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  1. My father raced them in the 80/90's, all had a touch of greyhound in, not many lines wont have. I took the odd one out for a run on the rabbits, catch no problem but easily got banged up, usually feet trouble. The odd one lasted longer, my mate had a ex track dog around 23" whippet greyhound, that would be mid 70's, i used to skive school and take it out, fantastic rabbit dog and a decent nose, not so great on the hares, if it didnt catch it in the first couple of hundred yards it didnt normally catch it. Didnt have great wind but recovered fast enough. Some he had, the little black one was around 17" like a miniture greyhound, that one had at least 1/4 greyhound in it. I have a fair few pics of his dogs. The little bitch at the bottom was gifted to a old ferreting man as it was a yard short of open class, he said it was shit hot on the rabbits.
  2. is that one of Stephen's mate. My mate has one, making a cracking ferreting dog and just a youngster, about 21" dog.
  3. brain freeze i think. have a hw100 now, good gun but personally not as good as the rapid.
  4. wish i had never sold my rapid 7
  5. I use 2 triangles, knit off one for 4ft or so, clip the other one through the meshes and then knit off that triangle, remove other one and drop completed net into a carrier bag, just keep repeating.
  6. I use the centre of a electric cable drum to make the bow, it is 3mm and already formed into a circle so is easy to adapt to the bow part. I have loads of pics but wont load up for some reason.
  7. a lot of collies can be a bit hyper, mine was fine, farm bred.
  8. had one, was a great little ferreting/ratching dog. and a big plus is trainabilty and biddable. You wont regret it.
  9. Thats what i do mate when taking time to take sticks out and change shoulders as i go.
  10. I am ferreting tomorrow at a place were i use a load of net, taking all my nets so the big basket gets a run out. Got it out earlier and was having a little look at some sort of weight aid. Personally i dont find it to heavy even fully loaded but as said when taking time to take sticks out and taking time it can be a little heavy on the neck. I think a remedy can be easily sorted. I would make a harness out of car seat belt material ( similar to the purse net harness off torchy) and put on 2 rings and quick release clips were my hands are on the pic. Just clip it on when needed to the framework of the basket and it will help take the weight of the strap on your neck. Will have to be at the correct height. I dont need one but i might have a go at making one because i am interested. The basket is only 6mm stainless steel and very light.
  11. i just use the fibre poles but i cut them at 1 meter i think the shorter ones (830mm i think) are to short, for soft ground etc they are to short, the extra is length is handy for getting more in the ground in woods etc. also handy for slipping up the back of netting etc to keep the poles taught. Just my personal opinion.
  12. I like 4 z personally, use it in woods around gorse etc, they pull up better, lighter to carry, im not bothered about having to pick a few sticks and twigs out. When they get damaged i just nail knot the meshes back together. Got some that have had some hammer the last few years, i run them out in the field every few months and fix any holes, they been fixed loads of times but still catch no bother.
  13. I had this little collie bitch for 15yrs, fantastic little dog, probably the best ferreting dog i have had. Will have another or a Kelpie when the time comes.
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