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  1. pengelli

    Gun stock

    Hi asking for a mate anyone know what type of wood bakail over and under shot gun made with he's bought an old one and stripped it back to bare wood I think it's walnut but not sure also what type of wood stain treatment can he use to colour it again to clean it up any replies appreciated
  2. pengelli

    Plr 500

    That's right mate read that thread while back it was a problem with the Chargers and clulite recalled them I phoned them about this and they sent me a new one no problem the lamps are fine it was the Chargers at the time
  3. pengelli

    Plr 500

    Hi lurcherman l use one and it's spot on good lamp for going out local good for about 4 hrs work I know a lad that bought two keeps one in Landy and changes on to it when he's done one half of the farms he does
  4. pengelli

    Hock Joint Sprain

    Hi mate try running cold water from a hose slowly over the joint just a slow trickle and slowly manipulate the joint 10 minutes in the morning midday and last thing at night before you kennel the dog up my dog had similar injury and it worked for him you need to try and increase the blood flow around the injury give it a try and if your still not sure get x Ray done hope this helps
  5. pengelli

    Pleased with his progress

    Well done Neil for giving that dog a chance he's looking spot on hats off to you mate
  6. pengelli

    Jonny bluck 😳

    He was loaned a Russell bitch from a very good friend of mine and lo and behold 3 weeks later pics of the Russell bitch were plastered over his face book page proclaiming it to be from a long line he had started this was after he had been trusted from my mate and was taken out on some good digging perms a few times the lad he loaned the bitch off is a gent and doesn't like confrontation my mate tried phoning him left numerous messages and got no reply other lads who do like a bit of drama found out about this and went down and paid him a visit and got the bitch back Birmingham way the man is a snake take wide berth from him
  7. pengelli


    We used Quartz fire lamps could get them £5 in Asda back in the day they were inspection lamps for cars big Square things used to cowl them up with bit of tin painted black happy days
  8. pengelli

    The King sandwich 😁

    There's a lad stays end of my street used to run about with us when we were lads we were 15 up the park he was older than us he will be about 63 ish we used to chip in money we had and send him into the shop for the cider and cans of kestrel lager get him a bottle of cider for going in for us this lad drinks every day and eats feckin crisps and stuff for his dinner I was askin him what kicked him off on the drink at the start and he said cider he's moved up now.to proper industrial strength cider white lightning they call it proper strong shit if you spiller it on the floor it would burn a hole so the moral is be carefull with the cider lads
  9. pengelli

    Whats The Best Boot

    Diotto moorland boots spot on
  10. pengelli

    Collie x

    Nice dog mate
  11. pengelli

    Ferret disorientated ?

    Hi gaz my hob had same symptoms last year went to vets got invermectin drops 1ml in both ears once a week for three weeks done with a syringe turns out he had ear mite it's common in working ferrets when a mite gets in to their inner ear it can cause problems with balance ect this cleared them up quickly think I paid £10 for a plastic vial full hope this helps
  12. pengelli

    Red mite and pregnant jill

    You can get it on e bay mate or any good feed store
  13. pengelli

    Red mite and pregnant jill

    chopper try and get some duramitex spray pigeon lads use it clean out the old bedding shavings ect give the hutch a good spray all the nooks and crannies and let it dry replace with fresh bedding it worked for me hope this helps
  14. pengelli

    Dog being aggressive

    Spot on bh I used mine on low stimulus when the other dogs were some way off when my dog was eyeing them up and thinking about running in to them so there was no actual contact with other dogs now if he sees other dogs he has a look then totally ignores them yes I get what your saying about the punishing stimulus but if used sparingly it works well it did for my dog
  15. pengelli

    Dog being aggressive

    Bob have a look at the Pacdog collars my dog was exact same running off and trying to play with every dog he met only problem was all dogs aren't friendly I got a pac dog collar and handset followed the instructions to the letter and it worked for me I just worked on his recall now he is spot on stops them chasing or running up to joggers cyclists ect as well hope this helps