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  1. IanB

    Cz 452 .22 rimfire

    Had issues with my CZ 452 wood stock model recently.. Thing to check.. Is the barrel free floating.? My wood stock had swelled and was touching the barrel. What torque have you got on the action screws I tested various torque settings on the stock and they had a dramatic effect on the group size... This is what resolved my issue. Is the crown ok, or is it damaged / pitted ?
  2. IanB


  3. IanB

    New NV

    Give me a shout if you want a N355 Phil
  4. IanB

    1080P Black Night Vision

    I'm sure Blackwood Outdoors would match or beat any price you see.
  5. IanB

    .223 vs .22-250

    I prefer the .223 also, less recoil ,quieter... I also own a .243 which I use 58gr vmax in and that offers more power and is equal if not flatter than a .22-250 plus much more versatile.. On a night I just use my 1:12 .223 now with 40gr heads its doing 3750fps using N130 and its basically aim and point out to 300yds..More quiet than all the above and much less recoil.
  6. IanB

    1080P Black Night Vision

    CRS have .308 rated models for £345 Villaman ???
  7. IanB

    Ferret Kits

    Ferret Kits View Advert Ferret kits available x4 Hobs and x1 Jill. Hartlepool Advertiser IanB Date 22/08/18 Price Category Ferreting Equipment  
  8. IanB

    Ferret Kits


    • FOR SALE
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    Ferret kits available x4 Hobs and x1 Jill. Hartlepool


  9. IanB

    Ferret Kits

    Ferret Kits View Advert Ferret kits available x4 Hobs and x1 Jill. Hartlepool Advertiser IanB Date 22/08/18 Price Category Ferreting Equipment  
  10. IanB

    New scope to play with

    For a basic dedicated night vision unit they work ok and will allow you to shoot out to 200yds. https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/yukon-photon-rt-6x50-s
  11. IanB

    nitesite eagle

    You have three problems here.. 1. The Nite Site Dark Ops version is 940NM in the IR spectrum which means its not visible to the eye at all human/animal , the problem being the beam doesn't throw anywhere near as far because of it being 940NM, the standard version is better and cheaper. 2. Nightforce scopes are not good for add on night vision, you would be much better off with the likes of a Hawke Sidewinder or MTC range, the difference in the amount of IR light passed through the glass due to less coatings is VERY noticeable . 3. You bought a Nitesite
  12. IanB

    Pulsar accolade binoculars

    Still £1100 more than the Helion XQ38F model...theres a market for them, but I think its limited and the benefits are negligible, as I say if you have money to burn and just want an Accolade, I'd at least wait until the LRF version arrives.
  13. IanB

    Pulsar accolade binoculars

    The Accolade XP50 models have a RRP of £5149.99 My own opinion is your spending £1150 more for an additional eye display in different format body, same lens and same eye display as used in the Helion XP50 model , is it worth an extra £1150 for an eye display ? Controversial , later on at some point the Accolade LRF models will be released with built in rangefinder into the side of the unit, these would be worth having but even more money...
  14. IanB

    ATN X Sight 2

    Agree ATN are junk as night vision units, great in daytime due to the HD sensor offering 1080p or 4k image, the downside of that fan dangled daytime resolution is the pixels are tiny, which it turn means they do not gather much light, and are laggy, unlike the lower resolution bigger pixel Pulsar units which gather loads of light and are dedicated purely for night vision use ... Its all about your needs, budget and distance you want to shoot. Consider a rear mounted option also so you can use your standard day scope, wind magnification up as required, know your reticule drop points, etc and swap between multiple rifles, leaving you with a genuine day and night setup..
  15. IanB

    223 ammunition

    In my 1:12 T3, 40gr vmax or Varmageddon reloads. cost me about 40p or less each roughly to reload a round, thats primer, powder, head, thats not including the brass which provides multiple reloading.. Deadly accurate for me and have dropped everything I have shot stone dead, 3700fps.