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  1. could be shes in season and trying to get out dont know and ive never had or heard of this behaviour if she is in season try and get the use of a vasectomised hob or line her with a hob if you want kits it may take the edge off of her
  2. ive got one of them mate they are alright only thing i done was gave it a couple of coats of good exterior varnish
  3. had problems with stock breaking to sheep before but as said the e collar worked a treat no commands or anything said to the dog just let him chase one and get right up behind it then let him have it that worked well and he never bothered them again the real test is when a dog is switched on and hunting some thing on scent through cover bracken ect and a sheep jumps up in front of them its all right when you can control the situation but what if you cant thats why they need to be bomb proof around all live stock its a pain but what can you do apart from retraining or rehoming or pts
  4. message monkey on here he may be able to help
  5. harnesses are for horses try a old fashioned choke chain
  6. try and get a couple of pheasants from a shoot or that dead uns and stick them in some cover not to far in and see if he will find them get him to know what their scents like thats what i did with my lurcher and now if theres a pheasant in cover she will go in and flush it out shes pegged a few too its all about scent association
  7. pm monkey on here mate he might be able to help
  8. my dogs are all fed on raw and i use drontal plus they are a wide spectrum wormer and will do the lot pm a lad on here called monkey he used to do them hope this helps
  9. was talking to a keeper about rabbit numbers and buzzards and he was saying that buzzards cant hold a adult rabbit due to them having small feet if you have ever seen a buzzard up close their feet are tiny compared to their body size so i dont know if thats true they will be able to hold young rabbits but he was saying that they mostly eat carrion and rabbits that have been run over on the roads bugs and beetles and stuff
  10. think its just like anything else katch practice makes perfect plus they are a few videos on you tube how to cast a centre pin the wallis cast and the nottingham cast which is basically a roll cast
  11. thanks very much lads got some mono ordered 3lb breaking strain for the grayling
  12. can anyone on here give me some advice on centre pin or trotting reels do you put any type of backing on them and then your mono like you would a fly reel thought i would ask on here im going to be using it for trotting stick floats for grayling and is it better that the line comes out the top of the reel or the bottom or dont it matter thanks for any replys
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