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  1. And of we go home. With a Ute of rabbits. We get some strange looks when we are driving home no idea why.
  2. We gut them when we catch them and usually at the end of the day when we are their for a few days we have access to the farmers cool room and we collect them on the way home. Our big trips like this one is mainly for winter pet food no for eating.
  3. They are not my dogs but they think they are pointer cross greyhound. The bigger one is quite good the other one not bad
  4. Yep it was a long one but good time with great company.
  5. we shot of Saturday morning on a three hour trip to the property for an overnight ferreting and shoot during the night. Between the four of us we done quite well 315 rabbits we brought back for the two freezers so plenty of pet food for winter to se us through to next season.
  6. Great to see good looking ferrets that are so well looked after
  7. Its a shame you don’t live in Australia as at the. moment we have heaps advertised and no one is buying them this year. I have an ad on gumtree giving away four ferrets for free. I think what it is that people are just breading for the money and now the market has totally fallen out. The second problem I think is no one here has ever heard of the Jill jab and not ever heard of any one having a sniped hob. I have spoken to a few vets but non of them will touch a ferret.
  8. Love it when people gift things they don’t need any more to someone who will appreciate it.
  9. I learnt of YouTube after trying it a few times I got the hang of it my not be 100% perfect but worked out well give it a crack.
  10. And I Thorough I was the only one that set nets like you do to catch the rabbits we’ll done
  11. I didn’t notice that bud , we also use them around garden beds and rubbish piles
  12. It’s great to see some kids getting out as I don’t see many if any young ones getting out their. We also use the ground nets like you hav and they do work well and do stop the hole hopping. The one thing we have done with our nets is dyed the ends so we know we’re they are.
  13. We have had the old time where we have been held up possibly from the ferret being blocked in by a rabbit as when the ferret does come out you can see it has dug it’s way out. The longest time that we have been held up is maybe no more then half an hour. I did see one on you tube David white head called bring back the JCB where he brings in a large machine to dig down may be 10 or more feet deep. Lock it up and tell me is it possible or a set up ? But with all the people I now that ferret none of them use the locators.
  14. Hopefully the numbers do come back. I have seen placers that had nothing or very little over the years but they are now back in decent numbers. Still any catch is always a good day out with good company
  15. We had the one in a million big doe. We tried and tried to stop her from biting it would have had to have been the only one that we never had luck with. Dad named her Flossy and he always said it had nothing to do with my grandmother as she had the same name.
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