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  1. I got very good results using the 25.5gr Zan .22 at 970-1000 fps
  2. Send sales@blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk an email .
  3. 930fps is a great speed too, I've yet to test 930 and 960 at 100yds alongside each other... but 930 seems better mannered in regard to recoil and yields more shots..
  4. As stated use a battery cell with a nipple on, not a flat top cell ..
  5. A very biased video, I've tried them all and whilst some have a good image, most are like something out of Home Bargains in comparison to the build, quality and features of the new Helion 2 models.. Chalk and Cheese. That Helion 2, they are very sensitive and the software needs to be in Rocks mode with the contrast reduced to give the best detail, it is far better than what is shown there..

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    Impact X or Mk2 wanted any calibre..


  7. FX Impact X or Mk2 Wanted View Advert Impact X or Mk2 wanted any calibre.. Advertiser IanB Date 21/03/21 Price Category Airguns  
  8. I'll sort a video out soon, that wasn't ideal to test to be fair... it was windy but not too bad.. I plan to test all the weights and show throughout the speed range the results.. Superior Standard 700mm .25 liner. 145barg reg, Huma Dual Transfer Port and Probe. 970fps-980fps 36gr .250 H&N Standard valve spring , although I will fit the lighter slug valve spring and check for any increase. 900fps was pretty accurate too..
  9. 36gr H&N .250. Some wind gusts and pretty rushed. Better videos to follow .. 970-980fps
  10. Depends what distance your shooting out too.
  11. If you zero using digital zoom and drop back down to base magnification the X/Y co-ordinates will be rounded up..
  12. Personally you get more value out of the Axion Key model , exact same detection range and sensor/lens . The XM30S has the bigger eye display that some prefer and recording/WiFi . If you do go down the Axion route fold the rubber eye cup back on itself , the view is better IMO . Detection range is the same on both .
  13. It's a known bug awaiting a firmware update. You can disable the gyroscope function in the menu, which is the cause of the issue. If you cannot access the menu you can try re-installing the firmware onto the unit. A firmware link is available below with instructions.. Pard NV008P V2.05 Firmware | Night Vision Zone - NVZ WWW.NIGHTVISIONZONE.CO.UK NV008-P AMOLED MODEL FIRMWARE ONLY For all users of the Pard standard NV008P and NV008P LRF a firmware update is now available to provide various...
  14. I have a Tikka T3 in .223 and .243 had them years, great reliable guns for the money...
  15. PS the guy on that video is a walloper...
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