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  1. I feckin hate them little square things that hold the rear block in - there was nothing wrong with that screw in block. To be fair Skot, for a rifle that you didn't like the shot cycle, you still got decent accuracy from it
  2. Good on you both for passing the knowledge on Jimmy Jason - crack on mate, it'll come ........ we're all still learning (Apart from Phil but, he is as old as gods dog ) Ps - Jimmy, have you still not given No 65 their wheely bin back yet?
  3. One of our mates popped in for a cuppa this morning - she said that she was turned away for the first because she didn't have the second one booked. That's what they're doing round here now - asking for proof that you're booked in for both before they'll administer the first. It's shit and it's getting worse
  4. I have heard a few stories about shit service and spurious chrono reports and target cards from Daystate. If I ever bought another and it needed work, I'd probably get in touch with Staffordshire Custom Rifles - they seem to have a good reputation with these rifles.
  5. I still haven't seen it - no friends or family have had it, no one that I work with has had it, I haven't heard about anyone near where we live having it. There's definitely something fishy about the numbers and the way it's all reported.
  6. I haven't had a bad one yet - 2 Airwolfs, a Merlyn and another couple of older models. They were all good accurate rifles - those electronic triggers are nice to use. The only reason that I don't own one now is that I just can't get my head around having electronics on a rifle - I much prefer mechanical moving parts. I bought all of mine used so, the prices were reasonable - I can't see me ever forking out for one of their rifles brand new - some of the prices are a bit over the top.
  7. Sorry to hear that mate - my last job ended up like that...... a change of management and a few new dickheads in the mix made it a horrible place to be. That boatyard looked like a nice job, especially in this weather.
  8. Could you make a sideways move and stay on the railway? ......... something closer to home, still on ok money, in an industry that you know? I don't know if they operate up your way but, have a look at a firm called Rail Freight Services - they supply plant and operators to the rail industry. You might be able to use your 360 ticket and stay in the industry.
  9. That reminds me of that Father Ted scene where he's trying to tell Dougal the difference between small and far away
  10. I won't turn my nose up at much - I'd give some of the meat from it's face a go but, I'm f****d if I could tuck into some of the wobbly bits Top marks to you for having a crack at it though
  11. Nice one Mark - a good shot with a springer is very satisfying
  12. Put your efforts into getting rid of the license fee - once their magic money pot disappears and they have to earn a living like everyone else, they'll soon cut twats like Packham. Until that happens, they'll keep making shit excuses and ignoring their viewers.
  13. It would have been better if it'd been a heavy right cross and properly snapped his head back
  14. It's not really cooking but, we all like this in our house when the weather's nice Cherry tomatoes, peppers, onion, sweetcorn, cucumber, chillies and olive oil.
  15. I'd be happy with a Kyle Rittenhouse day - he did well
  16. I've been watching more series than films lately on Netflix......... I watched the first 2 episodes of Gotham last night - it's a backstory to Batman. So far, it looks pretty decent. It's tying in well. ........ I think Sean Pertwee is going to be an excellent casting choice for Arthur Recently finished watching SWAT (the series, not the film) - it was ok, I've seen a lot worse. .......... it was very 'Hoo Ra' American and, had a few political messages thrown in the later episodes. I tried to watch Spotless - I got about 15 minutes into the fir
  17. He's a proper frustrating little f****r Entertaining to watch though - it's funny when he bounces the ball off their heads
  18. Look at what you could have won....... All this for something that has a better than 99% survival rate
  19. Hark at the nasty attitude on it - horrible c**t
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