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  1. the rabbits near me carry Stanley knifes that's why I asked some of them have tattoos proper hard
  2. will these do Scottish rabbits single handed
  3. I know stiff they have been at it for years but the way they have worded the article you would think it was some new fangled super dog they've just invented have a look and see what you think then comment
  4. just seen the front page of this rag up here apparently theres a new super dog being bred now to catch all of britains wild life in the article there is a picture of the quarry this super dog will catch pheasants fox deer hares badgers usual bollocks from biased media but it doesn't help when lads post everything they do on face ache another nail in the coffin for dog work this makes full front page news when we are supposedly in the middle of a pandemic and the name of this NEW super dog the bullcross a bullcross to catch pheasants lol sledge hammer to crack a nut springs to mind the days of proper dog work are gone FACT
  5. caught a Scottish wild cat back in the day that the terrier had bolted from the base of an old tree my lurcher at the time 3/4 grey 1/4 bull had a bit of a time with it at one point she was wearing it like a davey crocket hat so I think these would take a bit of doing
  6. pengelli

    Creepy Biden

    what gets me is all those people in the room with him let it happen and laugh it off when they know whats going down if that was my daughter he would be sparkled end of
  7. thanks for that mate and thanks for the link too its really helpful
  8. cheers for that mate where can I buy the wet stones you mention I know what you mean about the blade tech got an old knife here and if you feel along the blades edge its all ridged
  9. hi just got a boker magnum hunting knife was wondering whats the best way to sharpen it when it needs done got a blade tech sharpener here will that do it or will that be a bit harsh on the blade the blade is 440 steel don't know much about steel or knifes for that matter hence the question I will be using it to skin rabbits gut fish and do the odd roe deer
  10. yep seen that in paper apparently they erected it at 5 am in the morning according to the idiots that done it and I quote we cant see it being taken down anytime soon w t f oh and they didn't have permission either imagine we tried shit like this we would be jailed end of the government are running scared of them and they know it
  11. when theres a pup about the place I usually get a big tray and let them drink milk from it with the ferrets but keep an eye on them in case you get a possessive pup but when a pup gets a nip they usually stay clear they are not long in learning that ferrets have a sharp end I have always done this and never had a problem
  12. sad news liked edrd mag spoke to dave few times on the phone always a gent met him few times at the welsh gamefair was invited down few times too but just never got round to it there was talk about Jason powell taking it over a while back but don't know what happened but good luck to dave atb
  13. I see Leicester is being locked down again they don't seem to know whats causing the spike in covid 19 maybe some thing to do with our coloured friends and their social distancing
  14. had the same thing happen to a terrier pup here he slipped on laminate flooring hairline fracture on the growth plate on his wrist six week cage rest then a course of anti inflammatory drugs an he healed up fine its hard trying to keep them caged when all they want to do is run about like maddies but hopefully it will fuse together fine and she will be fine atb with the pup mate
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