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    worksop nottinghamshire
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    GAMEKEEPING, trapping, ferreting, shooting, and shooting with the catapult and I do a lot of terrier work and lurcher work and basically anything to do with the out doors aha :) I keep canarys finches an chickens also dogs and ferrets obviously aha

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  1. Jake w

    New gun needed!

    Yes pal I seen mate and I’m sure it’s a topper mate and if it does end up for sale il stick it up on THL mate
  2. Jake w

    New gun needed!

    Pleasure doing business with you pal not had a chance to have a full on go with the imp but I’m going to make time through the week glad you got what you was after too mate. Top guy mate thanks again
  3. Jake w


    Anyone got any first cross Australian cattle dogs x greyhounds or any planned litters
  4. Jake w


    Thanks mate he’s a cracker mate
  5. Jake w


    Thank you for the reply mate many thanks
  6. Jake w


    When using the buttalo call how long would be recommended to call an wait for a show or not before moving on and trying else where? Many thanks Jake w
  7. Jake w

    Two J Darcy Books For Sale.

    hi mate didn't know there was a number 2 out mate where did you get it from mate
  8. Jake w

    Digging Dogs. Figure/ornaments

    Good them mate where you get them from pal
  9. Jake w

    Double Terrier Box

    If you would like to get intouch with deakin mate send me your number and il pass it on to him for you mate know him personally mate
  10. Jake w

    Two Roe Bucks This Evening

    Good going mate nice still reading your write ups mate glad your still getting out
  11. Jake w


    Cheers everyone will look thanks
  12. Could anyone point me an the right direction of a good automatic incubator for around 50-100 partridge an pheasant eggs around £250-300
  13. Jake w


    look at brinsea good incubators Cheers pal that what I been looking at mate it's this one
  14. Jake w


    Could anyone tell me a good fully automatic incubator to do around 50 eggs pheasant-partridge for around £250 mark please Cheers Jake w