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  1. We are of to Kerang in two weeks time onto a property of 20 thousand acres and the farmer when we spoke to him he said it’s crawling with rabbits come with us Aussie whip.
  2. Our numbers are looking fantastic down here in Australia but still a lot of little kits running around hopefully we will be in to it in the next couple of weeks and getting good numbers.
  3. Just make sure that the vet has had plenty experience with ferrets.
  4. Sorry for your loss they are not jut a animal but they do become part of your life.
  5. Your new dog has seem to worked out well.
  6. Love the one with the black tail
  7. Holly molly we definitely don’t see these things in Australia we just build our cagers I will post some photos on what I have built over the years my only question is how often do you clean it out, as I have a area in in all my cagers where I have mesh on the floor and a tray under it to catch all their poop ,
  8. Looks great personally I would put one hole on each level and if you ever wanted to close it of just put a concrete paver over it That’s what I have done to my large cage for when I need to seperate my ferrets.
  9. You may have to google it as that was a screen shot.
  10. Found it , it’s on one of the episodes on the same website
  11. Is their any one out on this forum from New Zealander that has actually seen the problem with the rabbits over there I was put onto this by the rabbit whisperer a while ago and is the problem still ongoing. Interesting watching and I think this is the one where a man shoots a rabbit and the lady doing the interview walks in front of the gun afterwards .
  12. I have put up the odd ferret free to good home as they were definitely no good for hunting but make great pets not once l have had anyone complain about distance and have been more then great full for it. I don’t let just anyone take it I do make sure that they have had experience with ferrets in the past.
  13. Good to see the kits are well handled
  14. I think all pets should be regarded as family not jus an animal that lives in a cage and gets fed and forgotten about or a dog that is kept in a backyard and never walked. If you respect your animals they will respect you. You have the right attitude with your animals and great videos well done.
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