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  1. Almost every job I go to for wasps or hornets is at least 2 nests, 6 is the most in one house so far. 10-15 calls a day and no chance to do the routine stuff! Crazy numbers this year in the SW. lots of variation in nest stages of development too from huge medicine ball sizes to grapefruit sized ones. Did hornets in a shed which was just combs and no outer shell in place yet.
  2. Plus 1 for red top fly bags, a couple of quid on eBay. This is 6 days of flys! Bag has now been up 9 days and is over half full. Does stink tho
  3. ULV is a contact insecticide, unless applied directly to the cracks and crevices used by bedbugs using specific tools not a usual fogger, it will not be effective on bedbugs. It simply drives them deeper into harbourages and spreads them throughout a building. Most treatments fail due to the technique and application of products and improper survey. Not sure how a customer can cause a treatment to fail. I’m not trying to teach you to suck eggs btw.
  4. Never ever use ULV on bed bugs, they will scuttle out of the way deeper into cracks and crevices and all you do is spread them! I would suggest you have a much bigger problem than first thought, bedbug treatment is basically taking a room apart! The main bed reason a bedbug treatment fails is a poor survey and treatment. Some can take a couple of treatments. Everything has to be checked and double checked. Cimetrol supa applied at the right dosage has never let me down. Use aerosols to flush them from hiding spots onto the cimetrol. Oil based products also work well. The rooms need to b
  5. I always have a spare battery in my pocket. Had one die on me last week just as I was about to do a wasp nest!
  6. You didn't get the queen first time around. Might get away with it now as it's getting a bit colder at night now.
  7. Utter bollocks, those do not work for anything except wasting electricity.
  8. Found one of these "new" snakes in a rat box last week. Scared the bejesus out of me when I first opened the box! Was expecting a dead rat as it was heavy!! Nice big female about 2ft when it slithered off!
  9. You couldn't do it, right on the high street mid august, serious number of people could've been hurt. Better to wait no matter how busy you are.
  10. Some better sized nests around now, mainly about the size of rugby balls now.
  11. I got called out to a nest on a town high street at 5 pm as everyone was going home many years ago, needless to say I told them no way it's being done now I'll do it first thing in the morning! Did it at 4am so the risk was minimal to Joe public, good job I did as it exploded with wasps Many folk would just have treated it
  12. Wasps are very good for gardeners as they eat a huge number of insects at this time of year. Did 9 nests today with biggest about the size of a honeydew melon.
  13. Good points, thanks for that! That scratches part of my equation. Is it possible that there could be illegal collections that circumvent the law? Over here a lot of states have strict rules on what can and can't be kept. A couple of years ago someone caught Pacu in a local pond! Different species, I know, but looking at what collectors will pay versus what inexperienced hobbyists have done to areas of environmental sensitivity, is not likely, possible, probable? What would you hypothesize for the general lack of mainstream evidence overall? I think rat attack,s account gives you part
  14. They came along a similar line but not in cry as they came through.
  15. Funnily enough I saw one along with 2 other guys when waiting with a terrierman for a hunt to come through near Cheltenham 11 years back. Scared the shit out of all of us, came through about 20 mins before the hounds and everything went quiet as it came through! Birds stopped chirping, rabbits shot in, it was weird! It went passed a 5 bar gate and the hounds took the same track so a size comparison was pretty obvious! All of us turned and said to each other DID YOU SEE THAT???? Never seen anything like it before or since but it was certainly a sandy puma type cat.
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