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  1. Fireworks is an excellent idea - I might do that and invite a bunch of people round That should make the Polish c**t a few doors away feel unwelcome for a while
  2. I believe it's official at 11pm. Hopefully they'll have Big Ben ready to ring to mark the occasion
  3. Jonjon79

    Tattoos 🤔

    Yes but, I just checked it - that's one of the words that they all get wrong so, it's ok
  4. Yep, I remember both of those
  5. I didn't see the programme but, surely that's a clear case of theft and, the police can go and act on it?
  6. Be careful with Freeads mate - there's some good deals to be had on there but, there's also a few scammers. It's up to you but, I'd be looking for one that I could go and collect.
  7. It's nice Peter - I like it slow cooked. I'd describe as being like lean lamb.
  8. Ahh, the poor little hard-done-by. She did wrong and she got caught - like a lot of politicians, she probably felt untouchable while she was in her previous job. She just needs to be told that she's had her lot so now piss off and don't come back.
  9. What part of the country are you in Daniel?
  10. Good write up and pictures Sounds like a cracking day.
  11. Jonjon79

    Tattoos 🤔

    Anyone else spot the spelling mistake?
  12. Good. f**k the lot of them. I hope ol' Shiner ends up living on the streets.
  13. It sounds ok as long as it's in good condition, holds air with no leaks and shoots straight. You'll find that accuracy will come easier with a PCP. Maybe try waving £220 under his nose to see if he'll take a lower offer
  14. This one was taken with a JSB Heavy at 51yrds - the rifle was zeroed at 37yrds. ......... The shot was taken from just past those over hanging trees in the background. It was a fairly awkward shot on a skittish rabbit but, the pellet hit home well and, he fell straight onto his side with just a couple of leg waves.
  15. At the moment, I only own springers so, I'm on the light to mid weight pellets. ......... I may test the heavies when I have time. In the 2 HW100s that I've had, I always used JSB Heavies for hunting. ........ it may be psychological but, quarry hit in the right place with those did seem to move less. Also, there seemed to be more of an audible crack when they hit the spot compared with something around 7/8 grains. I think the shape of the pellet may be helping as well - being less waisted and having more mass, they tend to deform less so, they drill more of a wound channel - I've had some pretty decent pass throughs and, I've found pellets that have traveled a fair way in shot quarry. ......... it's the old debate about whether this or, dumping energy into prey is best. I like the Heavies in a PCP - I found them to be accurate and reliable. .......... as we all know, they don't kill any better than any other well placed pellet - they're just what I had confidence in.
  16. And trigger technique - try having your thumb up against the stock and, when you squeeze the trigger, do it like your bringing your thumb and finger together. Then, keep the trigger pulled back while you watch the pellet impact through the scope. It works for me
  17. Don't get rid of the rifle just yet mate. My springers all seem to like lightweight domed pellets - Falcon Accuracy Plus have always done me well. I don't know what your technique is like but, try practicing with a light hold. Allow the fore end to just rest in your hand.
  18. blindfolded and made to kneel then shot in the back of the head by a state executioner. That'd work well over here for certain crimes.
  19. Daniel, what caliber is your rifle and, what pellets have you already tried?
  20. Jonjon79

    Tattoos 🤔

    We've had a few of those tea towels over the years - some of the pictures were feckin hilarious I do miss all that primary school stuff - it was just more fun in them days
  21. Fair comment but, taking a heart and lung shot when needed doesn't make you a bad hunter - infact, I'd say knowing your preys anatomy makes you quite the opposite. Also, in my experience, you'll drop a pigeon a lot quicker and with less flapping with a heart and lung shot.
  22. Have you had much hunting experience?
  23. The usually accepted standard is being able to group impacts within a radius the size of a 5p at what ever distance you wish to shoot at.
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