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    GAMEKEEPING, trapping, ferreting, shooting, and shooting with the catapult and I do a lot of terrier work and lurcher work and basically anything to do with the out doors aha :) I keep canarys finches an chickens also dogs and ferrets obviously aha

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  1. Got my renewal coming up iv read that with new applications they are wanting a medical verification is it the same with a renewal does anyone know? Nottinghamshire police I am under? many thanks Jake W
  2. I have looked at them mate they’ve just got a bit of a bad name at minute but my pals had one and that was sound mate never missed a beat mate
  3. Looking to get a cheap little 4x4 something like vitara or Toyota RAV4 well something along these lines just for general mooching about with dogs and guns around farm tracks and that looking to spend around £3500 currently got discovery 4 and picking up the new nivara in next couple of weeks but just want something smallish decent and reliable anyone got any recommendations of cars above or any other for that matter? cheers Jake w
  4. Very nice doing better than me I decided to let missus have a go and well fork hit after fork it
  5. Great will you be give the scout up for a while now then mate?
  6. Well done s d not with the scout either how come just fancied a change?
  7. Yes been shooting 11mm steals but gonna get myself a 10mm mould for lead
  8. Oh right and yeah I think we do naturally compensate for it I use 9.5 and 11mm steels an when switching sizes feels like it just comes has a normal thing for aiming mate
  9. Great mate il have a look at them would t mind making my own
  10. Sound is that the mould from proshot?
  11. Good shooting yet to get a squirrel
  12. Does it take long to get a good number moulded mate
  13. Yes mate they are quality and it’ll all come mate with practice mate
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