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  1. 13 month old pup i bred my self
  2. chezney


    Coss machine crane controller e.s I work 6 days a week from home in London it's not for me
  3. chezney


    Have thought about going down nebosh route also I'm currently a supervisor on the pway side of things with all the safety critical tickets and fancy a new challenge
  4. Look good Dewi how are the dogs bred
  5. Sorry about late reply the show starts at 12.30 This show is a qualifier for The North Wales entered terrier championship and the nwtf Champion of champions
  6. The show is a qualifier for a few bigger shows I will put them all on tomorrow including the judges The show will be held inside if the weather isn't on our side
  7. Carmarthen hunt are holding their show on Saturday 10th of May at Pantyrathro equation center in Llansteffan There will be hound terrier and lurcher showing and also racing there will be cash prizes
  8. Moyes is a mid table manager not a primership winning manager
  9. Moocher it was a big mistake sacking the back room
  10. They need alot of shaping up a new team im not fussed on moyes he was ok at everton but everton are not united .. Also look what martinez has done there in one season moyes playes boring football ... Martinez plays sexy footbal ... United will bounce back and im sure this season is just a blip they will bounceback but i think it will take time ...chelsea are clumbsy man city try and buy teams ... Arsenal got no composure .... Liverpool deserve it this year brendan rodgers is a brilliant manager they have played great football ... But i hate them
  11. Id f**k wellbeck off along with moyes
  12. Hope liverpool choke on the last day and all you scouse fans get back in your woodwork ..... On a serious note they have played brilliant this season sterling henderson suarez courtinio and the big man stevie g have all been out standing
  13. It is exactly what im selling in a smaller size i took the pic off the sellers page the kennels i got are not assembled and are still in the packaging as i said on post they are brand new .... Stick you noses out of peoples buisnuess your like women im not ripping people off just trying to give somone a chance of having them cheep
  14. Ive said the sizes of the boxes 30 w 22 d 28 h .... If people cant use a mesure tape and work out the sizes theres somthing wrong THE BOXES WILL SUIT TERRIERS
  15. Have my job mate its f***ing crap ..... Im also based in bicester for work so can be collected from there
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