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  1. IanB

    Helion screen

    Try a cheap android unit , check gumtree or eBay .
  2. IanB

    .223 does the damage

    I use a .223 in 1in12 twist with 40g vmax rounds its doing 3700fps and has dropped everything on the spot I have shot, nice flat shooting round in fact I was tempted by a .204 but the .223 with 40gr vmax and 1:12, the trajectory is neigh on identical, but the .223 has much more choice in every aspect.. I also use a .243 but since getting the .223 I always use this now as its minimal recoil, cheap to reload and flat shooting, love it!
  3. IanB

    Pulsar Digisight fitting

    Has it got a weaver rail fitted.
  4. IanB

    Pulsar Digisight fitting

    Next mission, screw a small section of weaver rail onto the front side of your stock and fit a laser rangefinder to the side takes all the guesswork out of range. I shoot rabbits out to 120yds using a RF at night with the .22 rimmy..
  5. IanB

    Pulsar Digisight fitting

    Did you use the PIP function Walshie, very handy for longer shots whilst still having the wide field of view the native mag gives.
  6. IanB

    Pulsar helion xp50

    ? It doesn't need signal from a network , the phone and helion create there own link as the helion emits a wifi signal your phone connects too.
  7. IanB

    Pulsar helion xp50

    All the models prior to the Helion range i.e Quantum HD/XD/XQ models and Apex Rifle Scope Models. I use a Apex XQ LRF vehicle mounted to a screen on a light force handle, with the wireless remote on the dashboard to activate the rangefinder..
  8. IanB

    Pulsar helion xp50

    Since the Helion models have no direct video output your only option is to use the wireless streaming feature. Install Stream Vision on an android/IOS phone or tablet then link them using the app. On your Helion activate the WIFI then on your phone/tablet connect to the wireless signal from the helion you may have to input the password as a one off, then go into your stream vision app and you should be able to view your footage directly.

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  11. IanB


    Yes similar.
  12. IanB


    Others could be Air Arms Group, Weihrauch Owners, etc, etc Galleries, discussion sections,can be created, etc specific to each group.
  13. IanB


    Mark group created you can edit the group photo and header photo, as well as change settings, etc its basically a mini forum you can control settings on as a group owner.
  14. IanB


    Basically I'm just testing the water, it might be a stupid idea. You can have groups on any subject and members can request to join them, there away from the main forum and can be based on anything. You can have standalone members for individual groups who can act control the group settings, moderate, etc if they want. You can invite them also. I can set it so members can create there own groups, but this feature is not currently enabled. https://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/clubs/
  15. IanB


    Has anyone got a passion for a particular rifle manufacturer and would like to run a club for it based on the forum?