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  1. pengelli

    Ferret disorientated ?

    Hi gaz my hob had same symptoms last year went to vets got invermectin drops 1ml in both ears once a week for three weeks done with a syringe turns out he had ear mite it's common in working ferrets when a mite gets in to their inner ear it can cause problems with balance ect this cleared them up quickly think I paid £10 for a plastic vial full hope this helps
  2. pengelli

    Red mite and pregnant jill

    You can get it on e bay mate or any good feed store
  3. pengelli

    Red mite and pregnant jill

    chopper try and get some duramitex spray pigeon lads use it clean out the old bedding shavings ect give the hutch a good spray all the nooks and crannies and let it dry replace with fresh bedding it worked for me hope this helps
  4. pengelli

    Dog being aggressive

    Spot on bh I used mine on low stimulus when the other dogs were some way off when my dog was eyeing them up and thinking about running in to them so there was no actual contact with other dogs now if he sees other dogs he has a look then totally ignores them yes I get what your saying about the punishing stimulus but if used sparingly it works well it did for my dog
  5. pengelli

    Dog being aggressive

    Bob have a look at the Pacdog collars my dog was exact same running off and trying to play with every dog he met only problem was all dogs aren't friendly I got a pac dog collar and handset followed the instructions to the letter and it worked for me I just worked on his recall now he is spot on stops them chasing or running up to joggers cyclists ect as well hope this helps
  6. pengelli

    New Arrivals.

    Good luck with the pups John
  7. pengelli

    Bedlington x greyhound 1st 2generation

    Gilbert I have a part merle dog here now 10 generation line bred collie grey same stamp as them feathered ears and tail long collie type coat lot of lads asked if he has any saluki blood just by looks i know there is none in this line at all I think it must be the collie genes throwing back true to type
  8. pengelli

    Old fly fishing rod,any ideas

    Joke right split cane could be Hardys or a lot of people used to get them custom made back in the day regarding the reel I wouldn't polish it as if you are going to sell it think the buyers and collectors like the aged look Petina I think they call it if you are gonna sell it put in on e bay and see how it goes I got £50 for one last year without a reel lot of places buy them for displaying on walls country pubs ect hope this helps
  9. pengelli

    Loch awe

    Hi rabid what I meant by hill loch was you need to walk out and into the hills to find them just like a lake out in the hills the one I fished for pike was over the hills near portsonnachan or fish the bay's on the loch itself try and get some local knowledge tight lines
  10. pengelli

    Loch awe

    Ok rabid fished loch awe few times good big trout too be had if your taking your boat it's a big water but try spinning the margins with brown trout rapala countdown lures or number 3 mepps spinners also orange and black tazmanian Devils flying c works well too you can troll with these too there's a good hill loch for pike at port sonnachan on the other side had some double figure pike from it float fished dead bait joey mackerel if you have trouble finding the hill loch ask a local you can't beat local knowledge hope this helps
  11. pengelli

    Advice needed

    Yes low plains it is method in my madness though I made that gap in the hedge so I can longnet it later
  12. pengelli

    Advice needed

    Better trying to get polecat with bit bull blood in it say three eights five eights I just happen to have one here yours for £20'000 ps I'm a genuine guy
  13. pengelli

    Advice needed

    You really couldn't make that up little gems are cheaper in lidl have you tried aldis they are doing a good deal on turnips
  14. pengelli

    Advice needed

    They like them peeled with a honey glaze and side of. Kous kous