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  1. Just wondering if they are a good cross for rabbits and ferreting
  2. As any one had this cross or got them now whippet or greyhound x border terrier are they good little rabbiting dog
  3. Has anyone got he number please thanks
  4. Is wolfie still alive any body no
  5. Is wolfie still alive any one no
  6. Coursing bred dog . Hi no they lined Peggy with him a few years back
  7. Is dan dog what fed homes had still alive anybody know if he is still about
  8. What cross is peoples option on the best Lamping dogs just for rabbits only Bedlington greyhound Bedlington whippet Collie greyhound Kelpie greyhound And other breeds
  9. Is the 4 comeing out this year or next
  10. When is a passion for coursing 4 comeing out or is it not lads
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