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  1. If you tried that on some of the farmers I know they would arrange it so that you could personally meet God that day
  2. Sorry pal didn't mean to come across like that atb
  3. I've got three collars here 2of them click slow and the other one clicks fast I don't think there is anything wrong with yours mate it's just the way they are
  4. Heat lamp and rest maybe a rub down with some massage oil you get for greyhounds and see how he goes before using metaCam or other painkiller
  5. If you notice around July August time lot of cats go missing I put it down to vixens taking cats for their fast growing Cubs especially urban foxes because field mice birds ect are not enough for them was asked to dig litter of Cubs on a farm few years back dug them with a terrier just behind the farm in one of the entrances was an orange and white cat along with usual bits of crow mice ect that farm is only half a mile from a small housing estate
  6. Seen a few dogs that try to fight with their fox as opposed to killing it if you know what I mean that's when they take a lot of unessecary damage
  7. Best fox dog I ever had was a fourth gen bull grey 26 inch black dog racey like a greyhound and a head like a bucket intelligent dog too took his first fox at two year old as he was very puppyish I thought so I held him back he was built for the job but just wasn't ready mentally but when he clicked by God he was lethal on them had very high pain threshold had to retire him at 6 year old as he was dentally challenged so agree with bird that's what I would go for too good generation bred animal they are out there it's finding proper ones that's the hard bit
  8. Mate of mine has some good distance birds only enters the long races 500 miles plus France think he flown some from Spain too got to take your hat off to them takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get them right think the Chinese are into the pigeon racing big time as well now mad money changing hands
  9. Aye mate to be honest the guy that sold us it probably seen us comingAye definetly better days made our own entertainment
  10. Aye katchum used to go at night and do the swaps we used to buy big dyed hens bought one for£10 one night me and ma mate halved in for it fiver each strong money back in the day
  11. Katchum was that the doo shop upstairs from the pet shop at park head cross used to go to the doo sales there on a Sunday me and a mate looking for big pouter hens happy days
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