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do not panic there is no fuel left ffs

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Social media driven and attracted the same toilet roll bread hoarders who don’t work  while all the nurses doctors home help carers and other services get fkd over by the Twitter wankers 


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49 minutes ago, terryd said:

If they never put it on the news there wouldnt be no panic. The news got a lot to answer for now a days

No mate, if most people wasn’t complete f***ing morons who shouldn’t be left in charge of a set of crayons there wouldn’t be a problem !


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3 hours ago, vfr400boy said:

Off to lakes tomorrow camping for a few nights on bikes , best be some petrol there n am not putting that E10 crap in , both petrol stations here bp n tesco have sold out 

I was told it’s only the new petrol they struggling with getting. That am some dodgy tanker firm that a load folk jumped  shop from means load of esso an bp garages that got problems, we fine local 👍

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Getting everyone to fill their cars??? That's lucky to get rid of the old fuel and bring in E10... thank you master's of the world. We shall obay and do exactly as you wish. Lol. Signed Lemming ni number 66,000,023
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