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  1. I use .8 black gzk with 9.5 steels or 7mm lead work a treat
  2. Hello I am around this area I could help out if needed I have ferrets and air rifles and fac also fully insured thanks mark
  3. Sure everything will go fine there was some good birds last year especially in that wind
  4. Hopefully I get it back tomorrow there say they have gave it a full over haul
  5. Can’t remember in all honesty think the bolt was open but not 100% sure I only had the gun a week bought second hand from a gun shop
  6. Failed to feed the second cart it was getting stuck half way in the the chamber first cart would eject no problem
  7. I’ve tried it dry and oiled it’s went back to gmk there meant to be sorting it I hope they do it’s a lovely semi
  8. I’ve got 2 armsan one a 3 shot and one a 6 shot both will cycle any carts no problem also bought a beretta a400 excel and it’s done nothing but jamb even with 36g 4 shot
  9. Ours are coming this Saturday fingers crossed we only put 600 down any way but getting them all and possibly another 100 he’s got spare
  10. I’ve got a ranger in 22 had it for about 8 year never had a problem with it I’ve shot 1000s or rabbits ect with it
  11. Red mills or gain 20 for mine mixed with raw for my lurchers terriers and gun dogs all do well on it
  12. Yep he was like a barrel but getting a good bit of shape about him
  13. Thanks pal he’s getting there only had him 2mths or so his owner died and the blokes wife done nothing with him but feed him
  14. New one on my team 10mth old lab dog he’s very clever and numb at the same time sure he will do me well
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