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    Ferreting, fishing, lamping, air rifle hunting, making things. I also have a keen interest in photography.

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  1. Couple days on the moors

    Great weekend David, fantastic looking place.
  2. Ferreting Dog

    3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy
  3. Lamping The Whippet

    Sire of your dog lined my cousins old collie whippet, think its took, repeat mating, last litter been some decent dogs up to about 23".
  4. Lamping The Whippet

    He hasnt got one, his parents were kc but Ive no papers or anything with him. If he does have one I dont know about it Aye don't think he registered them. This is the breeding mate. https://whippet.breedarchive.com/animal/testmating?dam_uuid=f078e9c1-e503-42ff-bac8-b849b4baa6cb&sire_uuid=afeb3bf7-a439-406a-b1de-4cd64cfe82e4
  5. Camera Recommendations Please

    I buy second hand, some great deals to have off ebay etc. A great dslr to buy second hand is the nikon d7100, if i was buying a body and one lens i would buy a second hand d7100 and a 35mm f1.8 dx lens. You can learn all aspects of photography with this set up the 1.8 lens being good for low light, action shots etc, that lens is also a good lens for everyday shots etc, should be similar to what your eye can see. When you get the jest of setting the camera up for different situations you can then buy a macro lens or a longer lens for wildlife etc. Just my own opinion mate, hope you get sorted.
  6. Lamping The Whippet

    Dam is off Nimrodel line, Sire is off 2 Mike Brown bred whippets. They were a good price that litter, can't remember for sure but i think £150, cheap by todays prices. Pleased he has worked out for you, i didn't have any doubt that he would.
  7. Villaman & Durham John

    What do think of the Ultra SE BN. ATB.
  8. One Of Richies Pups

    That's some mix 12 1/2 months 26 1/2"
  9. Looking For Beddy X Whippet Pups

    Aye i know what you mean mate but he maybe keeps himself to himself. They look just the job to me.
  10. Looking For Beddy X Whippet Pups

    Be the odd decent seller out there, i sold mine for £ and gifted a few, NL gifted a few i believe, not all robbers out there, good working home is more important than coin.
  11. One Of Richies Pups

    Malinous x greyhound
  12. One Of Richies Pups

    Be just the job that litter, i have a young dog out of the sire, had 2 little ferreting trips of a couple of hours, shaping up great, really like the dog. Good luck with your pup mate. ATB.
  13. 3/4 Whippet 1/4 Beddy

    Just the job for rabbits,
  14. Bedlington X Whippet

    He's a fine looking dog, is the whippet in his breeding pedigree or non-ped ? Both mate, Mike Brown bred kc sire and non ped on dam's side. Unfortunately i have had to retire him through injury. He is now a pet with my sister, both of them very happy.
  15. Nelson

    Aye your right with that mate, i have used messenger on Facebook, used it a few times before. He usually gets back right away, just was wondering if he was ok. Will get sorted mate, he is a good honest fella is Les.