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  1. found one on the web from a airgun dealer but he wants 40.00 plus 15.00 del (to my gunshop) the guns not worth that,
  2. hi, iam on with a old bsa supersport air rifle which is missing the silencer/muzzle load ,i believe the lighting is the same as the supersport, its called the volumatric muzzle break silencer i think anyway, anybody got one .think the rifle is about thirty odd year old , cheers
  3. been looking and looking thought i was going potty
  4. were abouts in cumbria was it shot, out of interest
  5. i know of a litter due november time first cross beddy grey, durham
  6. thanks for that i will have a look .i was wanting a private sale on one ,maybe off a collector whos selling up .i was thinking i might have to look on some of these gun auctions, i have found one or two from gun shops , and yer they are expensive ,
  7. ive got a add on freeadds ,no not really i just like the webley and would like to see one on the wall next to a old gem i have, i own a hw80 and a 100 and also a mossberge 410 and a 12 , i have seen a few for sale but would like to buy private if poss,
  8. i am after a old webly service rifle ,if anyone knows a collector or like who has a one for sale , i would like a 177 if poss in original condition , would consider mk1 2 cor 3, thanks
  9. was one on freeadds quid used a few times from a1 decoy ,
  10. i use a mossberge 410 pump and out of my guns its probs my favourite ,great for ferreting light weight and fun to use ,i shoot birds etc within range of course ,noise ?quite quiet in the right conditions/terrain,only downside is price of carts and finding a gunbag to fit the moderator,
  11. thanks i will have a look .just on with the steelwork re-blueing ,you dont get that good of a finish not compared to new rifles . i have a hw80 newstill boxed and a 100 .also a old gem which is hung up on the wall but havnt mucked about with them ,
  12. could anyone recommend a shop or a brand whats worth looking at , is one as good as the other any advice appreciated
  13. barrel is 15.5mm thats all i know, probably need some open sights to go on it as well.dont now much about them to be honest just fancied a little project
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