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  1. I use 2 triangles, knit off one for 4ft or so, clip the other one through the meshes and then knit off that triangle, remove other one and drop completed net into a carrier bag, just keep repeating.
  2. I use the centre of a electric cable drum to make the bow, it is 3mm and already formed into a circle so is easy to adapt to the bow part. I have loads of pics but wont load up for some reason.
  3. a lot of collies can be a bit hyper, mine was fine, farm bred.
  4. had one, was a great little ferreting/ratching dog. and a big plus is trainabilty and biddable. You wont regret it.
  5. Thats what i do mate when taking time to take sticks out and change shoulders as i go.
  6. I am ferreting tomorrow at a place were i use a load of net, taking all my nets so the big basket gets a run out. Got it out earlier and was having a little look at some sort of weight aid. Personally i dont find it to heavy even fully loaded but as said when taking time to take sticks out and taking time it can be a little heavy on the neck. I think a remedy can be easily sorted. I would make a harness out of car seat belt material ( similar to the purse net harness off torchy) and put on 2 rings and quick release clips were my hands are on the pic. Just clip it on when needed to the framework of the basket and it will help take the weight of the strap on your neck. Will have to be at the correct height. I dont need one but i might have a go at making one because i am interested. The basket is only 6mm stainless steel and very light.
  7. i just use the fibre poles but i cut them at 1 meter i think the shorter ones (830mm i think) are to short, for soft ground etc they are to short, the extra is length is handy for getting more in the ground in woods etc. also handy for slipping up the back of netting etc to keep the poles taught. Just my personal opinion.
  8. I like 4 z personally, use it in woods around gorse etc, they pull up better, lighter to carry, im not bothered about having to pick a few sticks and twigs out. When they get damaged i just nail knot the meshes back together. Got some that have had some hammer the last few years, i run them out in the field every few months and fix any holes, they been fixed loads of times but still catch no bother.
  9. I had this little collie bitch for 15yrs, fantastic little dog, probably the best ferreting dog i have had. Will have another or a Kelpie when the time comes.
  10. I know it is more coin to shell out but i much prefer to take a couple of small baskets with the 48yds in, i set my nets at 6yds. I do hedgerows myself, with the 2 little baskets you can run how ever much netting you need to cover the set then lay the basket down as you will know. much more versatile than the big basket.
  11. I will take a pic tomorrow mate. Yes i agree when there is i few stick in it slows you dow, i tend to just slip the basket round to the side right and left as if you are carrying it when i taking time to remove sticks, takes a little bit of weight off the neck whilst removing the sticks.
  12. So you just use the extra strap to lift the net, not carrying it around. I use 4z net as i have said makes a fair bit of difference in weight and for me performance. When the basket is full with 2 slots full there is a hell of a lot of netting in it, whatever basket you use it is going to be on the heavy side with all that netting in. On the original i have a band on the bottom which helps plus i have it perfectly balanced when full of net. I only ever use my big basket when i need all that net.
  13. Sorry mate i don't make them to sell, contact Les he will sort you out, as said he should have some small light baskets, ATB.
  14. how much netting are you putting in mate, i like the 4z, that knocks a bit of weight off and i also set my poles at 6yds. I only use my big basket when i need a load of netting, normally i jst take 2 tiny baskets with 48yds of 4z in each, does most things i need to do.
  15. thank you, something i have been thinking about. Got asked to trap a small holding, badgers visit a lot, the fields are ripped up with them and latrines everywhere. Kind of bothered i might loose some traps. thinking about knocking some stakes up out of some 1"x1" angle i have. tie a bit of drawcord to trap and stake and hopefully if dug up it will just pull the dead mole out and not take the trap. Thinking of using putanges on this bit because they are more robust and should not get damaged as easy, Its a friends place so i will make a good effort to catch them for him. Am i on the right tracks ?? ATB.
  16. these were similar mate, the top of the run was sinking, it was basically just grass.
  17. for the ferreting job a collie or kelpie would suit me, had the collie and was great. some of my perms are not keen on lurchers and loads of eyes on folk nowadays. i like a biddable dog, the big lurcher i have is fantastic to handle, i really like that, but at 27" he looks a bit intimidating. Before i make any decisions which will be a few years down the line i will go and watch kelpies work, i know a farmer who has a few. really like the collie but i fancy the kelpie, you need to follow your head and heart sometimes i think.
  18. i havent been at mole trapping long but i had some the other day very shallow, caught them no bother in the duffus and putange. fella must be easy beat.
  19. kelpie whippet is appealing. Only thing that concerns me about a kelpie is it giving mouth or maybe i am barking up the wrong tree lol.
  20. good luck mate, make sure you remember to put a few small holes in the bottom, ATB.
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