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  1. Nice one Jimmy I hope you find someone good for it
  2. Not forced - coerced. ........... it's the subtle differences that are being played.
  3. There was a few penalties in that one - I think England won 3-2.
  4. England Vs Cameroon from the 1990 world cup is just about to start on ITV4 +1 ......... For anyone that fancies a bit of nostalgia - there's some proper old football names in it
  5. Just make what you like, how you like it mate
  6. I think the older I get, the more frugal I get, the more I get annoyed at how our taxes are pissed away. It's why I like to see ordinary tradesmen doing Saturday morning cash jobs.
  7. 'Protect the NHS' They've used this all through Covid and, this morning on the radio they used it again while talking about possibly taxing fizzy drinks and sweets. ........ being cynical, they know a lot of the British public will have an emotional response to anything concerning the NHS so, this looks like their new trigger to gain a buy in - to be used whenever they see an opportunity. If you ask me, they'd be better off protecting the NHS by stamping down on health tourism, chasing the money that other countries owe for us treating their citizens and, divert
  8. I wish those posh news reader birds had to use the name Keith Cuntabout in their reports
  9. I'll look forward to hearing all about your results mate
  10. This has to be one of the coolest things ever And, Sally Field as Frog was very easy on the eye
  11. I saw that earlier - I don't believe that he was being nasty. I just think that he's pushed his particular brand of comedy too far at the wrong time and, certain folk have pounced on it. Personally, I think he's absolutely hilarious but, he's made the mistake of leaving himself wide open to the social justice warriors that are always looking for a white scalp.
  12. They sent these freaks to a reading event for kids And to top it off, the c**t wearing the costume thought it was perfectly acceptable to walk out in front of kids, wearing a fake cock - someone should have put him on his arse. Labour council hires actor in rainbow coloured monkey costume with fake penis for children's event | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK The Redbridge Libraries Summer Reading Challenge run by Redbridge Council in east...
  13. I think you need a bigger spoon mate
  14. Apparently one of the fellas leaving comments on social media has been suspended pending investigation from his job at Savills estate agents - he's reported to have said that someone else got into his social media account but, he's made loads of similar comments in the past. You've put out your stall and outed yourself - stop being such a fanny and, stand by your words if that's how you feel.
  15. How can he justify saying this?........ Gary Neville, the former England international right-back and pundit, on Sky Sports News this morning: How is it promoted by the prime minister?
  16. Well, I don't mind admitting that I'm f***ing gutted - let down and disappointed. .......... I should know better - that was typical England. Do well for a bit, build up the hype then, completely f**k it up. What's all this shite on social media about well done boys, you did well to make it that far? It's like how everyone gets a sports day medal - congratulations little timmy for coming 15th in the sprint with your 2 wonkey eyes. .......... I don't blame them for taking off the losers medals - I wouldn't have even gone up there. I'd have grabbed my shit and gone home
  17. A nice Sunday dinner made by the missus Now I'm full up and content, waiting for the football to start
  18. Yes - he grabbed it by then neck until it dropped his doughnut then, he kept hold of it while he ate it The whole article reads funny
  19. Horror as man 'with northern accent' strangles seagull after it grabbed doughnut and throws bird over sea wall - YorkshireLive WWW.EXAMINERLIVE.CO.UK Seagulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
  20. It's ok, I once lobbed a bean burger at some twat in Mr Cod early 2000s in Reading - I'm sat here now laughing about the way it caught him and span off his head - 3 times I explained how I wanted that f****r. ............ six against one when I've had a few isn't easy
  21. Yes, sort of - they offered 'payment holidays' (sounds lovely doesn't it?) on things like mortgage, some rents, council tax and a few other bits but, it all has to be paid still so, all they really did was offer those who are most at need, a way into arrears and debt. I suppose, at best, it offered some breathing space but, people will feel the impact later.
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