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  1. How far up north mate im north east and would be interested cheers
  2. Sounds spot on any links to suppliers cheers
  3. Any pros/cons to telematry or gps tag and phone app Any recommendations cheers Shaun
  4. Not really mate props to out the way for them
  5. To many doing it up there cocknose
  6. 4 acres of land with a stone barn (No planning) 8mx8m say...road side,no water or power in the middle of the North York moors(out the way).....Any ideas to make it work/pay
  7. Took the bairn fishing to little pond near us today no fish just 82 toads and a newt,least we caught something
  8. Not that much really but just incase as want it to just jump on and use for out really (all above board) Next question would be how do you ag reg 1 or check if already done? Cheers
  9. Anybody advise Thinking of buying a (farm) quad are they easy to register to get on the road or better off buying already done As dont want a fortune in 1 cheers
  10. B n t bitch is first x sal whip B n w bitch is collie/whip x sal grey Both 23tts No not related
  11. Black and tan bitch shes about 10 now in her day she was something else And the black and white bitch shes 7 and to be fair she don't miss much both a pleasure to have around Both sal x whips
  12. Grandson of Wolfie like him in looks and that's it.Never had a thing...but he's a character so he stays.Arctic is that a bitch off Nero X candy from last year
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