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  1. Sorry for your loss Stoney. Dogs are funny things - they do leave a big hole when they're gone. Atb
  2. Jonjon79


    I liked him and his programmes. I don't think I would have wanted to get on the wrong side of him - that old boy looked like he knew how to have a tear up
  3. I'll stick my head up - Catholics seem to be funny fuckers in my limited experience................... The missus Grandad used to be the mayor of this small town. He was a good, honourable chap that did a lot for the local community and, he was a good catholic. I liked him. When we went his funeral, it was a catholic affair and, a nice but sombre do. The bit that didn't sit well with me was when the vicar offer a blessing at the end - only to serving Catholics - wtf was that all about .......... it just didn't seem very excepting or charitable. Maybe I've missed something but, it came across as we'll bless anyone who's with us but, the rest of yous can feck off. ............ I'm atheist so the blessing didn't mean much to me but, there was a lot of old folks there that may have taken some comfort from it.
  4. I've always liked Guns N Rose's - I've been back into their older stuff lately and, this is one of my favourites
  5. Sounds like a nice evening Rusty Hope your missus is ok.
  6. Nearly 40 thousand - 40 f***ing THOUSAND, people voted for that complete dipstick
  7. Jonjon79


    The thing is, people like her haven't got a clue - she'd soon change her tone if she had to take a lone walk through Baghdad, Harare or Mogadishu.
  8. Jonjon79


    She sounds like a right little treasure White apologists eh .......... I'm surprised she found time between her slavery reparations to type a couple of emotional lines.
  9. If he does, he's got more bottle than me - I wouldn't dare call a p***y a Muslim
  10. That's pretty shocking - a slap on the wrist for that
  11. Jonjon79


    I used to like his programmes when I was a kid. RIP
  12. Good post Bosun We always had real Christmas trees when I was a kid - our daughter has just turned 14, this is the first real one that we've had since having her. .......... I remember the smell now and, it's nice to have it in the house.
  13. The subtitles are brilliant
  14. Same here - I just tried and got the same message. I wonder if it's got anything to do with a couple of naughty pictures that have been posted in general talk recently
  15. There's no harm in giving them a whirl Phil The most benefit you'll get is that they'll slap and slow down faster in quarry, like the Baracuda Hunter Extreme do because of the greater frontal area - they certainly won't expand at sub 12. Maybe they are geared up more for FAC - I certainly wouldn't want to be shot in the arse cheek with one at 900fps In a recent test with my '77, FTT Green actually gave better accuracy than Hades over 30 yrds But, I do enjoy a bit of pellet testing so, fill yer boots mate .......... if I still had some, I'd send them up
  16. I can't see AJ stepping up to Fury or Wilder to be honest. I think Fury would just frustrate him and, maybe he'd be lucky to lose on points. He'd dance around and box Wilder for a while but, that big right would put him out mid fight at the latest.
  17. We're off to the pub for dinner on Christmas day this year - I've never done that before. I'd prefer to be having dinner at home but, her parents suggested this - I can give it a go and see what happens I think we're round my parents on Christmas eve - Mum always made nice big roast dinners so, I know I'll be ok if the pup's shit
  18. I've got no likes left for today but, you'd have got one for that I do feck about a bit and make some silly comments but, I reckon you've made the right decision on this occasion
  19. It's starting to sound like it's best handed in - it's a piece of equipment that's designed to log locations. If you do hand it in, you've lost nothing
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