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  1. hello just after some advice got a 12 gauge o/u spanish made shotgun and the firing pin on the top barrel needs replaced i think its the pin as its not striking the primer on the cartridge or even my finger tip when i hold it against it is this something i can fix myself or would a gunsmith be needed thanks
  2. think pets at home are doing a deal now both sets of jabs and wormers and vet health check think its £80 you will get the paper work too if you need it for boarding kennels ect in the future plus if anything goes wrong you have a come back with puppy jabs you buy from who ever you have no come back just a sick pup or worse
  3. so why comment on something that means nothing to you spot on mate well said i stay in south lanarkshire and its not just swimming pools its everything the working class do or use i hate them with a passion they have ruined our country they dangle the carrot of independence to the clowns that still vote for them independence will never happen not in our life time they do this to keep their noses in the trough and their asses on the gravy train while scamming everyone in the country apart from the rich elite and the creepy weirdos in the green party
  4. so why comment on something that means nothing to you
  5. im going to black up wear full make up wear a dress and call myself priscilla and carry on as normal oh and im going to change the dogs name to humza and i will be fine
  6. no mate they are not variable but for a cheap knockabout lamp they are spot on
  7. clulite plr 500 long ranger good little lamp
  8. some of the mongs who have them up here shouldnt be allowed to have a gold fish they cant look after themselves cutting about with big asthmatic mutts and there equally ugly woman
  9. the whole point of vaccs for dogs is that the dogs immune system recognises viruses and learns how to kill them parvo ect i have always jabbed my pups twice one jab 2 weeks apart its a bit like when we were at school and got your MMR jab you got it once you did not need a booster i have never bothered with boosters for my dogs once the dogs immune system knows how to deal with it thats it it doesnt need a booster just my opinion
  10. he does make exceedingly good cakes to be fair
  11. try contacting clulite mate they are all right to deal with
  12. cracking looking dog pal
  13. try facebook mate they are plenty of collie greyhound enthusiasts on there hope this helps
  14. great minds think alike i was thinking that myself lol
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