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  1. Saluki246

    working greyhound topic ?

  2. Looking for that topic about working a pure greyhound, can not find it, cananyone get it for me, cheers.
  3. Anyone used it ? Any good ?
  4. Saluki246

    Southern Ireland

    ..easily can happen lol
  5. Any about ? Don't see as many these days, all ways had a soft spot for these.
  6. Saluki246

    Deerhound x greyhound

  7. Saluki246

    Deerhound greyhound

    Welcome. Like this cross, hope you find another pup. Its a cross i am interested in too. Not many good ones left anymore. !
  8. Saluki246


  9. Saluki246

    Pure Saluki ?

    Cheers. articgun on here has him, his a fine pure alright.
  10. Saluki246

    Pure Saluki ?

    Is their any pures running well at the moment ? Any producing well ?
  11. Saluki246

    LOVE THIS... !!!!