comment but, watching that elephant getting speared was uncomfortable. I couldn't do it.
  18. Cheers Phil ........ I often look in mate. Your freind can get some good info on that rifle on here - UK Chinese Airgun Forum - Index page WWW.UKCHINESEAIRGUNFORUM.COM
  19. Also, if you take the front cover off of the scope, there should be some info and, there should also be some writing on the bottom of the saddle, by the windage and elevation turrets.
  20. Hi Phil, The scope is a Simmons White tail Classic - good scope The rifle is an SMK XS79, it would have originally run off an 88 gram Co2 cartridge but, it looks like someone has put a lot of work into yours - the Foster valve will be for either HPA or bulk Co2 filling from something like an adapted fire extinguisher (I don't know much about this). The stock isn't original either - it looks like some kind of AGS stock (customisers like these because they need minimal to no changing to fit). I don't know what the hole is for behind the cocking bo
  21. No, it's nothing like that mate.
  22. She knocked up one of my favourites today - lemon cake
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