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    Ferreting, fishing, lamping, air rifle hunting, making things. I also have a keen interest in photography.

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  1. lifelong cumbrian


    I have done a few things for other folk for free, just the way i am, most of the time it is appreciated but there is a fair share of users and abusers about, been made a mug of more than a few times, reading this thread it shows there are a lot of very different people about.
  2. lifelong cumbrian

    I nearly let it go

    what were those mate if you dont mind me asking, ATB.
  3. lifelong cumbrian


    It is going to be a dear bloody gun, piston barrel and original purchase, feel for you mate.
  4. lifelong cumbrian

    2 handed fly rod

  5. lifelong cumbrian

    2 handed fly rod

    If his rod has a screw in stopper just make a extension handle, or see if you can get one made, i have double and single handed rods, i was going to buy a switch rod for spey casting on a small river, they are expensive, i ended up making a extension handle for a 9/10 weight 10ft old hardy single hander, got a 6 weight spey line on and it fly's out, saved me some coin as well. Great for casting under overhanging trees tight on the river edge.
  6. lifelong cumbrian


    That was mail order.
  7. lifelong cumbrian


    I remember i bought a new Relum Tornado in about 1976 or so, the barrel was like a fecking banana, what i job i had getting a refund but eventually got it.
  8. lifelong cumbrian

    hw 110k

    Thank you for the replies
  9. lifelong cumbrian

    hw 110k

    I have a 100ks in 177, i like it but find it a bit nose heavy, i wont be selling it but will be adding a 110k, i like a light small gun for hunting.
  10. lifelong cumbrian

    End of season for me

    bolted a few young ones this morning, aye it as about finished for this season.
  11. lifelong cumbrian

    hw 110k

    Has anyone got any opinions on the above please, been out a little while now so maybe a few people have been hunting with them, thank you atb
  12. lifelong cumbrian

    Malinois X greyhound

    Mine is mally grey x collie grey, dont know if it is from the mally or collie but he is a very biddable easy going young dog, a pleasure to own and has the makings a decent ferreting dog.
  13. lifelong cumbrian

    Whippet lurchers

    i see you are from Kent, sorry to far from here, i am looking out for a little whippet type for someone for ferreting.
  14. lifelong cumbrian

    Whippet lurchers

    which is the sire mate, is it pure whippet, what racing dogs is the bitch out of. what size are the sire and dam.
  15. lifelong cumbrian

    Advice on fly fishing

    I have one of those OPST head for my 7' number 3. I like it.