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  1. Now, this is the iffy bit - the boys have a good result and all of England get their hopes up. ......... I sincerely hope they do it this time
  2. White lefty woman wants special treatment for black people
  3. Happy Birthday - have a good one
  4. Nice bit of pork leg today, cooked in cider, onions, apples, garlic and carrots, with some mixed veg thrown in near the end of cooking
  5. That is looking good mate I meant to ask the other day - how do you lighten the stock? ........ I'm thinking about doing something with my GinB stock.
  6. Jonjon79


    That's a cracking picture - loads of character in it ........ that one should definitely go in a frame
  7. There's a few of these coming out now
  8. Of course he has - it was only ever going to go that way. I know one thing though - I would not want to be in Hancocks shoes when he walks through his front door tonight
  9. Some do but, no where near enough. It'll always be that way - a nation divided. You've only got to look at some of the folk that have gone militant with the whole 'restrictions are in your interest and done for the greater good' line to see that they'll never be swayed, no matter how much hypocrisy they're shown.
  10. It looks like they're gearing up to screw us all for another Christmas New lockdown in winter looming as UK 'definitely' in third wave - Birmingham Live WWW.BIRMINGHAMMAIL.CO.UK It was followed by a dampening of hopes lockdown could end early on July 5 after a...
  11. Go on my son ......... he's just gone up in my estimations - hark at him copping a feel of her arse as well It's nice to see a politician that likes full grown women for a change
  12. That's a bit of a kick in the bollocks after putting all that work in The rifle looks good and, I'm sure the trigger will be spot on in the end mate
  13. That's bad news remember that bloke fighting in womens MMA because people were too scared to say 'No - you're a bloke ffs'. .......... I seem to remember he did a lot of damage
  14. Apparently they can.
  15. Can't argue with that Perhaps everyone has just been screwed, passed over, marginalised and ridiculed for so long that they've just said 'f**k it' .......... you keep paying your taxes and keep getting less and less in return. We (me, the missus and our daughter) take care of our own affairs. We help friends, family and those around us but, that's it. .......... we don't do any national charities, only the local ones. We help the local school. We check in on senile doris down the road. ........... we have an effect where we can. There's no
  16. I hate wearing masks - it's not natural. I do keep one in my pocket so that I can put the old biddys in the shops at ease if need be. The whole thing is bollocks anyway - I've made it to 42yrs without dropping dead from other people's germs.
  17. I'd still go for the one on the left
  18. I like that ....... the most interesting thing we've ever had walk into our house was a frog
  19. It'll only be the feminist vegan strap-on-sallys that managed to push their man away that will be moaning. We should all chip in with some washing and ironing to keep them busy and take their minds off it
  20. It's a shame that some people just don't stop and think - like the knob heads that buy puppies for Christmas. Out 2 dogs are little arseholes but, I couldn't imagine being without them
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