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  1. Wee need to teach the young generation and guide them through their ruts where I live I am the youngest one that ferrets and I am 50. Keep at it it’s in the ferrets blood to hunt they will switch on and get that catch. It’s great to see everyone on this post is more then happy to help with advice too all well done.
  2. It’s good to see a good catch and a great day out well done boys. I will be out next week only due to the lockdown we are in at the moment our government has decided to release us in 5 days time, my ferrets can’t wait to get out their.
  3. It’s a shame you don’t live in the great land of down under Australia, I would be more then happy to take you out. You are on a great forum and their is plenty you can learn from . I have not had any problems with my young ones when I first take them out but I always worked them with their mother who is a 3 year old , great family pet but a fantastic hunter. As time goes on you will learn lots some by trial and error and from here. DON’ T give up you will get their , in saying that long term you may start breading them and work through the proses and end up with some fantastic workers and lea
  4. Great to see you have a heart of gold with your ferrets I am in Australia Victoria with one of the hardest lockdown in the world being unable to work my ferrets for close to two years that have almost turned into playful pets. But soon I should be able to work them again. I hope they will know how to work again.
  5. I think it is personal preference. Bigger mesh the smaller rabbits will get away. Not good for the land owner who you are trying to help out to get rid of the rabbit for. But their will be rabbits their next time you go.
  6. It’s good to see they were returns in good condition by some one that was not able to work them.
  7. He could be a young kid as he said I am new to the sport, may be we need to put a topic at the top of this page that stays their giving the newbies some good advice on ways to get permission, and even some basic ferret care ,Hang in there Gareth and stick around you will gain a lot of good advice and tips. I have been getting some great tips on this site and also on the long netting site , but found the long netting a little slow but have found a lot of great advice.
  8. The best question to ask is how’s the best way on getting permission to get onto property’s.
  9. I have 7 hobs that have being cut and two jills in the same pen never had a problem just put them together and crept an eye on them. I did early days had problems introducing new ferrets together fighting kept a close eye on it and before I put them together full time swap their bedding around or even swap the ferrets around in the cages. I did have a few problems with them fighting but over time after putting them together for a few hours a day they soon become one big happy family. I only take my Jills out when they come into season and have their young. I am not a fan on having the two jill
  10. Well this is the finished product it’s got a 200 meter net with 100% baging net is 100 meters long haven’t used it yet but will be in the next couple of weeks as most of the rabbits around are small. THANK YOU TO ALL for your help and advice. No doubt things on it will change over time.
  11. And this is the finished product.
  12. This is the start of the quick net system I made. It’s one of the best things I made. It did take a little trial and error but at the end of the day it works a treat. If you look up on long netting on this forum you will some great home made ideas and the people on it are really helpful. Give it a crack and once you start using it you won’t go back. It really tops of your hunting kit.
  13. You have joined a good site their atr plenty of good people on it that are more than happy to helps you out and guide you in the right direction with any questions you may have well done taking the Littel feller it seems you both had a great day together
  14. Good watching once again,you got to love the twigs caught up in the net. Louie the dog seemed to have picked up the idea well , the border collies seem to pick thing up really quickly without much training..
  15. Amazing how times have changed I remember when I was a kid my dad use to feed them warm milk with bread , which was probably the worse thing you could feed them. And I have always been a bit unsure about feeding them road kill as you don’t know if the animal was healthy or sick. I do know of one fella that does pick up the occasional road kill and puts it in his cages compete with guts and all unsure if that’s a good thing or not.
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