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  1. It would be great if some one on my side of the country was looking for some one to go ferreting with I would pick them up in a heartbeat as I am seeing it as a dying art ferreting is just not happening over here.
  2. Sorry for your loss great looking dog not onLy just a hunter but you lost a great mate.
  3. We run a couple of whippets and they well and truely out run the rabbits
  4. I watched it last night it was Greste. Just out of interest do you get many rabbits hole hopping.
  5. Keep the videos dude they are great
  6. Found some of the photos I must have deleted a lot. It’s amazing how much stuff we see on a lot of property’s.
  7. Jok you would be surprised on how some people live on their properties over here, some of the ones we go on are full of old farming equipment that would have to be over 100 years old as from what I can make out they don’t want to throw or sell anything. It’s quite an eye opener and some days I get more enjoyment looking at the stuff.. l go through my photos and post up some of the pictures I have taken over the years.
  8. It’s great to see you back with another video keep it up bud. It’s being a while.
  9. I have similar problems in the past and I was advised by one block mix in their food once a week kitten food , kitten food has high protein for them and the fish. The only time I have the problem now is when they get old or it’s a Jill who is about to have her young. Another one I also do and try to do it once a week or so is mix up egg with their food good protein and for their coat.
  10. For get the books bud just keep them well and worm for feeding them I feed mine chicken mince kiting food for ptoteen and venison and some kangaroo mince and rabbit as well Handel them on a daily basis and you will have very loyal ferrets Stick around dude and you will learn a lot of this site
  11. Haven’t seen old mate for a few days. Maybe he forgot to let go of the meat when he threw it in. What you see their is a led of a dear. But they do get fed a lot more then that.
  12. I have to say keeping them in the lounge room can be a problem if they go up the chimney the white ferrets come back as polecats.
  13. A couple of photos on some of the places we do from gardens to sheds and houses and rubbish piles.
  14. We run two teams of cut bucks (hobs) one team of eleven and another team of seven with two does (Jill’s) found the cut bucks don’t fight when they are in season and can work them all year round and can handle them self against a large rabbit. We are lucky enough we are able to drive up to all our warrens so carrying an amount of ferrets we don’t do. Some of our warrens , large wood piles and large sheds and garden beds we do , we can have up to eight ferret in at once. We just put up the nets put the ferrets in and let the mayhem begin. It’s great fun
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