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  1. what is is with terriers had a russell dog here and he used to piss in his water bowl before he drank it filthy little cant
  2. you could hang a wet german army parka off them with sand in the pockets
  3. thanks for that mate i was going to use mine for some local lamping rabbits was thinking just stick it in my pocket and off i go nice and light and discreet instead of carrying a lamp around
  4. hi lads anyone got or using warrior x pro torch and how good are they and whats the pros and cons and are they worth a punt been reading few reviews and stuff but would like the thoughts of some one whos actually using one how long do they last between charges ect
  5. worst thing about getting dogs stolen is the not knowing whats happening with them or where they are or how they are being treated had it happen to me and its the worst thing ever hope the lads get them back safe and sound
  6. trying to message you mate need some drontal wormers pm me thanks
  7. she could eat an apple through a letter box with them
  8. i knew it was a mike summthing bobby lol
  9. needs to be fined if that was one of us would we get away with saying sorry dont like the woman one bit or her party not because of independence or any thing like that its the partys stance of field sports i dont like then theres mike russell who was pushing for a ban on fox hunting who set fire to a hotel room because he was refused a drink at the bar
  10. i can remember k p s nets from devon listing rat nets in their catalogue from years ago think they were made of hemp
  11. good stuff lamping lad good luck with the pup mate
  12. id be interested in these as well as long as the pages arent stuck together
  13. maybe give her a rest mate week or so she might associate the knock she got with lamping and it may have soured her a bit give her a rest and try her again herself you have plenty of time she may look ready to go physically but might not be mentally she is still a pup really maybe try some ferreting with her on an open hill where she can see whats going on put nets over the holes but dont push the pegs in to the ground fully just enough to let the net purse around the rabbit and let her mouth them i did that with a first x collie grey pup i had back in the day she was a very shy pup that came
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