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  1. lifelong cumbrian

    scope recommendations

    think you have misunderstood my post Mark, i bought it off ebay for £60 delivered, bargain i think, yes it is SCB ret.
  2. lifelong cumbrian

    Duffus Traps

    I have been saving to buy 100, do you not know anyone after some, get them cheaper if you band together.
  3. lifelong cumbrian

    scope recommendations

    Got a mtc mamba lite 4-16 44, good nick for £60 delivered, a good deal i think.
  4. lifelong cumbrian

    Why the GLs were revoked, thank you NE and DEFRA

    the prick Gove wants to be pm, looks like he is qualified, fecking idiot.
  5. lifelong cumbrian

    Dandruff in dogs

    my dog has a bit of dandruff at present, he is casting, was same last year, soon as he is finished casting it is gone,
  6. lifelong cumbrian

    scope recommendations

    About 40yds is the most i would do, rabbits mainly, got a couple of places lined up for a bit of ratting. I have a 4-16 44 original mamba lite on my 95k which i like. Had a look at a compact scope 40mm i thought it was a little heavy for the size of it and the turrets were fairly high. Had a look at a new mamba 4-16-42 which looked nice and slim, turrets were small and light, also has IR on now, i am thinking about getting one. Put it on the hw100 and keep my other mamba on my 95k. Thank you for the reply mate, ATB.
  7. Looking at scopes for my 95k, something good in low light that would be decent NV add on. Dont want a heavy thing, possibly 44 to 50mm with paralax, something about £200 ish. Been looking at the Hawke compact? thank you.
  8. lifelong cumbrian

    Northern Shooting Show

    thank you
  9. lifelong cumbrian

    Northern Shooting Show

    were is this event you are talking about please.
  10. lifelong cumbrian


    I have a the same mamba lite scope, i find it ok but not to great in low light. I also have a viper connect, dont think they are any good for NV add on.
  11. lifelong cumbrian

    HW95k 177

    No longer for sale thank you, i have decided to keep it.
  12. lifelong cumbrian

    HW95k 177

    i have pm'd you Mark.
  13. lifelong cumbrian

    New owner advice.

    nice looking young dog, looks in great condition, does he have slight feathering on this back legs.
  14. lifelong cumbrian

    Air Arms S410F carbine super-lite

    Is the wood popla or something
  15. lifelong cumbrian

    hw110k v Ultra se

    With this shite about pigeons and corvids i may not bother and use what i have, shooting jobs fecked now. Hopefully this mess gets overturned. I mean how the hell can anyone take any notice of that nut job, he is preaching love of rats now, wants carting off.