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  1. shaunaltoft

    3/4 whippet 1/4 saluki

    Another of the black n tan
  2. shaunaltoft

    3/4 whippet 1/4 saluki

    B n t bitch is first x sal whip B n w bitch is collie/whip x sal grey Both 23tts No not related
  3. shaunaltoft

    3/4 whippet 1/4 saluki

    Black and tan bitch shes about 10 now in her day she was something else And the black and white bitch shes 7 and to be fair she don't miss much both a pleasure to have around Both sal x whips
  4. shaunaltoft

    Steve Bruce sacked

    Jose be looking about shortly
  5. shaunaltoft

    Casper X Wolfie X Ruthi

    Grandson of Wolfie like him in looks and that's it.Never had a thing...but he's a character so he stays.Arctic is that a bitch off Nero X candy from last year
  6. shaunaltoft

    R.i.p. jerry

    I know where there is a litter of gold fish on the ground now can have a word if you feel ready
  7. shaunaltoft


    Josh Kelly looking very good...and Andrew Selby is something special just needs to get few big names in front of him
  8. shaunaltoft

    PURE !!!

    Next season's hopeful Pure x coursing line hopefully clicked,if not she likes the sofa haha
  9. shaunaltoft

    Motorbikes and Summer

    Think you lot need to stop messing about and get a real bike
  10. shaunaltoft

    Kennel panels

    Google galv panels should come up with something mine about £70 each deliverd
  11. shaunaltoft

    Fibreglass roofing

    2 mornings.not that hard to do but it's getting the mix of coats right.mixing right amounts and making sure it don't go off by the time you get half way.looks easy but there is a bit to it
  12. shaunaltoft

    Fibreglass roofing

    Just had my 4m×4m extension done.i boarded it ready for them,they supplied all what's needed and done the job £800 all in.we in Darlington (northeast)
  13. shaunaltoft

    Cannabis oil

    To what arctic said about Diaz bros.they have actually changed a usada rule to do with using oils etc for pain relief swelling and stuff.look up the Diaz rule.slowy but surely they coming round to it
  14. shaunaltoft

    right little fooker lol

    Good terrier pack sort that no bother
  15. shaunaltoft

    lost car keys

    My pal will get in literally any car with no damage at all.then he will take a reading from the ignition barrel ,cut key,plug in and code from special software. And away you go can lead to haveing to retumble locks as barrel are different to doors etc sometimes.oorrrrr if it is just a fob he can recode a fob and car to each other as long as the main dealer have released software to open market.if not main dealer only as said in earlier post