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  1. Ah ok, I understand that. ......... thanks for the reply
  2. That was One in a million mate - last song on the album
  3. I do like rock (and some country) - the best album for me has to be Lies by Guns N Rose's Very closely followed by Appetite for Destruction. Spaghetti Incident got a bit of a kicking but, Duff did well on it
  4. Don't go Turkish Jimmy - you won't be happy with it mate There must be a nice '100 sporter somewhere that you can go for ......... or a decent springer - 97 or Prosport?
  5. I do like Tyson Fury and, I hope that he can keep winning He's a lively character with his dodgy suits and comments but, it makes him different from the status quo. As for Fury Vs Ali - feck knows. ......... Fury is a tricky, frustrating fighter. He seems to have a way of stopping everyones tactics. He's awkward. But, Ali was quick and hard. Slightly smaller than Fury but, he did come back fast and focused when he'd been caught. Purely theoretical but, I think it would depend who had more in the tank and, what era they boxed in. ........... back then, I think Ali would slug it out out and win in the later rounds. Nowadays, I think he'd find the refereeing frustrating and, would lose to Fury on points or, maybe a late TKO.
  6. Why do you have to pay for chickens to be sorted? .......... they're a simple thing - I'd think that you could just neck and prep your own?
  7. Little 'un and me made sushi today - we both like eating it but, this is the first time we've ever made it. The bigger bits have got salmon, pepper, avocado and cucumber - the smaller bits are the same but, without salmon. Next time, I reckon we'll layer the rice thinner and put more stuff in the middle. It tastes good and, it's surprisingly easy to make once you get the hang of the rice
  8. For any 80s kids on here that enjoyed the original Karate Kid films - Cobra Kai on Netflix is a good watch Some original cast members and, some good flashback clips. ......... it's a far better follow up than some of the newer films.
  9. He's fine now mate - he's had a few takeaway curries. The sugar and additives in the sauces have kept him on an even keel
  10. It's going to have to wait a while now due to an unexpected bill .......... I'm a bit gutted and pissed off. Hopefully, within a couple of months I'll have a '100 back in the cabinet
  11. There you are ...............
  12. He had low blood sugar levels at the time so, he was on a strict diet of Pop Tarts and Chewits. ...... I think it made him grumpy after a few weeks
  13. I remember that I think he got pissed off with seeing dinner posts in the general talk section.
  14. Like a lot of folk on here, I'm from a time before mobile phones - I remember that you couldn't ring someone if they were out. I don't mind technology moving on like it has but, I won't ever be having an implant - sod that.
  15. Do it mate - there's a lot of knowledge in there
  16. It's just racist black solidarity borne from the chips on their shoulders. They won't condemn the crimes because they can only see skin colour. ......... yet it's all the white mans fault
  17. No mate. Is it worse than Barry in the early 90s?
  18. The worst seaside resort in the country?
  19. The nights are already slowly creeping in earlier - we'll soon be into autumn and winter when cold, flu and hypochondriacs typically increase in number. .......... I've got no doubt that the whole Covid situation will be exploited in the coming months. I think the best thing is to look after your own, keep an eye on what's happening and, keep an open mind (draw your own conclusions) on what's going on between now and next spring.
  20. We've got him noted mate Ken - we'll be seeing you
  21. They'll get there Keith ......... all of the post is taking a bit longer at the moment mate. My driving license update took 5 months to come back - admittedly the Swansea glue sniffers at the DVLA were incapable of upping their game but, the post was slow as well.
  22. Si, Pav, you don't have to explain yourselves to anyone. Top blokes
  23. Top man Boris - I like him. .......... He is a toff but, I reckon he's a good ol' nationalist who's got his hands tied most of the time. Apparently, the songs are going to be sang now
  24. f****n hell Walt ......... watching that sort of stuff won't do your head any good mate.
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