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  1. Yes mate I did see it but Southampton is a bit far to go good luck with this one and first refusal if you get rid please mate
  2. Very nice gun that wish I’d seen the photo earlier
  3. Ordered the part yesterday it came in to the gun shop today after a good look over the gun I fitted the new part and it works spot on again thanks for the input lads much appreciated
  4. If you don’t buy it mate could you pass me the details as I would be interested
  5. Meant to say drove over it in the 4x4
  6. I bought one off big Knapper it was mint very accurate I had 1000s of bunnies with it till I drove it
  7. I am not going to try and claim from any one it’s a cheap gun that’s had loads of stick and to be honest has preformed faultless upto now I fact I’ve got two of them there a good cheap gun to use ferreting or out with the terriers
  8. The carts did sound a lot louder than the previous shots and there was more recoil. It’s a armsan a612 it was second hand when I got it about 18m ago but was only a few weeks old I got the receipt with it and I’ve put easily 6/7000 shots though it if not more the carts I was using before the gamebore were really old Eley magnum
  9. Think I’ll keep away from the very old magnum carts I was putting threw it just before this happened
  10. Yes it’s a a612 parts are very cheap £20 inc delivery this auto has had 1000s of carts through it and never had a issue cycling from 21g up to 56g
  11. I’ve just ordered a new part not sure how I would go about claiming a new gun back from gamebore and to be honest don’t think I could be bothered thanks
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