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  1. Does it really matter at the end I generally use cut bucks and in the of season take my Jill as well I have been very lucky to have not have to dig for a ferret for a very long time as our ground over here is exteremely hard and rocky and clay. That is the main reason for not using locaters on the ferrets as you would need a machine to dig out the ferrets. If you look up the return of the jcb by Simon white head on YouTube that is what we would be doing in Australia on a 2 foot dig. At the end of the day each to their own opinion on what ferrets you use. After watching a lot of videos on YouTu
  2. At what size or weight do you classify a ferret to be a micro ferret. I have never weighed a ferret before. What should a ferret weigh to its size is their any formula for it as two of my ferrets are brother and sister and the female is almost one third of the size of her brother. I will post some pitchers of them later on today.
  3. The ferrets today got a rabbit the interesting thing was it had no ears any way when we skins it and cleaned it the poor Littel feller was full of shot gun pallets. He was all healed up it must of happend some time ago. I didn’t get any photos when we skinned.
  4. Interesting never seen or heard of that before. But again it my not be available in Australia. In the past all I have used is detol which is for humans and that seemed to work well. But I think I will now look more into it as it may not be a good product to use on animals.
  5. If you want a cheaper option get some fine sprinkler heads that they use on ferns and run them they don’t use a great deal of water. The one thing I am not a fan of is using electrical devices for keeping ferrets cool in summer is we tend to get power blackouts often.
  6. Nothing like watching ferrets play when I get a chance I will put up a video of mine playing it may sound strange but I have put to together a play cage for them it’s great to watch them play and jump around. Great Video once again. I youse to work does ( jills ) but when they come into season I was unable to work then but when I was talked into cut bucks ( hobs ) I have never looked Back as I found you can work them all year round. But I do find they seam to hold you up a Littel bit more. Good luck and work at it.
  7. Buddy you must have a lot of knowledge on this sport I thought I did after doing it for around 40 years of and on but after being on this forum it’s amazing what I have learnt.
  8. So can ours ! Click the title !
  9. Great Video what an interesting way graham skins the rabbit with the back legs. It’s something I will give a go at doing.
  10. All good being putting them all together of and on what I found was when my Jill was in the cage them they the one hob would fight with the others with out the Jill near them they were all happy unsure why but all is great. Thanks to all with the advice. The photos are not the best but they are all happy together.
  11. That’s a good way of doing it as you don’t clean out the rabbit population and their is always something left for next time. Nice Video.
  12. Just like me a cruzzy catch.
  13. Thank buddy I thought that was how to do it. Greatly appreciated anyway it’s Easter Sunday so happy Easter ever one out their and have a great day.
  14. Love seeing good numbers and happy dogs well done. At the moment the numbers are their but they are not in the burrows for some reason.
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