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  1. IanB

    CZ455. .17HMR

    I'll clean it up Telfs
  2. IanB

    Re pulsar recording

    You need to update your stream vision to the latest V4 version to share properly via WhatsApp
  3. IanB

    Re pulsar recording

    The new stream vision v4 allows you to convert your video footage into MP4 format and share on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc a lot better now.. I don't use this feature as it takes ages, like pav said, better to just download straight to the PC using the cable.. but that doesn't help with WhatsApp
  4. IanB

    Thermal spotter

    The base model is the KEY XM30 it has a flat Chalcogenide lens the same as the Quantum Lite range, this is the reason the unit is cheaper than the other models, the chalocgenide lens does not provide as good an image as the more expensive Germanium models, also theres not much focus movement to get a sharp image with the lower spec model lens.. Other differences between the Key and the Full Fat models are the "XM30 Key" models have a FLCOS display which is lower resolution than the AMOLED displays fitted in the XM30/38 models also the Key does not include WIFI or Inbuilt recording.. My pick would be the XM30 model with Germanium Lens and AMOLED display.
  5. IanB

    Thermal spotter

    XM30 Key £1269.95 Chalcogenide FLCOS https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/the ... -monocular XM30 £1759.95 Germanium AMOLED, WiFi, Recording https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/the ... -monocular XM38 £2059.95 Germanium AMOLED WiFi Recording https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/the ... -monocular Available for pre order, arriving in 2-6 weeks. Also Update the UK RRP for the Thermion XM50 scope is £3499.95 12 micron , HD Amoled, 5.5x optical magnification . Available this summer, pre-orders can be placed. https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/the ... ifle-scope
  6. IanB

    Thermal spotter

    The Axion will come in three models.. The XM30 Key - No Wifi, No Recording, LCOS Eye Display. 2.5x Mag XM30 - Recording, WIFI, HD AMOLED Display 4x Mag XM38 Recording, WIFI, HD AMOLED Display 5.5x Mag The XM models with the Germanium lens and AMOLED displays will offer the best image and performance. the lower spec XM30 Key will replace the Quantum Lite and be around the same price mark roughly.. The XM30 will be around £1700 at a guess and the XM38 above around £2000 , official prices are yet to be released. Expected around 2-6 weeks time..
  7. IanB

    Pulsar n455

    They will be replaced by the N450 models soon
  8. IanB

    Thermal spotter

    I have some a couple of Helion XQ38 available there in very short supply at the minute..
  9. IanB

    New set up

    Stavross if you want to look through one on your scope let me know, I'm only in Hartlepool not far from you..I have various IR lasers also..
  10. IanB

    New set up

    Heres a link https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/1080P-Pard-NV007-Night-Vision-Scope-Add-On-12mm Use NVUK-12MM code for discount.
  11. IanB

    Pard 008

    Personally I prefer the NV007 as you have a much higher variable magnification range with your scope optics, but the NV008 are better than a Photon in terms of image quality, plus there full colour, small and compact and ideal for Bullpup style rifles..
  12. IanB

    New set up

    Nice one MIK I have found the MTC Viper/Mamba, Hawke Sidewinder/Airmax really good with them, the cheap Sightrons are also good with them.. Get a laser torch and it will be even better for longer range centre fire shooting. Something like the Solaris SRX or the Sirius XTL , avoid LED based torches there rubbish in comparison .
  13. IanB

    New thermal

    All that money for a Chinese job.. my opinion not worth it, stick with a Pulsar 17 micron, 50mm lens, packed with features and a 3 year UK warranty from an established brand, basically very similar money, they will not sell well in the UK IMO... limited mounting, no recording, etc.. plus if you come to sell, your not going to have a high demand for it or get as much back as the above..
  14. IanB

    Parda addon

    Yeh like Pav said.. mount the unit to the rifle, adjust the rear eye dioptre unit the icons are sharp, you can fine tune that slightly also later on.... then use the barrel focus ring underneath to get the crosshairs pin sharp and use the scopes side focus to adjust focus of your target at whatever range your shooting at... Once setup you only need to use your side parallax from then on..
  15. IanB

    Thermal Spotter

    Personally I'd avoid as it's pretty naff... a Quantum Lite is much better , but I'd advise saving for a Helion model instead.