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    Ferreting, fishing, lamping, air rifle hunting, making things. I also have a keen interest in photography.

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  1. lifelong cumbrian

    Best quicksets these days.

    Aye good design them baskets, very practical.
  2. lifelong cumbrian

    A Ferrets Value ?

    Personally i think a real good working ferret is just as priceless as a good marking, each should hopefully compliment each other, a good one of either working together is a joy to watch.
  3. lifelong cumbrian

    malinois x whippet

    Is that one brother of Brego mate, that Brego is a nice animal and iv read a few posts on him working well.
  4. lifelong cumbrian

    malinois x whippet

    I been thinking for a while a 3/4 whippet 1/4 mally would be a ideal ferreting dog for the ground i do.
  5. lifelong cumbrian

    How to improve recovery?

  6. lifelong cumbrian

    How to improve recovery?

    What is the non ped bred out of mate.
  7. lifelong cumbrian

    My first pike

    Well done mate. Nice lurcher.
  8. lifelong cumbrian

    Kings of Dorking

    Must have been a cracking Jacket Phil, 30yrs and still going.
  9. lifelong cumbrian

    Poor salmon season

    Aye its crap down our way as well, catch and release next season i think. Just hope to many people don't pack up over it, i will be fishing. I fear for syndicates and clubs getting funds in if anglers tail off.
  10. lifelong cumbrian

    Boxing day break

    How long is the rod mate 5' or so, had some great fun with ultralite gear.
  11. lifelong cumbrian

    Dog throwing up

    Well put mate. 100% agree with that.
  12. lifelong cumbrian

    Camera Recommendations Please

    She will win in the end mate. I had no idea at all when i started, took months for it to sink into this head, watched loads of videos on youtube, over and over again, Aperture, iso, shutter speed, focus points, white balance, bokeh etc its a mine field, one day it all starts to sink in then you are on your way. Best thing i ever did keeping at it, good luck mate.
  13. lifelong cumbrian

    Couple days on the moors

    Great weekend David, fantastic looking place.
  14. lifelong cumbrian

    Ferreting Dog

    3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy
  15. lifelong cumbrian

    Lamping The Whippet

    Sire of your dog lined my cousins old collie whippet, think its took, repeat mating, last litter been some decent dogs up to about 23".