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  1. Uragan .25 Airgun View Advert Uragan in .25 with x3 magazines. Advertiser IanB Date 25/03/20 Price £1,250.00 Category Airguns  
  2. IanB

    Uragan .25 Airgun


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    Uragan in .25 with x3 magazines.


    Hartlepool - GB

  3. Build, reticules and features great. Not the cheapest depends what you require, you would have to try one first hand.
  4. Total wank.. like a javelin and that Jonathon is a tit ! Pointless over here, 30 cal is border line too much. A JSB Mk2 Heavy in .25 will drop rabbits/hares/foxes over here, has a better BC than a .30 44gr JSB and less than half the cost also, ok a little less ft/lb but its definitely not needed, even better hold out for .25 slugs job done...
  5. Nice stocks have a berserk on two of my centrefires, but too bulky for me on a .22LR /HMR now put one of these on and your talking..
  6. I have some you can take a look at Stavross when I'm back after the weekend...if you wish to check one that is.
  7. I honestly wouldn't believe anything that comes out of the mouths of them, most of the images are blatantly misleading as well as every magazine article biased to hell..
  8. The Helion is better than the Axion models.

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    Airgun Technology Vulcan Tactic .25 in wood stock. Ultra accurate with JSB 25.4 great pellets. Contact for details


  10. Vulcan Tactic .25 Airgun View Advert Airgun Technology Vulcan Tactic .25 in wood stock. Ultra accurate with JSB 25.4 great pellets. Contact for details Advertiser IanB Date 26/02/20 Price £895.00 Category Airguns  
  11. Nice what speeds it running at?
  12. I was speaking to Nick, regarding a big shipment of slugs, shipping costs for a pallet are very high.. plus by the time you get them here, they would be double the price of H&N's ...dead duck now H&N and soon JSB are in the market.
  13. I have a .243 and ever since I bought my 1:12 Tikka .223 I've never used the .243 since.. I've shot mountains of foxes with it , very flat shooting, low recoil, quiet and deadly accurate. You definitely don't need anymore for foxes..Drop them easy out to 350yds. With home loaded 40gr vmax its neigh on identical trajectory to a .204 and everything is very easy to purchase for the calibre. Some like .22-250's but if I wanted a load of noise, I'd just use my .243 with 58gr vmax, its better all round than a .22-250 and deer legal.
  14. I'll clean it up Telfs
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