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  1. did a few more flatpack trigger loops, this time i made some stainless rings and soldered them on, stops them going through the loops
  2. My flatpacks are about 4 yrs old, still like new being stainless, I have other cheaper duffus that are rusted to hell after the same time. Flatpack are well worth the extra money to me. Had a few going through the triggers, closed them up a bit and pushed them forward but not 100% successful, I then put the stainless washers on one to try, I thought the weight might spook the mole, but it works brilliantly, I believe the weight actually helps, you can get them set very kittle, and something important to me the moles are caught around the ribs so as humane as possible. I have about 150 flatpack
  3. I like flatpack, I tried a tweak on a one a few months ago, tacking a stainless steel washer on, what a difference to catch rate, I am doing all my flatpacks now, can’t fail with them. Since I can’t use a welder no more I silver solder them on now.
  4. All you need do is pick up a mesh when putting first clove hitch on then cut back surplus running line and melt end with a lighter
  5. Just tried that with a wide grommet, put on one clove hitch then other on top. I always secure my end pole running lines with a nail knot to lock it in, just do same with this, will go nowhere, wide grommet and 3mm running line. Excellent idea that tomo, everyday is a school day
  6. Yes thinking about that Tomo you could easily change one section of running line by just putting 2 grommets on each pole (top or bottom line). If you used a wide grommet you could probable get 2 glove hitch knots in the same grommet.
  7. thanks mate, decided to look for a 4wd 300 big red or a trx350
  8. I’m nothing but positive Jimmy, it’s my third go but it won’t be stopping me mate, that is certainty
  9. thank you jimmy, yes i need to look into it. you are right being here is the main thing, looks like me mate is going to be the shooter now and im relegated to carrier lol. Hope you are feeling better mate.
  10. Me and feet up are a hard combination Mark, got to be on with something.
  11. Hello folks, had a couple of bad weeks with my heart condition, ended up having to have a pacemaker fitted. Feeling great now but it’s feck my life up a bit as well, can’t weld no more, done it for 42yrs for my job so don’t know what will happen there. Just trying to find out if my pard008lrf will affect me, more so by the range finding facility, so many things I need to find out but it is hard to believe if websites tell truths or lies, you can get opposite answers for the same question, had to choice but have the pacemaker, it was either that or cemetery.
  12. Just about size mainly, I want one for moles mainly, if 250 big enough I might go for that. Thank you
  13. A type i like, bitch on the right is my old first x, great little ferreting bitch with a cracking nose, pic on right is her daughter i bred 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy and her son far left, 7/8 whippet 1/8 beddy. My old bitch is retired now, living with my daughter as a pet.
  14. Get onto chicken man, he might put you onto something decent, from your parts as well.
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