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  1. Stove

    Holy f**k if you look closely there's a ghost in your shower 😳😳😳
  2. Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    How the fukc would I know I was hardly sat there watching was I .....,
  3. Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    Absolutely it's going to be them in the end mate ... you go into a battle with one thing on your mind and that's total aniolation of the enemy which is far easier to do by pressing a button and allowing the artillery to fly whether that's from a warship plane or ground artillery because your detached from the end result ... you don't see it ... you can be having a brew as the carnage is happening ... infantry soldiers are on the coal face fighting hand to hand up close and personal and in some cases as close as using a knife or bayonet to kill your enemy so the real deal is in your face and all around you and your brain is working at a thousand times quicker than normal to keep you alive BUT you can still tell the difference between a child or a woman or the enemy ... accidents happen and civilians die ... that's the raw truth of a war or battle ... but the biggest factor to never seeing a Dresden again or a massacre of a village by a professional western army is the amount of media coverage by news teams civilians with phones and by your own sides drones filming above you ... the world pretty much sees what goes on and no government wants the bad publicity .........
  4. double slip lead

    You don't know the half of it .......
  5. double slip lead

    Because their whippets and you need two of them to make one decent dog ...,,,,
  6. Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    Our fighting men would never commit such acts because we are a professionals trained army with discipline and a moral code that we adhere to ... now that's not to say that there are not blokes that during the falklands war would collect the wars off the guys they shot or the Argentinians that fell off a cliff after they were captured or the SAS lad that was done for multiple tapes of kids in Iraq and Afghanistan ... the list goes on ... but as a fighting unit the British army will always have far far more men who wouldn't dream of comiting atrocities compared to those that would so it would never happen no matter how long drawn out the conflict was .........,
  7. double slip lead

    Is there a point to this post lol ......
  8. Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    I worked with them guys after the war when they transformed into the KPC ... as far as they were concerned we were there to oberwatch the transition and give advice etc ... but our primary role was to gather intel as 90% of them were involved with war crimes ......
  9. Even an 8 month old pup can do it
  10. Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    I don't suffer from it mate .......
  11. Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    The genital mutalation normally came after they had forced them to fukc their own mothers daughters sisters etc and a favourite way of killing them would be to use a brush handle and force the mutilated cock and balls down their own throats to choke them to death ......
  12. Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    Scott honestly the depravity that went on in Bosnia/Kosovo is unbelievable ... it was horrendous... you mention the farm tools there was a KLA commander that ordered his troops to kill anybody under the age of 10 by using the sharp side of a spade into their head so they could save ammunition ... finding kids I this state was one way of knowing which faction had been through which area .......
  13. Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    It's not the amount of dead from the Bosnian and Kosovo war but the sheer brutality and pure evil of the mutilations and torture that took place .......
  14. Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    The depth of depravity and sadistic mutalation inflicted on men women and children through those two wars make any war torn African countries look like eutopia.......