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do not panic there is no fuel left ffs

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Social media driven and attracted the same toilet roll bread hoarders who don’t work  while all the nurses doctors home help carers and other services get fkd over by the Twitter wankers 


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3 minutes ago, Greyman said:

Well I just pulled into the garage this morning and whacked £111 pounds worth in my van, no que no problem didn’t even no there was a problem 😂

Could have done the same early this morn but now they shut for court I’m guessing lots of folk were worried they couldn’t get to Mac Donald’s  in the morn for ther fat little kids breakfast but be moaning when the teachers can’t get to work lol and more seriously ther nans and grandpas don’t get a visit from carers 

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MSM big up what was a minor problem and then all the f***ing idiots panic which causes more idiots to panic and so it goes, toilet paper all over again. Got lads working for me tomorrow saying they have no fuel and struggling to get it so might not be able to work. Could be true could be don’t want to work Saturday. One of my lads that was on fumes filled up this morning and said in the time it took him to fill his tank 12 people came and went, all had loads of fuel but filling up a tenners worth cause they are morons 🤦🏼‍♂️  

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52 minutes ago, DIDO.1 said:

My log stores full, my freezer is full, I've been buying large packs of tinned fruit, veg and potatoes for a few months now. Got my gun, got my fishing rod. Bring on the winter of discontent 😂

Have you dug a bunker under them new flags too?

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