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  1. I did. It was a dog pup. I sold 2 bitch pups to a women, but she wanted to return them . So i sold the dog pup, as i did not wan to keep a dog and 2 bitches. However, the women changed her mind and wanted to keep her pups, so i ended up with feck all ! I have tryd to contact a few who had them, no answers. ! One person kept me in touch and he done a good job with them.
  2. Any good pures in Ireland ? Scarce as hens teeth id say, or none existent ? Mike was at stud for years, his gone now. Wonder what took his place ?
  3. That is one sharp nice ferreting dog, did well.
  4. Thanks. Lovely looking pure. I had this dog below, off Khan a while back, he was a nice pure, but got killed on the road unfortunately 3 years ago, have not had one since. !
  5. So, i asked about pures in Ireland and had no reply. What good pure salukis are there in UK ? Artic had some great ones from what i seen on here. as said not been in the dog game a while. was away a bit. Is it getting harder to test them now ?
  6. No working pures here it seems anymore ? No decent saluki to get a stud off,? anyone having this problem ? I have been out the dog game the last few years. Someone mentioned to me last year that pures are scarce in southern Ireland anymore ?
  7. Cheers. That disease seems to be in the west alright and apparently now effecting hares to. !
  8. Whats it like? Heard there us a virus killing them and its not mxy ? Not been hunting a few years, just heard about it on news a while back, so just wondered ?
  9. Looking for that topic about working a pure greyhound, can not find it, cananyone get it for me, cheers.
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