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  1. IanB

    New thermal

    All that money for a Chinese job.. my opinion not worth it, stick with a Pulsar 17 micron, 50mm lens, packed with features and a 3 year UK warranty from an established brand, basically very similar money, they will not sell well in the UK IMO... limited mounting, no recording, etc.. plus if you come to sell, your not going to have a high demand for it or get as much back as the above..
  2. IanB

    Parda addon

    Yeh like Pav said.. mount the unit to the rifle, adjust the rear eye dioptre unit the icons are sharp, you can fine tune that slightly also later on.... then use the barrel focus ring underneath to get the crosshairs pin sharp and use the scopes side focus to adjust focus of your target at whatever range your shooting at... Once setup you only need to use your side parallax from then on..
  3. IanB

    Thermal Spotter

    Personally I'd avoid as it's pretty naff... a Quantum Lite is much better , but I'd advise saving for a Helion model instead.
  4. IanB


  5. IanB

    Thermal Targets

    Never had a problem with tin foil, just cut it bigger if you cannot see it, then just fine tune contrast/brightness to suit , better to increase mag digitally also to zero , I wouldn't waste money on big daft thermal targets... a lot just use hand warmers out of the pound shop, never used them personally though,.
  6. IanB

    Rear add on

    MIK get a sidewinder and a rear add on I have, you will be impressed combined with a Solaris SRX.
  7. IanB

    IR Torch advise

    With rear add ons like the NV007 LED torches are not the best to be honest, PBIR X, Sniper wotsit, wicked shite, there all pretty much guff compared to a laser based torch like the Solaris SRX, Dragonfly, etc due to the IR lost through the layers of glass, magnification and coatings... go for a laser it will blow ALL the LED's out of the water for a rear add on..
  8. IanB

    Thermal Targets

    What I do is cut a 1"-2" square of tin foil stick it on a cardboard box at 50yds, if on the white hot setting it will show black, I then get a rough zero using this. Once on target, I move the target out further using a drawing pin, felt nail, screw, etc into a board with a smaller size, don't push it right in or you will heat the box/board, then heat it with a lighter just the tip (requires a friend, give it 15 seconds to cool the initial excess heat and him/her to get out the way, then fine tune your zero on it at 100yds... Thermal targets are pretty much pointless unless you want to. waste money a roll of good quality foil duct tape would be a better and cheaper spend..
  9. IanB

    Am I stepping on toes???

    Longshanx I'm literally on your doorstep give me a shout and I'll show you some right kit, get your bank card handy though ...
  10. IanB

    Pulsar Trail 50 QR mount

  11. IanB

    Photon RT battery

    If the batteries are left in the holder presuming your using the AA battery holder it will not matter as there is no physical connection to drain if you remove the holder.
  12. IanB

    Pulsar Trail 50 QR mount

    I use one on the Apex XQ50 LRF, great mounts handy to use and rapid quick to fit.
  13. IanB

    Cz 452 .22 rimfire

    Had issues with my CZ 452 wood stock model recently.. Thing to check.. Is the barrel free floating.? My wood stock had swelled and was touching the barrel. What torque have you got on the action screws I tested various torque settings on the stock and they had a dramatic effect on the group size... This is what resolved my issue. Is the crown ok, or is it damaged / pitted ?
  14. IanB


  15. IanB

    New NV

    Give me a shout if you want a N355 Phil