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    GAMEKEEPING, trapping, ferreting, shooting, and shooting with the catapult and I do a lot of terrier work and lurcher work and basically anything to do with the out doors aha :) I keep canarys finches an chickens also dogs and ferrets obviously aha

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  1. Jake w

    Leather collars

    Bellman have some quality stuff on there sit bought a collar And chain lead from there good stuff mate
  2. Jake w

    Fox trap

    Cheers pal and iv not tried snaring it has of yet mate but I have been and bought some today so in the morning il be setting them mate many thanks Jake w
  3. Jake w

    Post deleted?

    Ok mate thanks you and sorry about the two posts mate I realised I wrote it In the wrong section so I re wrote it sorry mate Many thanks Jake w
  4. Hi set up a post yesterday asking for a fox trap to be recommended but the post has been deleted I firstly wrote it on snare and trap design but re wrote it on this page has the other was the wrong page but it seems to have been deleted just wondering if any admin could shed some light has to the reason why? Many thanks jake w
  5. Hi just wondering if anyone can recommend a good fox trap that is well designed and works what I can order from internet had a few chickens taken over last few weeks and think it’s time I had a trap about the place many thanks Jake w
  6. Jake w

    One piece mount

    Hi pal tbh I’m not really sure on why I need one it was something that someone suggested to me that they are a bit more appropriate for spring guns with the guy being a bit more experienced than me I thought he maybe right but iv got to admit iv never had a problem with two single piece mounts that’s all mate thanks for your opinion though mate many thanks Jake w
  7. Jake w

    One piece mount

    Hi thanks for the replies I will give them a look thanks for everyone’s help many thanks Jake w
  8. Hi could anyone recommend a decent one piece scope mount please for my hw99s please I don’t want to spend loads but don’t want to buy cheap crap maybe £30-40 or is that cheap lol many thanks jake w
  9. Jake w

    New gun needed!

    Yes pal I seen mate and I’m sure it’s a topper mate and if it does end up for sale il stick it up on THL mate
  10. Jake w

    New gun needed!

    Pleasure doing business with you pal not had a chance to have a full on go with the imp but I’m going to make time through the week glad you got what you was after too mate. Top guy mate thanks again
  11. Jake w


    Anyone got any first cross Australian cattle dogs x greyhounds or any planned litters
  12. Jake w


    Thanks mate he’s a cracker mate
  13. Jake w


    Thank you for the reply mate many thanks
  14. Jake w


    When using the buttalo call how long would be recommended to call an wait for a show or not before moving on and trying else where? Many thanks Jake w