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  1. think its just like anything else katch practice makes perfect plus they are a few videos on you tube how to cast a centre pin the wallis cast and the nottingham cast which is basically a roll cast
  2. thanks very much lads got some mono ordered 3lb breaking strain for the grayling
  3. can anyone on here give me some advice on centre pin or trotting reels do you put any type of backing on them and then your mono like you would a fly reel thought i would ask on here im going to be using it for trotting stick floats for grayling and is it better that the line comes out the top of the reel or the bottom or dont it matter thanks for any replys
  5. hi has anyone on here ever sent a battery back to tracer for repair ive got the 22amp model with the charge level indicator button when its fully charged it should show 3 green lights and 2 red mines does this but press it 2 minutes later and it shows 2 red lights also when you charge it it charges very quick tried a lamp on it last night and the lamp was going on and off took it out to the car and tried it in the fag socket and the lamp worked fine so i know its the battery its not swollen or damaged in any way and has been well looked after any one help thanks
  6. got my hob done 2 years ago £100 all in but worth it had to go too a vet that knew what they were doing as they are classed as an exotic and its a tricky op apparently they have to take enough of the sperm tubes off and stitch it both ends as they can grow back if not done right but the price jump is terrible this covids got a lot to answer for
  7. oh it was a liability liable to leave you like a t bag
  8. best guard dog i ever seen was a border collie dog used to guard the yard next to the farm i used to ferret on it was one evil sneaky cant of a dog was ok with the farmer and his lads but any one else it would have ripped them a new one fecking thing was touched in the head and it could hear the grass grow pure wicked 100%
  9. used to do the same myself mate tie them on the gates with bailer twine its just with this covid carry on at the minute they are a lot more people about dog walkers and familys with kids ect
  10. was thinking that myself mate going to speak to him about it when i see him about dont want to cause the lads any problems between the farmer and them but it really is just laziness leaving them lying where they fell because if the local dog walkers and the like see them it will be a shit show of epic proportions 100%
  11. was out a walk today with the lurcher pup walked up a bridle path that goes round some sheep fields could see two dead sheep just inside the fence line about twenty yards into the field jumped over and had a look three foxes were lying near the sheep carcasses dead left where they had fallen when they where shot obviously the farmers been having problems with them and thats why hes put the sheep there for the lamping lads to shoot at night ive no problem with this at all but why cant they take the foxes away when they shoot them or chuck them out of sight in a gulley or a ditch this path is bu
  12. how do you know what he does and doesnt do
  13. if only nike made wellies
  14. dont know if you can get it down there lads but i get raw up here from just natural and they do frozen 500 gram bags of tripe]chicken mix lamb turkey offal beef duck trotters chicken feet the lot i get a box of 20 bags for £20 Its always fresh the place they make is about 10 mile from me but i dont know if there country wide but its good stuff i just bulk it up with pasta and brown bread and veg blitzed up in a blender and the dogs do well on it
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