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Russia Ukraine WW3

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1 minute ago, Born Hunter said:

Highly doubt it was shot in anger. All missile types suffer guidance failures. I strongly suspect it’s just a stray.

A Syrian one landed in Cyprus some time ago recently.

Do we trust Zelensky ? 

Id say there are a couple of possible scenarios.

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2 hours ago, WILF said:

Do we trust Zelensky ? 

Id say there are a couple of possible scenarios.

If it was a false flag then I’d expect they’d have done a proper job. Lumped a strategic target in Poland to make a no questions article 5 response.

I suppose you shouldn’t trust any politician really, especially one running a state on state war. 

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When you have the sitting President of The United States being openly investigated for > HUMAN TRAFFICKING which also means CHILD TRAFFICKING <  and world wide MSM also reports the investigation and several other criminal chargers that are connecting The BIDEN CRIME FAMILY to Money Laundering, illegal gas, oil dealings and espionage and now human trafficking investigation, you should realize the TRUTH that conspiracy theorist were right all along. >Human Trafficking is the #1 problem in the world second to the drug trade and weapons trade......... It's no longer a conspiracy that the ELITES are connected to the highest powers of human trafficking into slavery, sex Industries and 800,000 missing children a year are the human currency inside this World dark, EVIL, satanic web we call the deep state, CABAL.


You can believe TRUMP is behind the scenes pulling strings next to the Military OPERATIONS to EXPOSE the Satanic operations of HUMAN/ Child trafficking..... You can believe TRUMP signed papers on >

_Executive Order on Combating Human Trafficking and Online Child Exploitation in the United States ( these orders are connected to seizing All assets, monetary, estates and businesses connected to the individuals inside the human trafficking NETWORKS)///


I have been telling you.. The SAGA of Epstein.. MAXWELL

[] DURHAM []  is only beginning


BIDENS [ ROCKEFELLERS] FOUNDATIONS is inside the [ KILLBOX ] //// 2023 the year

[ CRYPTO ] is EXPOSED and world wide web of Homan TRAFFICKING connections to world ELITEs. Banks. Presidents. Prime Minister's.

[ DS] Dark military.


The way Mike Pompeo hates , dislikes Julian Assange and publicly persecutes him.> It's ALL A SHOW.....POMPEO is STAGING a set up that connects Assange HIDDEN Intelligence reports to DNC , WORLD HUMAN TRAFFICKING AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS......////PUTIN is well aware of the ASSANGE HUMAN TRAFFICKING INTELLIGENCE REPORT AND DATA, SERVERS that are well kept in the CHEYENNE MOUNTAINS.


_UN.NATO.DNC. FBI.DOJ. ROCKEFELLERS. WORLD ELITES thought they could stop Trump. Q. Military operations. The Great Awakening through the pandemic.bioweapon release, mass censorship, planned economic COLLAPSE and create a great great CHAOS that would hide their dark EVIL Human Trafficking agendas, dark world secrets, money laundering operations in Ukraine. Crypto, .

_ the sinister AGENDAS of EU ROTHSCHILDs connected to VATICAN. U.S. ECT ECT ECT Ect

Is all COMING into an open [ KILLBOX]


_Thank you Patriots ANONS. World Freedom Fighters for EXPOSING human Trafficking through the Great Awakening MOVEMENT the past years and continuously sharing censored information that Google YouTube Facebook and MAJOR social media sites have banned speaking on pedophilia, human, child trafficking....... Your important Patriot work for your countries have brought mass Awakenings and continue.....

And thank you..to the REAL President of the United States


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