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Veiw from your office

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Leaving home for the office View from the office. Closer view from the office.....they are farmed deer.... The office. Planting new trees and re-establishing old lines

Beautiful day this morning. Cheers Arry

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56 minutes ago, Gypsydog94 said:

Don’t blame the chap really farm needs half a million spending on it just to stay in dairy at the same numbers. A farm with no debt and advisors are saying would have to up numbers by 70 head minimum to even cover the loan. That and all the new nitrogen stuff that’s going to come in etc just not worth the headache or being in debt for 30 years 

I hear you mate, it’s just not right….

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Mission Fukking Impossible!!! :wallbash:

I'm Trying to fathom out how to turn this fukking lot into a basic, wooden box!


Yes. Me. The guy who made that rather stunning looking and much admired kitchen cupboard unit, from scratch. Who went on to build another unit, incorporating all sorts of angles and braces.

Now, I have all this wood, some time since cut to size and oil treated. I just need to fit it together as a basic box, to put chickens in.

Only, I've become unwell. My brain has completely done a fukking Joe Biden on me. I stand and stare at that wood. Might was well be a wall of very advanced computer coding. It's completely meaningless to me! :icon_eek:

I measure it. I stand back. I have absolutely no fukking grasp of what the measurement I've just taken is supposed to Mean to me!!! Nothing's Happening!!!  Ye know like, when ye walk into a room and think; " WTF did I come in here for?! "? It's like that. But, it's been like that for Ages!

It's only an illness. Chemical imbalance. They'll give me tablets and I'll be fine again. But, right now? It's Absolutely Fukking Infuriating!!!!! :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: I should be able to beat that thing together in an enjoyable hour or so!


There. Fukk it. Just called a local builder. He'd gonna drop by at the end of the week :( How fukked up is that? Appreciate your fukking health, lads.



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I know, Katch! I even know what day it is! It's SO frustrating!!! Is it a " Fuge " they call it? Dunno. Something like that.

I'm completely 'with it'. I know what's right and wrong. I'm not hearing voices or seeing faeries. I can make a mug of tea and feed my creatures. All that shit.

I just have this massive fukking block when I try to think about building a poxy box! It's so stupid it's fukking ridiculous! I don't expect anyone with no experience to have a clue what I'm on about. It's just what it is.

Now, I'll pay some fukker a small fortune to screw my wood together and shall get on with my life. No regrets ?

Crazy though, isn't it? The mind.

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2 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

Right I’m no chippy but surely to fcuk it’s as simple as sawing all you it sticks in half an nailing it sk into a box ?

Your spelling is bang on too, ? 

I'd say pay the money ken , he'll have the gear and fixings , wham bam. If you still enjoy doing it then make a batten frame twice and nail it to your timber and the rest will come ????


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22 minutes ago, forest of dean redneck said:

Had enough at 5 came home ?

feck me Dc lifting them slabs has bulked you out a bit ?

camera settings must of been on landscape? I still 11 stone soaking wet in my timberlands??

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