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  1. And I Thorough I was the only one that set nets like you do to catch the rabbits we’ll done
  2. I didn’t notice that bud , we also use them around garden beds and rubbish piles
  3. It’s great to see some kids getting out as I don’t see many if any young ones getting out their. We also use the ground nets like you hav and they do work well and do stop the hole hopping. The one thing we have done with our nets is dyed the ends so we know we’re they are.
  4. We have had the old time where we have been held up possibly from the ferret being blocked in by a rabbit as when the ferret does come out you can see it has dug it’s way out. The longest time that we have been held up is maybe no more then half an hour. I did see one on you tube David white head called bring back the JCB where he brings in a large machine to dig down may be 10 or more feet deep. Lock it up and tell me is it possible or a set up ? But with all the people I now that ferret none of them use the locators.
  5. Hopefully the numbers do come back. I have seen placers that had nothing or very little over the years but they are now back in decent numbers. Still any catch is always a good day out with good company
  6. We had the one in a million big doe. We tried and tried to stop her from biting it would have had to have been the only one that we never had luck with. Dad named her Flossy and he always said it had nothing to do with my grandmother as she had the same name.
  7. Well done , please don’t the one thing I don’t understand is why you guys over the other side of the world seem to be digging so much to get your ferrets back. In Australia we do a lot of ferreting we don’t use locators on the ferrets and we are unable to use the fibreglass rods on our long nets as the ground is extremely hard. We never seem to loos a ferret and they always seem to come out after they have bolted the rabbits out. Yes some times they will hold us up for a bit but for not a long time. Well done on your catch for the day.
  8. Ouch , the ferrets are looking good. I have a few twelve week old male kits from good hunting ferrets that I am trying to of load but no one seems to want them. They are all black eyed whites if you are interested in one or more as l am happy to give them away . If interested I can post up some pitches and if anyone else wants a couple I am located in Whittlesea Victoria, happy to give them a way.
  9. Just out of interest does chuck still run the pub I stayed their a few times around 10 years ago when I was doing some work up their.
  10. Ist great to see people offering ferrets for free, I have done it a few times but only to find they have been sold on which pisses me of .
  11. Unsure if I am on the right site but I have tighter shark teeth as you can see they have been hanging up on the shed for a long time what is the correct way to clean them up without damaging them as I want to mount them on any advice would be great
  12. Great to see you have moved forward hope all is good l would love to catch up with you for a great day out.
  13. Happy new year to everyone on this fourom down in Australia it’s hot at the moment but my ferrets are happy with their new cooling system. With great thanks to Sirblesss it’s amazing how much you can lurne just watching what people and on the videos they put out their Congratulations to all Thankyou to all chears to all
  14. What goes around comes around, the unfortunate I have seen it just from being in the trade over the years they have their tools knocked of and it takes them around 12 months to replace it all and then get done over again. It sucks when you have worked hard and endless amount of research on getting the correct equipment and some arse just comes along and takes it all. It’s been great to see everyone helping out Netmaker out , and keeping on eye out for his stuff. CHEARS to all The one advantage is we all go to properties and some are quite large with a shovel and we can dig a large hole
  15. Sorry to hear about anyone’s los when things get stolen no matter what it is. But having pets stolen hearts me the most. Has this crap always been going on having hunting equipment and your working ferrets and dogs being stolen or is it so thing that has just taking off. Catch them and steal their wife and kids and see how they like it. To me that’s no different them them stealing your animals.
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