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  1. Little bitch is 4 1/2 months now, doing great. Clever little bitch. Had her out doing a bit of pest control the other day, farmer wanted a few taken off some silage fields. I decided to take her along for her first proper look out. She was fantastic, marking, very steady, anticipating bolts, just a pleasure.
  2. I also rig my spoons up on weak links stops fish using bait as a lever
  3. I simple them on my little fly press with a tool I made, if you push it onto a long bit on the bottom block you can push metal through so it dimples both side, the 21/2” spoon I made a top and bottom tool the others I used a egg shaped mallet and hammered into a oak block I shaped I spoon into.
  4. For quick set i cut mine at a metre, down to 850 is ok but at a metre much more versatile, some places i need to push a long way into the ground, woods etc plus if longer you can shove the end of the pole behind wire fences to keep the net taught
  5. i dimple them with a little tool i made for my little fly press, if you press into a low bit on the bottom tool it pushes metal through so dimples both sides. I made a top and bottom tool for the small 2 1/2" size, the 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 i used a egg shaped mallet into a block of oak in which i shaped a concaved spoon. I will make top and bottom tools for different sizes at some point.
  6. Had a look out with my 95k 177 the other night, it is Sandwell field sports stage 1 tune, I usually take my 100ks 177. I only got 2 shots but dropped both rabbits nicely, about 30 and 40yds. I’ve had both my guns on chronograph and both around 11.6. The 95k just seems to hit with more clout, it is quiet just a damp thud. Think I will start taking it a bit more, it is much better balanced than the 100. I was going to sell the 95 a while back but decided to keep i, I am pleased I did. I was doing a bit of necessary pest control.
  7. Yes I have cleaned them often sometimes still tips over, have no problems after I have tweaked the trigger
  8. Been making a few off set spoon for a fella, different weights, all pure spoons but 2 which i brought back a little.
  9. I have been using putange traps which i really like, a while back i was having a few tipping the trigger right over without the trap going off, i tried something out to try and help that. I thought if i altered the angle of the trigger with the pliers it would help to stop this happening. I altered my triggers some for standard set and some for wide set, i have used them like this and i am confinced it helps a lot, only missed 1 mole in the last 2 months. I know a lot of folk never miss in them as standard but this adjustment has ramped up my success rate. As the trigger is now less than 90 degrees it is narrower at the bottom than the top it is naturally wanting to throw itself off the putange. It has helped me, may help someone else?
  10. when i was 17, 40yrs back i had a Russel terrier, i used to go ferreting on a trial motorbike, carried the terrier in a newspaper delivery bag with its napper sticking out, would often go 30/40 mile like that, ferret box net bag spade on a bit of john towie, i would get locked up today, lol.
  11. Had her out mole trapping a couple of times, she is a clever little dog, looking forward to days together doing all sorts of countryside activities.
  12. after a lot of thinking i decided to go with a collie, i have got myself a nice bitch pup. only had it a couple of days and really like her so far. hopefully i have done the right thing, not going to be a big one and will have a short coat, just what i wanted. looking forward to the training.
  13. Thank you for your reply Neal. I must say the barking concerns me, both around the house and yappng in the field, knowing my luck i will get a singer, i am still working for another 3 yrs and my mrs works so the dog would be in the kennel all day on its own, our old terrier lives in the house but i wouldnt dare leave a young dog in the house all day plus i woulnt leave a young hyper bitch and a old terrier bitch together anyway. Makes me think I might possibly be better waiting until i retire to take a kelpie on when i can have it with me all day, i always found my my little beddy whippet type lurchers to be very quiet and and bomb proof around the house, very easy going. More thinking to do lol.
  14. are they farm dogs or pets Davie
  15. aye i know they are bred to bark Davie, thats what puts me off, another head banging day lol
  16. thanks for the post mate, something else to think about, its the barking that concerns me the most, last thing i want is a noisy ferreting dog.
  17. Thank you mate, just need to find myself a nice pup of the right type, talking to experienced people to try and get a few pointers.
  18. Thanks for the offer mate. I have come to the conclusion after a lot of time thinking that i am going to try a pure kelpie, Been thinking which way to go dog wise for 12 months. I have retired my young lurcher to my son for a pet and my daughter is wanting my old beddy whippet (10) for a pet, she has had her for the last 3 months, that leaves me dog less but my mate has a good young marking dog. think the Lurcher job is buggered for me, less and less farmers wanting lurchers on, joe public always on the case, all i need is a good biddable marking dog that can do other things with me in the countryside and farmers will be a lot more accepting to a kelpie, Ive had a Collie which was great for me but i fancy a new challenge, I am the kind of person that will put a lot of time into a pup and get the best i can out of it. I have never had a Kelpie but have trained plenty other types so i am going to give it a go.
  19. ive had a bit of crack with the breeder of your dog mate, they are a nice type.
  20. dog job is fecked, some right greedy mothers out there.
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