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  1. Took a ferret with me the other day while lifting a few mole traps, bitch marked a tree stump, couple of quick rabbits. She has marked a few mole runs in the hedges I have have moles out of. Making a useful little dog.
  2. Little collie bitch just turned 10 months, nearly 20" and about 30lb. Doing very well with the ferreting job, loves to work. Nice and steady around the sets.
  3. Some right scumbags about, i would never dream of doing that to anyone but i have been shafted myself. Hope they get their legs broken.
  4. Has anyone any experience of the above please, would just be fo spotting for air rifle hunting, thank you.
  5. good luck in finding your new pup and so sorry for your loss.
  6. I have just retired my first x to a pet home with my daughter, was a good little ferreting dog, good nose, great drive, decent on lamp but did lack a yard daytime, was a small bitch just over 18”, I put a whippet over her a few years back and they were better running dogs, I prefer the 3/4 bred whippet but a half bred greyhound would be better than half bred whippet in my personal opinion
  7. So sorry for you and your family mate, RIP young lady. Truly devastating.
  8. Peter Ross and a silver stoat tail is my fav combo for sea trout, often pick a salmon up on the stoat.
  9. think i depends on what type of land you are working and what you want to run with it, for rabbits on small fields/woodland a whippet x collie would suit me. the none ped racing lines can be small and rapid, usually a bit of greyhound in them from somewhere down the line. I have a young collie bitch i am training for ferreting, she is work/trial bred and has really taken to ferreting, if she ends up what i hope i will put a none ped racing whippet on her in a few years my relatives have some real good gear.
  10. Being delivered Jimmy, I have watched a fair few videos about them, hopefully I can work it.
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