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  1. Well the net was given to me by a friend so I thought I would give it a go I already have a few long nets and one large trammel net. I am unsure on when it comes to the size of mesh as I haven’t really come across anyone that is really into long netting until I joined this forum which has being a great help to me. Unfortunately their are not many people around my way that are into ferreting it seems to be a dying art. I am the youngest one around and I am 50. And also thanks for your advice.
  2. Gday all hope you are all keeping safe from this fantastic Covid. Anyway I have finished of three of the quick set net baskets and I have just picked a one hundred and ten yard net that is 40 mesh deep and size of the mesh is three and a half inch. The questions I have is at what distance do I set my poles at and the second one is how much bagging, kill to you have between each pole. I do know that people my have different views,ideas on it. Any information would be great as the weather is starting to get better and I will be hopefully be of with the ferrets as their are plenty of rabbits alr
  3. That’s the way to pass on your ferrets my two girls look after my ferret kits and always seem to end up with a few dollars in their pocket as they do a great job of looking after them and also keeping them cool on the hot days as temps can reach up to 40+ on some days as I do work some long hours. It’s great way to get your kids involved in the sport.
  4. Just chilling but love to bolt the rabbits
  5. It’s a shame you don’t live in Australia at the moment people are struggling to of load ferrets. The second problem I am seeing is I haven’t seen any young kids getting into ferreting. Maybe they have no idea as their isn’t an APP on their electronic device.
  6. Forgot to ask what type of bedding do people use for their ferrets. I have being using clean rags that get changed on a weakly basis. Or am I better of using straw or hay.
  7. Yes I have heard of ferrets going into season with artificial light but mine are kept where they don’t get any light except during day time their is no artificial light source from anywhere. The last thing I am trying to avoid is my Jill going into season more than once as I have two jills and trying to of load anywhere up to 20 + kits once a year is not so easy. As I like to turn over a ferret or two each year for my stock. Also it’s good for my two kids as they do get involved in looking after them. One old timer I know he floods the market every year and and normally offloads them very quic
  8. Great video and yes every day is a good day as long you are above ground.
  9. What makes a good size sleeping box for a Jill who is expecting kits. The size of my cages are two story 2.5 meters long and 1 meter wide. I am going to close of one of them and will be putting in a sleeping in the bottom one. My main question is what would be a good size for her and her kits and what is the best type of bedding to use. In the past I have used clean rags and not had a problem with that. But the box that she was in the last couple of years was a meter wide and 900 long. At the moment that is where all 6 of them sleep together with out a problem. I won’t need it for another coup
  10. Yep it’s amazing on how many ferrets I have sold to people who wants them as pets. And the crazy thing is how a lot of them keep them in the house. From time to time I bring mine into my back shed where I have a large cage and they stink it out in no time at all and and shed size is 7 meters by 10 meters. How good would their house smell.
  11. I wish people in Australia worked the same way. BUT all they want is the big buck$ for them. It’s great to see their are still generous people out their well done.
  12. What we have found is if you take the kits away to early you could run the chance of your Jill going back into season a second time. We normally seperate them from their mother around 10 weeks but not sell them until they are around 12 weeks just to make sure they are good. Another one is we sometimes leave one kit with the Jill to prevent her from going back into season. The last thing you want is to end up with is a colony of ferrets.
  13. They look good it’s a shame I live in Australia as we are looking for some new blood for next season.
  14. Sorry to here about the loss of Zeus it’s hart breaking when you come across you ferret and it’s passed away.
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