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  1. I am for ever looking for my locator as I put it down when digging ect that’s why I use a orange one easy to find
  2. I’ve had a quick hour out and zeroed it then shoot 6 rabbits for 7 shots more than happy also ordered it in 17hmr should be here Wednesday can’t wait
  3. License came today and decided on the cz457 .22lr happy is a understatement
  4. Well and truly confused now thanks for the info I think
  5. He’s going to send some pictures over I’ll forward them on when I get them
  6. My mates got a nice rapid 7 for sale I’ll see if I can some pictures he’s wanting £650
  7. Thanks for the replies lads looks like the cz for me then if and when my license arrives
  8. I like the idea of the extra mag in the stock one of the lads I shoot with has cz 455 that a really like but seen the t bolt in a shop yesterday and then was in two minds
  9. Hello lads and lasses hopefully I’ll be getting my fac soon had my interview a few months ago and my land has been passed so I’ve been looking at rifles already have my sgc think I’ve narrowed my choice to the cz457 and the browning t bolt in .22lr and .17hmr looking to send around 2k what’s the pros and cons to these rifles and is there any others I should look at thanks mark
  10. I thought they were cheap when I was in the gun shop so bought 400 I use them on foxes aswell seam a good cart
  11. Gamebore mammoth steel for me 36g 3s £41 for a 100 carts
  12. Some one I know might be getting rid of a part trained springer 8mths old but it’s a dog if that may be any good let me know and I’ll see for you
  13. Yes mate I did see it but Southampton is a bit far to go good luck with this one and first refusal if you get rid please mate
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