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    GAMEKEEPING, trapping, ferreting, shooting, and shooting with the catapult and I do a lot of terrier work and lurcher work and basically anything to do with the out doors aha :) I keep canarys finches an chickens also dogs and ferrets obviously aha

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  1. Anyone been out? What’s everyone shooting? im currently swapping between the scout lt and a goblet evo been knocking a few roosting pigeons over.
  2. New pup picked up goes back to a Irish dog called blue I belive owned but a guy with the initials D.R the site and dam are uk based grand sire is the blue dog, anyone any information on it?
  3. Send me your bank details il send it right away
  4. Who deals with the hunting life store? kind regards
  5. Is there any well bred patterdale pups around for a 100% genuine working home please private message me if you have any kind regards jake
  6. I cannot speak on quality of these tools has I don’t own any but I’ve seen them on Facebook
  7. Sad day for the terrier world one of his dogs here now retired, may Brian rest peace
  8. Had a trail cam for some time but only just decided to set it up here are some photos, also it’s keeps putting a white cloud right in the front on the night time shots anyone know the reason for this also please add some of your own if you have any also any recommendations on other trail cams that are any good thanks
  9. Cheers everyone and it seems like it’s in the blood of the dog every dog that seems to have razor blood is a whiner
  10. Dogs whining anyone recommend a decent collar? I’ve got one of the remote control ones but I need one that sets itself of when I’m at work any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. kind regards jake w
  11. Hi mate not a dig just a question do you know the guy and his dogs? Anything should know mate ? Cheers
  12. Thanks guys was the answers I was holping for if I’m honest kind regards
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